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Released18 February 2011
Genre Electro
Electro Goth
Label Out of Line
Blutengel chronology
Singles from Tränenherz
  1. "Reich Mir Die Hand"
    Released: 21 January 2011
  2. "Über Den Horizont"
    Released: 15 April 2011

Tränenherz(Teardrop heart) is the seventh studio album from German electronic band Blutengel. It was released as a single CD, 2x CD double album and limited edition double album with bonus disc. The bonus disc to the limited edition is an instrumental album called Signs of the Zodiac.
To promote the album, two singles were released with accompanying music videos for Reich Mir Die Hand and Über Den Horizont .


Track listing

1."Tränenherz - Prologue [1] "3:03
2."Über Den Horizont
(Over the Horizon)"
3."The Lost Children"4:30
4."Save Me"4:51
6."The Watcher"4:46
7."Ordinary Darkness"5:44
8."Reich Mir Die Hand
(Give Me Your Hand)"
9."Down On My Knees"5:11
12."The End"6:07
13."Das Andere Ich
(The Other Me)"
14."Ein Augenblick
(A Moment)"
15."Tränenherz - Outro"2:39
Tränenherz 2
1."Vampire's Call"4:45
4."Mera Noire"4:37
5."Dein Leben
(Your Life)"
6."Death is Calling"4:41
7."Soul in Isolation"5:46
10."Fly Away"5:08
11."Why Did You?"3:42
Signs of the Zodiac

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Blutengel is a German electronic music group formed by singer Chris Pohl after he had to leave Seelenkrank due to contractual and legal problems. The lyrics are written primarily in German and English and are presented with male and female vocals. The themes of the songs usually centre around themes common in Gothic fiction such as love, vampirism, sexual fetishism, death, and immortality. The band calls their musical style dark pop.

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<i>Black Symphonies (An Orchestral Journey)</i> 2014 compilation album by Blutengel

Black Symphonies is an orchestral compilation album from German futurepop band Blutengel. It was promoted as a classical 'best of'.

<i>Monument</i> (Blutengel album) 2013 studio album by Blutengel

Monument is the eighth studio album from German futurepop band Blutengel. It was released as a single CD, 2xCD digipack with Legend as the bonus disc, and a collectors edition box set with the 2xCD album and an EP entitled Dark & Pure featuring stripped down piano versions of existing Blutengel songs, arranged and performed by Conrad Oleak. Dark & Pure is the only bonus disc that has yet to be made available through digital retailers.
Monument is the first album to spawn not only three singles, Save Our Souls, You Walk Away & Kinder Dieser Stadt, but accompanying music videos. A video to No Eternity was released for promotion but did not feature any of the band.

<i>Nachtbringer</i> 2011 EP by Blutengel

Nachtbringer is the third EP from German futurepop band Blutengel. It was released as a single CD, and limited edition CD/DVD. The DVD is a live performance from the Tränenherz Tour 2011.
To promote the EP, a music video for Nachtbringer was made.

<i>Soultaker</i> (EP) 2009 EP by Blutengel

Soultaker is the second EP from German futurepop band Blutengel. It was released as a single CD and 2x CD limited edition. The bonus disc to the limited edition is a recording of a live performance from K17, Berlin on 22/23 May 2009 entitled Live in Berlin.

<i>Schwarzes Eis</i> 2009 studio album by Blutengel

Schwarzes Eis(Black Ice) is the sixth studio album from German futurepop band Blutengel. It was released as a single CD and 2x CD limited edition, and 3x CD box set.
Dancing in the Light was released as a single preceding the album, with an accompanying music video.

<i>Moments of Our Lives</i> 2008 video by Blutengel

Moments of Our Lives is the second live DVD from German futurepop band Blutengel. It was released as a double DVD and a limited edition featuring a CD of Moments of Our Lives.

<i>Omen</i> (Blutengel album) 2015 studio album by Blutengel

Omen is the ninth studio album from German futurepop band Blutengel. It was released as a single CD, 2xCD digipack with a bonus disc, and a collectors edition box set with the 2xCD album and an EP entitled Dark & Pure Volume 2 featuring stripped down piano & guitar acoustic versions of songs from Omen, arranged and performed by Conrad Oleak with Chris and Ulrike.

<i>Leitbild</i> 2017 studio album by Blutengel

Leitbild is the tenth studio album from German futurepop band Blutengel, released on 17 February 2017. It was released as a single CD, two-disc digipak with a bonus disc, and a collector's edition box set with the two disc album and a shaped MCD that features a rework of "Anders Sein" plus two songs off Leitbild in symphonic and acoustic versions. It also has two disc audiobook of Chris Pohl's Lebe Deinen Traum.


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