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Trip City is a novel set in the underground world of London nightclubs and concerns a fictional designer drug called FX. It was written by Trevor Miller and published in 1989 by Avernus Creative Media—a book imprint founded by science fiction author Brian Aldiss. [1] The novel was packaged with a soundtrack cassette tape of original music by A Guy Called Gerald. [1] Trip City is being reissued in June 2021 along with the soundtrack on vinyl for the first time. [2]

Plot summary

Tom Valentine wakes up in an unfamiliar loft apartment - not sure where he is or how he got there. Despite the chic surroundings, there’s blood on his shirt, evidence of a struggle and a Luger pistol on the Persian rug... Valentine is only certain of three things: The girl that he loved has been murdered. His mind has been warped by the effects of a powerful psychotropic drug and he only has one chance to bring the shrouded, corporate killers to justice...

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