Tristan Rivière

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Tristan Rivière
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Tristan Rivière at Ushant Island, 2011
Born26 November 1967 (1967-11-26) (age 52)
Alma mater Pierre and Marie Curie University (Ph.D., 1993)
AwardsBronze Medal of the CNRS (1996)
Stampacchia Medal (2003)
Scientific career
Fields Calculus of variations, Partial differential equations
Institutions ETH Zurich
Doctoral advisor Fabrice Bethuel

Tristan Rivière (born 26 November 1967, Brest) is a French mathematician, working on partial differential equations and the calculus of variations.



Rivière studied at the École Polytechnique and obtained his PhD in 1993 at the Pierre and Marie Curie University, under the supervision of Fabrice Bethuel, with a thesis on harmonic maps between manifolds. In 1992 he was appointed chargé de recherche at CNRS. In 1997 he received his habilitation at the University of Paris-Sud in Orsay. From 1999 to 2000 he was a visiting associate professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (New York University). Since 2003 he is full professor at ETH Zurich and since 2009 he is the Director of the Institute for Mathematical Research at ETH.

Research activity

His research interests include partial differential equations in physics (liquid crystals, Bose–Einstein condensates, micromagnetics, Ginzburg–Landau theory of superconductivity, gauge theory) and differential geometry (harmonic maps between manifolds, geometric flows, minimal surfaces, the Willmore functional and Yang–Mills fields). His work focuses in particular on non-linear phenomena, formation of vortices, energy quantization and regularity issues.

Awards and recognition

In 1996 he received the Bronze Medal of the CNRS, while in 2003 he was awarded the first Stampacchia Medal. In 2002 he was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Beijing, where he gave a talk on bubbling, quantization and regularity issues in geometric non-linear analysis.

Selected publications

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