Torsten Lilliecrona

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Torsten Lilliecrona
Torsten Casimir Wilhelm Florusson Lilliecrona

(1921-01-04)4 January 1921
Jönköping, Sweden
Died15 October 1999(1999-10-15) (aged 78)
Höganäs, Sweden
Other namesTor Steen
Spouse(s)Gun Malmhed
(m. 19541999)

Torsten Lilliecrona (4 January 1921 15 October 1999) was a Swedish actor. He is mostly famous for his role as Melker Melkersson in the highly successful TV show Vi på Saltkråkan (Life on Seacrow Island) for which Astrid Lindgren wrote the script. He starred in over 100 productions in film and television before his death in 1999 [1] as well as in radio shows and theater productions, but eventually became identified with the character Melker Melkerson.


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