Três Irmãs

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Três Irmãs
Tres Irmas title card.jpg
Genre Telenovela
Created by Antônio Calmon
Directed by
  • Dennis Carvalho
  • José Luiz Villamarim
Opening theme"Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Mart'nália
Country of originBrazil
Original languagePortuguese
No. of episodes179
DistributorGlobo Internacional
Original network Globo
Picture format PAL-M
Original release15 September 2008 (2008-09-15) 
10 April 2009 (2009-04-10)
Preceded by Beleza Pura
Followed by Caras & Bocas

Três Irmãs is a Brazilian telenovela produced and aired by Globo, from 15 September 2008 to 10 April 2009 with a total of 179 episodes, replacing Beleza Pura , being replaced by Caras & Bocas . [1]



The plot is based on Virginia and her daughters, the three sisters: Dora, Alma and Susana, in their respective pursuits for happiness, having as background a fictitious beach, the beautiful Blue Beach.

Dora is the eldest daughter of Virginia. Widow and mother of Marquinho, she lives with her mother-in-law, the villain Violeta Aquila, who blames her for the premature death of her son, Artur Aquila. She's a beautiful, funny, high-spirited woman. With the onset of her mother's illness, she moves to Praia Azul. With the arrival of orthodontist Bento, who has just lost his wife, Teresa, that they will start a beautiful love story, marked mainly by Violeta's interference, who will do anything to destroy the daughter-in-law's happiness. With the beginning of the romance of Bento and Dora, the Violeta will make the grandson against the relationship, and the boy will find in Rafinha, Bento's eldest daughter; they form an alliance to disrupt their parents' romance.

Alma is the middle sister, a beautiful and intelligent woman, but confused and clumsy. She lived in Rio de Janeiro, where she is a doctor. She is very lucky at work, but not in love. With the end of her relationship with Robinho begins Virginia's illness. She will head to Caramirim, where she will find surfer Gregg and the unscrupulous Hercules Galvão, his great loves from the past, who struggled enough to be happy alongside the woman they really say love. Alma will work in the Caramirim outpatient clinic alongside Dr. Alcides, Violeta's husband and his great friend and protector, who in the past helped pay for her medical studies.

Susana is the youngest, and adopted. She's the only one who lives next to her mother. She is a beautiful, natural woman. A Geography teacher at the local school and also an excellent surfer. But the daily life of Susana and the residents of Caramirim will change with the arrival of the other two sisters to the city. However, what will change her life will be the arrival of Walkíria, with whom she will have an overwhelming passion and obstacles.


Cláudia Abreu Dora Jequitibá Áquila
Giovanna Antonelli Alma Jequitibá Áquila
Carolina Dieckmann Suzana Jequitibá Áquila
Ana Rosa Virgínia Jequitibá
Vera Holtz Violeta Áquila
Marcos Palmeira Bento Rio Preto
Rodrigo Hilbert Gregório de Matos (Greg)
Paulo VilhenaEros Pascolli
Dudu AzevedoAlexandre Galvão (Xande)
Emanuelle Araújo Maria Sonia Ferreira (Soninha Rainha)
Bruno Garcia Hércules Galvão
Marcos Caruso Dr. Alcides Áquila
Regina Duarte Waldete Maria do Nascimento Bezerra / Verônica Ramos
José Wilker Augusto Pinheiro / Lázaro Nunes
John Herbert Excelência Gutierrez (Tubarão Branco)
Maitê Proença Walquíria Pascolli
Marcello Novaes Sandro Pedreira
Malu Galli Lígia Pedreira (Liginha)
Othon Bastos Dr. Francisco Polidoro
Hugo Carvana Dr. Silvano Andrade
Daniela RéccoMaria Eduarda Bulhões da Silveira (Duda)
Kayky Brito Paulo Fernando Áquila (Paulinho)
Graziella Moretto Valéria Gutierrez
Luis Gustavo Vidigal Castro
Otávio Augusto Francisco Benete (Chuchu)
Débora Duarte Florinda Áquila
Roberto BonfimPacífico Áquila
Solange CoutoJanaína
Ailton Graça Clodoaldo Astrogildo da Conceição (Jacaré)
Roberta Rodrigues Neide (Neidinha)
Otávio Müller Gennaro Fortuna
Beth Goulart Leonora Malatesta
Tato Gabus Mendes Orlando Malatesta
Aloísio de AbreuPrefeito Nelson Santana
Malu ValleNeuza Santana
Bianca Byington Gilda Sueli
Erik MarmoDr. Ricardo Rios
Cássio Gabus Mendes Baby Montenegro
Maria Eduarda de Carvalho Maria do Carmo (Carminha)
Guilherme PivaGlauco Campo Santo
Juliana Schalch Laila Galvão
Leonardo CarvalhoAlfredo Malatesta (Alfredão)
Ivan MendesPedro Henrique Santana (PH)
Cecília Dassi Natália Malatesta
Camila dos AnjosAntônia
Sidy CorreaSávio Campo Santo
Antônia FreringSylvie L'Eclair
Carlos LofflerAdamastor Pamplona
Ana Paula BotelhoMoema Augusta
Kenya CosttaIracema
Sylbeth SorianoBorborema
Vítor NovelloMarco Antônio Jequitibá Áquila (Marquinho)
Thávyne FerrariRafaela Rio Preto (Rafinha)
Caio VydalGilberto Áquila (Gibo)
Rafael CianiAntônio (Toninho)
Malu RodriguesMarina
Omar DocenaJerry
Estrela BlancoMelissa (Mel)
Pedro RossaLuiz Roberto Santana
Matheus CostaLucas Rio Preto
Rachel de QueirozZara
Caio VazThor Pedreira
Brenno LeoneZig Pedreira

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