Trnovac (Vrbanja)

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Native nameТрновац  (Bosnian)
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Physical characteristics
  location Vlašić
  elevation1,120 m (3,670 ft)
Vrbanja near Šiprage
44°27′21″N17°35′14″E / 44.4558°N 17.5872°E / 44.4558; 17.5872 Coordinates: 44°27′21″N17°35′14″E / 44.4558°N 17.5872°E / 44.4558; 17.5872
Length5 km (3.1 mi)
Basin features
Progression VrbanjaVrbasSavaDanubeBlack Sea

The Trnovac (Трновац) is a river/stream in Central Bosnia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of many right tributaries of Vrbanja river. [1] [2]

Before the village Hajdarovići receives water of six right tributaries/springs, and in the case of two more left. In Vrbanja, it flows into the famous excursion site Trnovac, at an altitude of 546 m.

Most of its flow, Trnovac runs to east - west, parallel to the upper stream Crkvenica and Lopača (also to the right tributaries of Vrbanja). It runs between Šipraško hill and the village of Kurušići (north) and Orahova ravan (plain) with the village of Gelići (south).

In the 1960s, there were 12 watermills in Trnovac, six with Hajdarovic and its estuaries.

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The Vrbas is a major river with a length of 250 kilometres (160 mi), in western Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a right tributary of the Sava river. The city of Banja Luka is located on the river banks.

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Trnovac may refer to:

Šiprage Village in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Šiprage is a settlement municipality in the Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska entity, Kotor Varoš Municipality.

The Crkvenica is a Bosnian river. It is a right bank tributary of the Vrbanja River.

Vrbanja (river) River in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Vrbanja is a river in Central Bosnia, Bosnia and Herzegovina; with Ugar, the largest right tributary of the Vrbas. Its basin covers an area of approximately 703.5 km2. It has significant hydropower potential. There are many different estimations of the Vrbanja's length, from 70.5 km and 84 km to 95.4 km.

The Ćorkovac is an eastern confluent of the Vrbanja river in Bosnia. It begins on the north-eastern slopes of the Vlašić mountain's plateau, and the mouth opens at Šiprage, where the town's sawmill was. The spring of Ćorkovac is 1,150 metres above sea level, and its length is around 6 kilometres. It flows between the Jasen and Stražbenica mountains to its estuary. The watermills were in operation until the 1960s.

The Grabovička River is one of left tributaries of the Vrbanja River. It rises nearby to Miljevići village, below the road to Golo Brdo, on south slopes of Ježica and Zastijenje.

Duboka (Vrbanja)

The Duboka is left tributary of the Vrbanja in Bosnia. It rises under Međugorje Mountain (1,116 m), and Bojići village, on around 1,030 meters above sea level. It grows strong after large Gladno vrelo. To its mouth Duboka receives the abundance of streams, brooks and coastal streams.

Demićka is a river that flows through Bosnia. It is the largest left bank tributary of the Vrbanja river.

The Bobovica is the richest tributary of upper flow of Vrbanja river, although it is marked on some maps as "Kruševica". However, the latter name is for another river about 30 kilometers downflow. Bobovica's length is around 12 km. Its mouth is in Kruševo Brdo. During the 1960s there were about 15 mills on this river, the mouth of which is in Obodnik.

Ugar (river) River in Bosnia

The Ugar also known as the Brzica until 1878) is a river of Bosnia, a tributary of the Vrbas river. It appears at the slopes of Vlašić, upstream of Sažići and Melina villages, a watershed area of Vrbanja, Ilomska and Bila rivers.

Bila (river)

The Bila river is the largest tributary of the Lašva river. The Bila river flows past the settlements of Stara Bila and Nova Bila, with a length of approximately 35 km. Originating from Vlašić mountain, in the area of Prelivode and Meupić mountain, it flows south to south-east toward Lašva valley where it spills into the Lašva river.

The Bosanka is a right tributary of the Vrbanja river in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It rises on the southern slopes of the mountain Uzlomac in four streams. Sources are between Rapno brdo (north) and Matrakova kosa (south). The length is about 6 km. Flowing through Petrovići, and its mouth between the villages of Dabovci and Dudići. The mouth is downstream from Vrbanjci, along highway M-4. The long history of the name it was Plitka rika, and village nearby to it, in this regard - Plitska.

Jezerka is an eastern tributary of Europe's Vrbanja River. It flows from the western slopes of the Uzlomac, beginning at nine hundred meters above sea level, south of the villages of Grabik and Jankovine. The river delta is several kilometers upstream from Vrbanjci, along the main motorway M-4.

Vigošća is a left tributary of the Vrbanja river in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It rises on the northern slopes of Ježica mountain by strong spring Vrelo, on the north slopes of Ježica mountain.

Kruševica is the strongest right tributary of Vrbanja in central Bosnia. It rises from two streams whose source on the northeast slopes of the Očauš Mountain. The source is exposed to the Borja Mountain. On geographic maps as Kruševica is often marked an other river (Bobovica), whose estuary is around 20 miles upstream.

Kobilja is a river in Central Bosnia, between Skender Vakuf and Imljani. It is a right bank tributary of the Ugar River.

Ćorkovići Village in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ćorkovići (Ћорковићи) is populated place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kotor Varoš Municipality in Republika Srpska. In 1991, in this village lived 175 inhabitants, and 2013. : 101.


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