Trix (Trillizas de oro)

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Also known asLas Trillizas de Oro
Las Trillizas
Las Tres Marías
Las Chicas de Oro
Las Marías
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Disco
Years active1969-present
Labels Fermata
Sony Music Entertainment Argentina
Jupiter Records
DBX Records S.R.L
MembersMaría Emilia Fernández Roussee
María Eugenia Fernández Roussee
María Laura Fernández Rousse

Trix (born July 5, 1960 in Floresta, Buenos Aires, Argentina), is the stage name of the triplet sisters María Emilia Fernández Roussee, María Eugenia Fernández Roussee and María Laura Fernández Rousse.



Their parents Oscar Fernández and Paulina Alicia Rousse were bank employees. Paulina discovered that she was pregnant with three by taking an X-Ray. Curiously, María Emilia and María Eugenia are twins and María Laura was the last to be born. Their birth caused a sensation at that time since they were the first triplets in Argentina born naturally.

They were born and spent their childhood in the neighborhood of Floresta, Buenos Aires, Argentina and they attended the Instituto Ana María Janer during primary school. Years later they moved to Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina where they attended Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia.


María Emilia Fernández Roussee, María Eugenia Fernández Roussee and María Laura Fernández Rousse began their career doing Commercials for television when they were just four years old.

In 1968, thanks to the Actor Alejandro Rey, a friend of their uncle Lalo, they made their debut in the famous variety show called Sábados Circulares. At the age of 13, in Venezuela they made a youthful series called Angelitos del Demonio.

In 1976, they presented in Buenos Aires a show called Canta, canta, canta. In 1976, they started a program in Canal 13 called El verano de los chicos.

In 1978 at age 17, they participated in the film El Tío Disparate. After being part of the film, on a flight from Colombia to Argentina, the figure of Las Trillizas appeared on the cover of a magazine. And on the recommendation of Palito Ortega, who was on board that flight, they are hired by Julio Iglesias to do a world tour like their chorus girls. After gaining fame through the tour, they began receiving contracts as presenters and entertainers of variety shows.

In 1981, they started making appearances on television shows in Europe like Musikladen. After the success of El Club de Mickey they moved away from television for several years to dedicate themselves to raising their children, but they returned to the small screen with a new children's program called Las Tres Marías.

In 2005, they returned to television as hosts in a program called Estamos como queremos.

They are the hosts of the television program Mañanas Nuestras.

Personal life

María Emilia's daughter, Sonia Zavaleta was a member of the musical group Gretta, with which she edited a EP called "Gretta" and in 2017 she was also part of the cast of Golpe al corazón . She is currently performing as a soloist, whose name is Sonia Z.

María Eugenia's daughter, Laura Laprida is an actress and has been part of great television casts such as Historia de un clan , Golpe al corazón , Campanas en la noche , Rizhoma Hotel from Telefe, and in Millennials from Net TV and Netflix.

They named their male child after their husbands and named their daughters after them and their sisters. In private, each one has a nickname commonly used by members of their families: by their children they are nicknamed "Mila" (Emilia), "Coca" (Eugenia) and "Lula" (Laura), and for their grandchildren "Meme" (Emilia), "Coca" (Eugenia) and "Iaia" (Laura).

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