Tripolis (region of Arcadia)

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Tripolis (Greek : Τρίπολις; meaning "three cities") was a district in ancient Arcadia, Greece consisting of the three cities of Calliae (Calliæ), Dipoena (Dipœna), and Nonacris.

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Tripoli Capital and chief port of Libya

Tripoli is the capital city and the largest city of Libya, with a population of about 1.165 million people in 2018. It is located in the northwest of Libya on the edge of the desert, on a point of rocky land projecting into the Mediterranean Sea and forming a bay. It includes the port of Tripoli and the country's largest commercial and manufacturing centre. It is also the site of the University of Tripoli. The vast Bab al-Azizia barracks, which includes the former family estate of Muammar Gaddafi, is also located in the city. Colonel Gaddafi largely ruled the country from his residence in this barracks.

Arcadia Regional unit in Peloponnese, Greece

Arcadia is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the administrative region of Peloponnese. It is situated in the central and eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. It takes its name from the mythological figure Arcas. In Greek mythology, it was the home of the god Pan. In European Renaissance arts, Arcadia was celebrated as an unspoiled, harmonious wilderness.

Tripoli, Lebanon City in North Governorate, Lebanon

Tripoli is the largest city in northern Lebanon and the second-largest city in the country. Situated 85 kilometers north of the capital Beirut, it is the capital of the North Governorate and the Tripoli District. Tripoli overlooks the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and it is the northernmost seaport in Lebanon. It holds a string of four small islands offshore, and they are also the only islands in Lebanon. The Palm Islands were declared a protected area because of their status of haven for endangered loggerhead turtles, rare monk seals and migratory birds.

Tripoli is the capital and largest city in Libya.

Megalopolis, Greece Place in Greece

Megalopoli is a town in the southwestern part of the regional unit of Arcadia, southern Greece. It is located in the same site as ancient Megalopolis. When it was founded in 371 BC, it was the first large urbanization in rustic Arcadia. Its theater had a capacity of 20,000 visitors, making it one of the largest ancient Greek theaters.

Tripoli, Greece Place in Greece

Tripoli is a city in the central part of the Peloponnese, in Greece. It is the capital of the Peloponnese region as well as of the regional unit of Arcadia. The homonym municipality has around 47,000 inhabitants.

Barbary Coast Coastal region of North Africa inhabited by Berber people

The term Barbary Coast was used by Europeans from the 16th century to the early 19th to refer to the coastal regions of North Africa, which were inhabited by Berber people. Today, this land is part of the modern nations of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

Tripolitania Historic region of Libya

Tripolitania is a historic region and former province of Libya.

Moreas Motorway motorway in Greece

The Moreas Motorway is a motorway in Peloponnese, Greece. The A7 begins just west of the Isthmus of Corinth, branching off from Greek National Road 8A. It connects Corinth and Kalamata via Tripoli.

Battle of Derna (1805) battle in 1805

The Battle of Derna at Derna, Cyrenaica, was the decisive victory in April–May 1805 of a mercenary army recruited and led by United States Marines under the command of U.S. Army Lieutenant William Eaton, diplomatic Consul to Tripoli, and U.S. Marine Corps First Lieutenant Presley Neville O'Bannon. The battle involved a forced 521-mile (839-km) march through the North African desert from Alexandria, Egypt, to the eastern port city of Derna, Libya, which was defended by a much larger force.

Tripolis on the Meander Ancient Greek city in Turkey

Tripolis on the Meander – also Neapolis, Apollonia, and Antoniopolis – was an ancient city on the borders of Phrygia, Caria and Lydia, on the northern bank of the upper course of the Maeander, and on the road leading from Sardes by Philadelphia to Laodicea ad Lycum. It was situated 20 km to the northwest of Hierapolis.

Tripolis, formerly Ischopolis (Ἰσχόπολις), was an ancient fortress city in Pontus Polemoniacus, on a river of the same name, and with a tolerably good harbour; it is now the site and namesake of the city of Tirebolu in Giresun Province, Black Sea Region, Turkey. It belonged to the Mossynoeci and was situated at a distance of 18 km east from Cape Zephyrium. The place is situated on a rocky headland.

Tripolis was a maritime district in ancient Phoenicia. The center of the confederation of the three Phoenician cities of Tyre, Sidon, and Aradus. Through the ages, it evolved to become the present Lebanese city of Tripoli.

Asteras Tripoli F.C. association football club in Greece

Asteras Tripolis Football Club is a Greek professional football club from the town of Tripoli in Arcadia, Peloponnese, Greece. The club was founded on 26 March 1931 and since the 2007–08 season, they have been in the Super League, the top professional league in Greece. The club's home ground is the Theodoros Kolokotronis Stadium.

European route E961 road in Europe

European route E 961 is a European B class road in Greece, connecting the city Tripoli – Gytheio.

<i>Dipoena</i> Genus of spiders

Dipoena is a genus of tangle-web spiders that was first described by Tamerlan Thorell in 1869.

Calliae or Kalliai, also known as Callia or Kallia (Καλλία), was a village of ancient Arcadia, located near Tegea. With Dipoena and Nonacris, it formed the Arcadian Tripolis. Its population was translated to the newly formed city of Megalopolis upon the foundation of the latter city in 371 BCE. Its site is unlocated.

Dipoena or Dipoina, also known as Dipoenae or Dipoinai (Δίποιναι), was a town in the north of ancient Arcadia. With Calliae and Nonacris, it formed the Arcadian Tripolis. Its population was translated to the newly formed city of Megalopolis upon the foundation of the latter city in 371 BCE. Its site is unlocated.

Nonacris or Nonakris was a town of ancient Arcadia in the territory of Orchomenus. With Dipoena and Calliae, it formed the Arcadian Tripolis. Its population was translated to the newly formed city of Megalopolis upon the foundation of the latter city in 371 BCE.