Troféu HQ Mix

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Troféu HQ Mix
Awarded forBest Brazilian comics
Country Brazil
Presented byJoão Gualberto Costa and José Alberto Lovetro
First awarded1989

Troféu HQ Mix is a Brazilian comics award. The prize was created in 1989 by João Gualberto Costa (Gual) and José Alberto Lovetro (Jal), members of the Association of the Brazilian Cartoonists. [1]


The name refers to the television show about comics that Gual and Jal had in the 1980s: "HQ" is abbreviation of "História em Quadrinhos" ("Comics" in Brazilian Portuguese) and "Mix" comes from the name of the show ("TV Mix 4"). [2] [3]

The design of the trophy changes every year, always paying tribute to a character from Brazilian comics. The votes are made by artists and professionals of the area, editors, researchers and journalists. [4]


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