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Triple Nine

Triple Nine (Chinese: 九九九行动) is an English language dystopian fiction television police procedural telecast on what was then the Television Corporation of Singapore's Channel 5 (today's MediaCorp TV Channel 5) from 1995 to 1999. As the station's earliest attempt in an action-based drama series, the series revolved around the lives of a group of police officers, namely Inspector Mike Chin (James Lye), Inspector Elaine Tay (Wong Li Lin), and Sergeant Alan Leong (Lim Yu Beng) from the Special Investigation Section of the CID.


The cast changed in subsequent seasons, notably with the inclusion of Inspector Sean Han (Robin Leong), Inspector Herbert de Souza (Mark Richmond), and Sergeant Yeo Lay Kim (Chong Chia Suan) from the third season, and Sergeant Sarah Chan (Annabelle Francis) from the 4th season. All 4 seasons are available on Netflix from November 2020, as well as meWatch. The series is rated "NC16" on Netflix Singapore.



Main Cast

CastRoleSeason AppearedDescription/Fates
James LyeInspector Mike Chin1, 2, 4Resigned from the police force at the end of season 2 because of "Jack"'s case, and became a P.E. teacher. He was approached by ASP Pang towards the end of season 3 when Inspector Elaine was killed, and decided to rejoin the CID in the last episode of season 3.
Wong Li LinInspector Elaine Tay1, 2Was working under ASP Pang in the Vice department of CID. Inspector Mike's love interest, killed by "Jack" in season 3 episode 24.
Lim Yu BengSergeant Alan Leong Heng Man1, 2, 3, 4Hardworking and efficient CID officer. He was a single father with a young daughter, Cindy. Sgt Alan remarried Chong Swee Chin in season 2 episode 21 with Cindy, Insp Mike and Insp Elaine in attendance. At the beginning of season 4, Sgt Alan went overseas for a 3-month course, and was expecting to be promoted to Staff Sergeant upon his return. Unfortunately, his promotion was hindered by Insp Herbert's adverse report on his performance.
Annabelle FrancisSergeant Sarah Chan4Jovial lady officer who transferred from ASP Kho's team (working on a Filipino maid's case) to CID in season 4 episode 1. Fell in love with Inspector Martin in season 4. Was able to run and swim very well. Sgt Kim's schoolmate.
Robin LeongInspector Sean Han3, 4Was from Seattle (hence the slang), where he was a "hot shot" in the Seattle police department before transferring over to CID. Rude and arrogant just like Hebert de Souza, egoistic and competitive. Was described by Sgt Sarah as "a player". Looks down on others, never agrees with anyone who is lower than him and thinks too highly of himself. Enjoys doing things without thinking other people feelings. Didn’t like Inspector Mike very much, always against him since end of season 3 and in season 4 and was worried that Inspector Mike will outshine him. Started off in the wrong foot with Sergeant Kim and always pisses her off throughout season 3 and 4 whenever they partner each other.
Loke Loo PinASP Pang Sook Ching1, 2, 3, 4OC of Special Crimes, CID. Reporting officer of Mike, Elaine, Alan, Sarah and Sean. Stays alone at a HDB flat and appears single. Promoted to DSP in season 4
Mark RichmondInspector Herbert de Souza3, 4Rude and rash officer transferred from CNB. A brusque, scornful, anti-establishment loner and loose cannon. Enjoys agitating Sgt Alan Leong in season 3 and 4. Was abandoned by his mother when he was 7 years old (which explains his anger). Was dating psychiatrist Dr Ooi Su-Lyn. Unable to "lie" and wrote an adverse report for Sgt Alan even though he knew that the report would hinder his impending promotion.
Chong Chia SuanSergeant Yeo Lay Kim3, 4Was once a member of the girl gang 13 Roses. Transferred from Commercial Crimes to CID in season 3 episode 1. Was a strong competitor with Sergeant Sarah when they were both in school. Was attracted to Inspector Mike, although the love was not reciprocated. Was stabbed by assailant on her way home after she shot her 18 years old victim.
James Nord-LimDr Charles Soo1, 2, 3, 4Pathologist with a warped sense of humour working for the police. His wife was murdered.

Guest Cast

CastRoleSeason AppearedDescription
Gary Lee WeiInspector Martin Lim4CNB officer who was attached to CID for a drug-related case in season 4 episode 6. It was revealed in the middle of season 4 that he was actually part of a heroin syndicate. He grew disillusioned after receiving a warning letter for letting off a 13-year old opium peddler, and decided to turn his back on the police. Insp Martin and Sgt Sarah were dating. Eventually Martin was killed by Sarah near the end of season 4.
Beatrice ChiaDr Ooi Su-Lyn3, 4Inspector Herbert's girl friend, and a psychiatrist who tried to mend the estranged relationship between Herbert and his mother.
Janet ChuaJulie Wee2Young woman with AIDS. Her father is a doctor who arrested at the end of episode.
Eileen TanRose (Mei)2She wore scarf after Candy splashed acid potion at her.
Adrain TohAh Huat2He abused Rose and chase her out from brothel. He was shot and arrested by Inspector Elaine at the end of episode.
Maggie OngCandy2She splash Rose with acid potion and subsequently killed.
Cindy YeongCindy1, 218-year old daughter of Sergeant Alan Leong studying at Nanyang Junior College. Gets into trouble with the principal and father for her dressing style. Her mother died when she was young and had a new step-mother after Sgt Alan remarried in season 2.
Ang Wee BoonBomber2He bomb hoaxed the studio and subsequently arrested by Inspector Mike.
SivaganeshDSP Chandran2, 3Snobbish, rude and arrogant who thinks too highly of himself. His brand-new Mercedes Benz was stolen in season 4 episode 3. Was extremely pissed off when questioned by Insp Herbert. Chandran is also ASP Pang's grumpy superior, and often storms into her office to complain about Herbert in season 4.
G. P. ReviASP Ganesh1, 2Was Insp Mike and Sgt Alan's reporting officer in season 1. Was fatally shot by a robber in the first episode of season 2 when he intervened in the robbery of a jewellery shop when off duty.
Nazeem AnsariDSP Rajen3Briefed ASP Pang about the maid's case in season 4 episode 1.
Kavita SidhaDr Jacintha Matthews3The "new" pathologist who appeared in season 3. Insp Sean dated her for a short while.
Ghazali SafrainCpl Halim1, 2Insp Elaine's partner in season 1 and 2.
Tan Kheng HuaChong Swee Chin2Sgt Alan's second wife whom he married in season 2 episode 21.


Season 1

Originally aired in 1995

  1. Drink If You Dare
  2. The Price of Blood
  3. Silent Victims
  4. Missing Children
  5. Singthroat
  6. Movie Madness
  7. Ring Twice for Vice
  8. Misfortune Teller
  9. A Long Wait, A Slow Kill
  10. Babies for Sale - Dead or Alive
  11. Spellbound
  12. Skin Deep
  13. Hell for Elaine

Season 2

Originally aired from 15 October 1996.

  1. Rest in Peace ASP Ganesh
  2. Right Time to Die
  3. Tough Choices
  4. None so Blind
  5. Terminal Death
  6. A Time to Kill
  7. Acid Justice
  8. If Looks could Kill
  9. Backfire
  10. Till death do us part
  11. All I want for Christmas
  12. Resort to Murder
  13. Silent Witness
  14. Sins of the Father
  15. Crazy for You
  16. Recipe for Murder
  17. Surf for a Kill
  18. Death of a Lion
  19. Death before Dishonour
  20. It happened one hot day
  21. Guns N' Roses
  22. Dead Man's Hand

Season 3

Originally aired from 21 July 1998.

  1. Pilot
  2. Parental Guidance
  3. Stab in the Dark
  4. Face of Horror - Part 1
  5. Face of Horror - Part 2
  6. --
  7. Killer Instincts - Part 1
  8. Killer Instincts - Part 2
  9. Mind Games - Part 1
  10. Mind Games - Part 2
  11. Token Angel - Part 1
  12. Token Angel - Part 2
  13. --
  14. --
  15. Unreasonable Sacrifices - Part 1
  16. Unreasonable Sacrifices - Part 2
  17. With Friends Like These... - Part 1
  18. With Friends Like These... - Part 2
  19. Red Debts - Part 1
  20. Red Debts - Part 2
  21. --
  22. --
  23. Who Needs Enemies - Part 1
  24. Who Needs Enemies - Part 2
  25. --
  26. --

Season 4

Originally aired in 1999.

  1. Mike is back on the team and Annabelle Francis joins the cast. Mike is still dealing with Elaine's murder from the last season. Sarah is like a breath of fresh air.
  2. Sean partners Sarah in a ‘dog-man’ case, Mike and Kim go in search of an underwear thief, and Su Lyn tries to get Herbert to see his mother.
  3. Sparks fly between Mike and Kim when they team up on a case together. Meanwhile, Sarah gets Herbert to loosen up as he, softening to Su Lyn's attempts to reconcile him with his family, finally makes contact with his brother.
  4. --
  5. --
  6. Mike and Kim investigate the murder of a rag and bone man. While working on a drug-related case, Sarah finds herself attracted to Inspector Seah, a narcotics officer
  7. Mike and Kim try to nail a man who's been going around, threatening people with an HIV-tainted needle. Also, Mike finds out that Kim likes him but turns her down
  8. Alan and Herbert investigate a case involving a teenage girl gang. Meanwhile, Sean sets into motion the undercover plan to infiltrate a drug syndicate and find out who the top dogs are
  9. Mike and Sarah investigate a businessman's murder and discover that some foreign workers had been paid to kill him. Meanwhile, Sean helps Martin with some drug deals to win the latter's trust.
  10. Herbert and Alan investigate the murder of a man who organises the Children Karaoke Competition. A dismayed Alan learns that he's not being promoted.
  11. Sean is told to kill an informer, which he does so as to gain respect from the gang. But it's also the start of his emotional downfall.
  12. Sean has nightmares after killing an informer and, in his desperation, turns to drugs. Mike suspects something is wrong with Sean. Meanwhile, Kim and Alan draw closer to each other.
  13. Mike investigates a murder where the abused wife is suspected of killing her husband. Sean manages to crack the syndicate and discovers that the corrupt officer turns out to be Inspector Lee. Meanwhile, Kim invites Alan out for a date.
  14. Alan confides his disappointment at being passed over for a promotion to Kim, who thus feels closer to him. Mike takes Sarah out so as to help her get over Sean's betrayal. Meanwhile, Sean gets addicted to drugs.
  15. While investigating a case with Alan, Sean loses control of himself and his drug problem is exposed. Meanwhile, Helen tries to court Mike who turns her down.
  16. Sean goes on cold turkey and Kim helps him get over his addiction. Meanwhile, a spurned Helen threatens Mike.
  17. Alan and Mike investigate a case where a series of women are being killed. Meanwhile, a spurned Helen freaks out and Mike tries to contain her, but to no anvil. Later, she goes missing.
  18. Mike and Sarah investigate the case of a dead abandoned baby. Meanwhile, Sean suffers a relapse and starts drinking again.
  19. Mike and Sarah investigate the murder of a man who was found strangled in the restroom of a rundown hotel. Sean seeks help from Alcoholics Anonymous.
  20. Mike and Sarah investigate a series of brutal murders of young women. Eventually they uncover a con operation that lures women with fengshui and black magic.
  21. --
  22. A teenager holds a woman hostage in a supermarket. When Kim fails to talk him into releasing his victim, she shoots him dead. A police inquiry into the matter eventually lets Kim off the hook, but she's stabbed by an assailant on her way home.

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