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Trofino is a local supermarket chain in Athens, Greece. As of 2006, it has 10 stores all of them located in the greater Athens area.

Supermarket large form of the traditional grocery store

A supermarket is a self-service shop offering a wide variety of food, beverages and household products, organized into sections and shelves. It is larger and has a wider selection than earlier grocery stores, but is smaller and more limited in the range of merchandise than a hypermarket or big-box market.

Athens Capital and largest city of Greece

Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. Athens dominates the Attica region and is one of the world's oldest cities, with its recorded history spanning over 3,400 years and its earliest human presence starting somewhere between the 11th and 7th millennium BC.

Greece republic in Southeast Europe

Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, historically also known as Hellas, is a country located in Southern and Southeast Europe, with a population of approximately 11 million as of 2016. Athens is the nation's capital and largest city, followed by Thessaloniki.

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Metro, short for metropolitan, may refer to:

Champion (supermarket) French supermarket chain

Champion was a supermarket chain that operated in France and owned by the international retailer Carrefour. There were also Champion supermarkets in Belgium, Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey and Argentina.

Agioi Theodoroi Place in Greece

Agioi Theodoroi is a town and a former municipality in Corinthia, Peloponnese, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform, it is part of the municipality Loutraki-Perachora-Agioi Theodoroi, of which it is a municipal unit. The municipal unit has an area of 98.030 km2.

Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos or simply AB is a supermarket chain based in Greece.

Bazaar supermarkets is a discount supermarket and Cash & Carry chain in Greece. As of 2018, it operates around 150 retail stores and 8 Cash & Carry stores. It belongs to the Veroukas Group of companies.

Atlantic was a large supermarket chain in Greece. Atlantic supermarkets were founded in 1980 by Panayiotis Apostolou. Up to 1985 the company was a small chain with just 5 stores. After 1985 the company expanded rapidly through both organic growth and a number of acquisitions and takeovers. Atlantic was a public company and its shares used to trade in the Athens Stock Exchange from 2000 up to 2010. As of 2006–2007, the company had 182 stores nationwide and was the fifth largest supermarket chain in Greece as measured by market share. The company had also operated a franchise network of smaller stores branded ARISTA. Since 2009 the company had suffered from serious financial difficulties and eventually went into liquidation. The company ceased all trading as of 3 August 2011.

Veropoulos is a large retail group based in Greece. It holds the SPAR retail franchise for Greece. In Crete, Veropoulos operates stores under the name of Chalkiadakis. Outside Greece, Veropoulos operates supermarkets in the Republic of North Macedonia as Vero, and in Serbia as SuperVero. The company was established in 1973, when the first Veropoulos supermarket opened in Athens. As of 2012, the company owns 185 stores in Greece, 10 stores in the Republic of Macedonia and six hypermarkets in Serbia. In Greece, Veropoulos is the fourth-biggest supermarket chain in terms of market share. The firm belongs to the Veropoulos family who are also the founders of the company.

Metro S.A. is a Greek supermarket chain based in the Metamorfosi suburb of Athens, Greece.

Masoutis is a supermarket chain in Greece. Its headquarters are located in Thessaloniki. The company was established in 1976 by Diamantis Masoutis, its current owner, and the first Masoutis supermarket opened the same year in Thessaloniki city center. Masoutis is the largest regional retail grocery chain in Greece, and the seventh largest supermarket chain in Greece in terms of market share. As of 2010, the company had 193 retail and 17 cash-and-carry stores, all located in Northern Greece and Northeastern Aegean. The company has no plans to expand into Southern Greece or the Greek islands.

Galaxias is a supermarket chain in Greece, established in 1982. Its corporate name is PENTE SA and it is headquartered in Athens. As of 2012, Galaxias has 132 stores, approximately half located in the greater Athens area and half in the rest of the country. Galaxias is the tenth biggest supermarket chain in Greece according to market share.

Thanopoulos is a Greek supermarket chain situated in Athens. The company's history traces back to 1877 when Panayiotis Thanopoulos established the grocery store "Thanopoulos" in downtown Athens. Today (2006) the company has 3 stores, all of them located in the northern suburbs of Athens. The firm belongs to the Thanopoulos family.

Arvanitidis was a regional Greek supermarket chain situated in northern Greece. The company was established in 1950 by N. Arvanitidis initially as a wholesaler. In 1986 Arvanitidis opened its first supermarket in Veria. As of January 2012, the company has a total of 163 stores, the majority of which are located in northern Greece. Arvanitidis is the second biggest regional grocery retail chain in Greece. The company belongs to the Arvanitidis family. In 2013, a scandal broke out, bringing the retail chain to sell products that were produced in its storehouses under the name of famous brands.


Gristedes is a New York City-based chain of small supermarkets. It serves a mostly urban customer base.

Plus (supermarket) international supermarket chain based in Germany

Plus was a German multinational discount supermarket chain founded in 1972. It operated 2,840 stores in Germany with an approximate 27,000 employees and about 1,200 stores in several other European countries. The retail model was to sell low-cost groceries with no expense incurred for display or marketing of products. Groceries were stored in the shipping cartons they came in, rather than being stacked on shelves. In German advertising, the name "Plus" was used as a backronym for "Prima leben und sparen", featuring animated "little prices" as their mascot.

Hilton Athens hotel in Athens, Greece

Hilton Athens is a hotel in Athens, Greece. It is on Vassilissis Sofias Avenue within the Hilton Area, near Syntagma Square, the Kolonaki and Pangrati neighbourhoods, and other of central Athens’ main tourist attractions. The hotel stands opposite the National Gallery of Athens and Evangelismos station. The hotel has an on-site restaurant and bar which are also used as meeting places by local Athenians as well as visitors to the city. It has a spa and a 25m by 15m outdoor swimming pool.

United Grocery Outlet

United Grocery Outlet, also branded as Bargain Barn Inc. and GO: Grocery Outlet, is a regional discount supermarket chain based in Athens, Tennessee. In addition to its 24 locations in Tennessee, UGO has 9 locations in Western North Carolina, 2 locations in Georgia and single locations in Kentucky, Virginia, and Alabama. UGO is the largest closeout grocer in the Southeastern US.

AE Ergazomenon Kritis SYN.KA F.C.

AEEK SYN.KA F.C., short for Athlitikí Énosi Ergazoménon Krítis SYN.KA is a Greek association football club based in the city of Chania on the island of Crete. The club currently competes in the Gamma Ethniki, the third tier of the Greek football league system, after winning its second regional Chania FCA A Division title.