Trofim Kolomiets

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Trofim Kolomiets
BornSeptember 16, 1894
Elisavetgrad, Russian Empire
DiedApril 1971
Volgograd, Soviet Union
AllegianceRussian Empire
Soviet Union
Service/branch Imperial Russian Army
Soviet Red Army
Rank lieutenant general
Commands held 32nd Rifle Corps
25th Rifle Division
51st Army
54th Rifle Corps

Trofim Kolomiets (1894 – April 1971) was a Soviet Army commander.


Kolomiets was born in Elisavetgrad, in the Kherson Governorate of the Russian Empire (present-day Ukraine). He fought in the Imperial Russian Army during World War I before joining the Red Army in the Russian Civil War. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he was a major general. He fought against the forces of the Axis powers at Smolensk in 1941.

He was then assigned in July 1941 to the defence of Crimea as deputy commander of the 51st Army, of which he became commander in July 1942 shortly after the defeat in the Battle of the Kerch Peninsula against Manstein's troops. The remnants of Kolomiets' army were evacuated to the Kuban and assigned to the North Caucasus Front and then, from 1 August 1942, to the southern flank of the Stalingrad Front, which became the Southern eastern front on 6 August 1942.

Unable to stop the momentum of the 4th Panzer Army, he was demoted in October 1942 to become commander of the 54th Rifle Corps. He participated in this position in operations on the Mious, Donbass, around Melitopol, Belarus and East Prussia. [1]

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The 1941 formation of the 186th Rifle Division was based on the 1st Polar (Polyarnaya) Militia Division that had been formed in the Murmansk area early in September 1941. 1st Polar distinguished itself as part of 14th Army during the last stage of the offensive by Mountain Corps Norway toward Murmansk. As this came to an end the division was reformed as a regular Red Army rifle division and was designated as the 186th despite the existence of another division of the same number at that time. It continued to serve in Karelian Front through 1942 and into mid-1943, seeing little combat on this mostly static front apart from a partly successful offensive near Kestenga as part of 26th Army in April/May 1942. It remained in this Army until it was redesignated as the 2nd formation of the 205th Rifle Division in late June 1943.


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