Trip the Light Fantastic (Ladybug Mecca album)

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Trip the Light Fantastic
LadybugMecca Trip.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 28, 2005
Genre Hip hop, alternative, alternative hip-hop, pop, R&B, jazz, samba
Label Nu Paradigm
Producer Ladybug Mecca, Ayatollah, Chris Udell, Eric Riko, Git and Papo, Koproduced, Masauko Chipembere, Mr. Khaliyl, Sa-Ra, Shane X. Conry

Trip The Light Fantastic is the solo debut album from Ladybug Mecca, a member from hip-hop group Digable Planets. The album was released June 2005 on the indie label Nu Paradigm [1] and features production by jazz musician Brian Jackson, who had also toured with Digable Planets. [2] The album consists of a variety of genres, including samba, hip-hop, jazz, and rock. Ladybug Mecca raps and sings on the album. [3] [4]

Track listing

  1. Dark Matter
  2. Don't Disturb the Peace
  3. Children Say
  4. Ladybug Come Outside
  5. Show the World
  6. Mr. Mayor
  7. Dogg Starr
  8. Leaving It All Behind
  9. Sexual Alchemy
  10. Centre of Nowhere
  11. Please Don't
  12. Last Train (featuring Martin Luther)
  13. Sweet & Polite
  14. Suicidethol (Killufast Capsules) 100/mg
  15. You Never Get Over It
  16. Remember When?
  17. Oh Poor You
  18. Step Up Wise
  19. If I Need to Move On (Sometimes) [bonus track]

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