Trio Töykeät

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Trio Töykeät (founded in 1988) was a Finnish jazz trio. Their music ranges from humorous ragtimes to sentimental waltzes. Their playing style is often rhythmic, energetic and virtuosic. The group disbanded in 2008.




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Mokoma is a Finnish thrash metal band formed in Lappeenranta, Finland, in 1996. Their music also has grindcore and death metal influences with traditional Finnish melancholy.

G'day may refer to:

Rami Eskelinen, is a Finnish jazz drummer who is probably best known as a member of Trio Töykeät, a Finnish jazz trio. He is also the drummer of Espoo Big Band, and actively teaches music in Espoo-based Pop/Jazz-school Ebeli. He played for Erja Lyytinen until 2010.

Eerik Siikasaari Finnish jazz bassist (born 1957)

Eerik Siikasaari is a Finnish jazz bassist who is probably best known as a member of Trio Töykeät, a Finnish jazz trio. He is also the bassist of Espoo Big Band, and actively teaches music in Espoo-based Pop/Jazz-school Ebeli. Has won three minor awards in Finland.

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7 päivää is a Finnish entertainment and TV magazine published in Helsinki, Finland.

Kari Hotakainen Finnish writer (born 1957)

Kari Hotakainen is a Finnish writer. Hotakainen started his writing career as a reporter in Pori. In 1986, he moved to Helsinki. He became a full-time writer in 1996. He has two children with his wife, sound technician Tarja Laaksonen, whom he married in 1983. He has also worked as a copywriter and as a columnist for the Helsingin Sanomat.

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