Tristão Ferreira da Cunha

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Tristão Ferreira da Cunha
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Born27 July 1890
Teófilo Otoni, Brazil
Died2 January 1974
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tristão Ferreira da Cunha (Teófilo Otoni, 27 July 1890  Rio de Janeiro, 2 January 1974) was a Brazilian politician, lawyer and scholar.

He was father of Aécio Ferreira da Cunha and grandfather of Aécio Neves. [1]

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The July 2016 President of the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil election took place on 13 July 2016, during the 55th Legislature of the National Congress. The unusual intra-term election for President of the Chamber of Deputies was necessitated by the impending resignation of Eduardo Cunha from the presidency, in 7 July 2016, after his suspension by the Supreme Federal Court (STF). Cunha was the first president to resign in the middle of a Congressional term since Severino Cavalcanti in 2005.

is a Portuguese nickname. People with this nickname include the following:


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