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Trørød Forest (Danish: Trørød Skov or Trørød Hegn), between Trørød and Vedbæk, is a small forest in Rudersdal Municipality, approximately 20 kilometres north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It adjoins the bog Maglemosen on the north as well as Enrum Forest.



Once an inlet, Vedbæk Fjord, Maglemosen is known for the so-called Maglemosian culture. Trørød Forest contains 39 burial mounds from the late part of the Bronze Age (c. 10005000 B. C.). [1]

The forest was owned by the crown but almost disappeared in the 18th century due to deforestation. The current forest is the result of a reforestation programme which began in about 1800. [2]


Access is from Trørødvej, Gøngehusvej, Grisestien, Caroline Mathildevej, Lindevangsvej and Gøngetoften. Two parking lots are available on Trørødvej. [3]

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Nærumbanen is a short railway in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen which serves mainly local neighborhoods in Lyngby-Taarbæk municipality and Nærum in Rudersdal municipality. It is currently operated by the railway company Lokaltog A/S. Lokaltog runs frequent light trains that connect to the S-train system at Jægersborg.

Vedbæk is a wealthy suburban neighbourhood on the coast north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It belongs to Rudersdal Municipality and has merged with the town of Hørsholm to the north. The area has been inhabited for at least 7,000 years, as evidenced by the discovery of a Mesolithic cemetery of the Ertebølle culture. By the 16th century, there were a few small farms and fishermen's houses on the site and in the 18th century, well-to-do townsfolk from Copenhagen started to build country houses in the area. After a paddle steamer began to call at Vedbæk on its journey from Copenhagen to Helsingør, there was an influx of visitors. There are a number of large country houses and a historic church. There has been a railway station for some time and there are popular sandy beaches to the north and south. Enrum Forest is open to the public and provides recreational facilities.


Nærum is a suburban district in Rudersdal Municipality in the north outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. Quartered by the Helsingør Motorway running north–south and Skodsborgvej running east–west, Nærum is bounded by Jægersborg Hegn on the south and east, Geel's Forest on the west, open fields on the north and the Søllerød district on the northwest. 5230 people live in the parish of Nærum, most of them in low-rise concrete blocks or single-family houses.

Trørød is a suburban district in Rudersdal Municipality, located approximately 20 kilometres north of central Copenhagen, Denmark. The original village has merged with the neighbouring communities of Vedbæk and Gammel Holte and now form the southernmost part of the urban agglomeration of Hørsholm. It is on the other sides surrounded by open farmland and the forests Jægersborg Hegn, Kohave Forest and Trørød Forest.


Øverød is a suburban neighborhood situated on the north side of Søllerød Lake in Holte, Rudersdal Municipality, in the northern outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. The original village is now agglomerated with the modern district of Holte and the village of Søllerød, forming the northernmost part of Copenhagen's urban area. Øverød is bounded by Rude Forest on the west and Søllerød Naturpark on the east. It belongs to Holte postal district.

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Hellebæk is a town located on the coast five kilometres northwest of Helsingør, North Zealand, some 40 kilometres north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It has merged with the neighbouring community of Ålsgårde to form an urban agglomeration with a population of 5,455.


Raadvad, or Rådvad is a former industrial development located on both sides of the Mølleåen river which at this point marks the border between Lyngby-Taarbæk and Rudersdal municipalities in the northern subburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was built around a watermill in the second half of the 18th century and has given name to a well-known Danish brand of knives and other kitchen equipment. The buildings are now all heritage listed. They include Raadvad Kro from 1861 and a hostel based in a former school from 1894. Other buildings include a centre for building conservation and a local nature school.

Søllerød Town Hall

Søllerød Town Hall, now renamed Rudersdal Town Hall, was built for the former Søllerød Municipality which in 2007 became part of Rudersdal Municipality, combining Søllerød and Birkerød. The building is located in Holte some 19 km to the north of Copenhagen's city centre. Designed by Danish architects Arne Jacobsen and Flemming Lassen, it was completed in 1942.


Magleås is a mansion in Høsterkøb near Birkerød in northern Zealand, Denmark. It is located in Rudersdal Municipality in the Capital Region of Denmark, 25 km. outside Copenhagen. The mansion includes 8 hectare park, and borders on the Rude Forest. It also includes stables and a caretaker's house.

Søllerød Naturpark is a protected area of rolling fields, meadows and small woods in Rudersdal Municipality, some 20 kilometres north of central Copenhagen, Denmark. It reaches from Søllerød Kirkeskov in the south to Høje Sandbjerg in the north. The area is state-owned and managed by the Danish Nature Agency.


Enrum is a listed mansion on Strandvejen in Vedbæk, Rudersdal Municipality, some 20 kilometres north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The history of the property dates back to 1731 but the current main building was built in the 1860s to a design by Johan Daniel Herholdt. Enrum is today owned by founder Stefan Plenge.


Mothsgården is a former country retreat in Søllerød in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark. It now houses the main branch of Rudersdal Museum, a local history museum for Rudersdal Municipality. The museum also comprises the Vedbæk Finds, a collection of archeological finds from Vedbæk, now on display in Gammel Holtegård, and the Rudersdal Local Historic Archives in Rudersdal Library.

Rolighed (Skodsborg)

Rolighed is a former country house in Skodsborg, Rudersdal Municipality, approximately 16 km north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The history of the property dates back to 1780 but the current house is from 1927. Formerly associated with the Conservative People's Party, it now houses Mærsk's Center of Leadership.

Secondary route 201 is a numbered road in North Zealand to the north of Copenhagen, Denmark, consisting of Lyngby Omfartsvej, a motorway bypass avoiding Lyngby Hovedgade, and Kongevejen which links Kongens Lyngby in the south with Hillerød in the north by way of Holte, Birkerød and Blovstrød. The road originates in a royal road which was built in 1587 between Copenhagen and Frederiksborg Castle, Frederick II's new North Zealand residence. The southern part of the road has now been replaced by Lyngbyvej and the southernmost portion of Helsingør Motorway.


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