Last updated
Type GmbH
Key people
Oliver Cordt (CEO/MD)
Akira Kabumoto (CFO/MD)
ProductsChemical products
Revenue115 million euros (2021)
Number of employees
690 (2022)

Trocellen GmbH [1] is a manufacturer of cross-linked polyolefin foams. The company headquarters are located in Troisdorf, Germany.



The company was founded in 1972 as a new company and brand of Dynamit Nobel and HT Troplast in Troisdorf. [2] The company is headquartered in Troisdorf, Germany.

The company has production plants in Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Malaysia.

In 2005, Trocellen was sold to the Japanese Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. and Otsuka Chemical Co. Ltd. [3]

In 2006, Trocellen acquired Polifoam, a Japanese-Hungarian joint venture founded in 1984. [4]

In 2014, Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. became the sole owner of Trocellen. [5]


Trocellen manufactures chemically cross-linked and physically cross-linked products based on polyolefin foams, e.g. air ducts, vacuum form parts, compression moulded parts, turf shock pads for the automotive, sport, home, leisure, insulation, construction, footwear and packaging industries. [6]

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