Troja Bridge

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Troja Bridge
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Coordinates 50°6′44.1″N14°26′10.15″E / 50.112250°N 14.4361528°E / 50.112250; 14.4361528 Coordinates: 50°6′44.1″N14°26′10.15″E / 50.112250°N 14.4361528°E / 50.112250; 14.4361528
Crosses Vltava River
Locale Prague
Official nameTrojský most
Design Bowstring arch bridge
Total length262 metres (860 ft)
Longest span200.4 metres (657 ft) [1]
ArchitectKoucky Architects
Designer Mott MacDonald
Constructed by Metrostav
Construction end2014
OpenedOctober 2014
Troja Bridge

The Troja Bridge (2014) (Czech : Trojský most) is a bowstring arch bridge [2] in Prague that crosses the Vltava river. It opened to traffic in October 2014. [3] The bridge is 262 metres (860 ft) long. It was designed by Mott MacDonald and Koucky Architects, [4] and was constructed by Metrostav. [5] It connects the districts of Troja and Holešovice. The bridge is noted for slender arch and low height-to-span ratio. [2]

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Metrostav a.s. is a Czech based universal construction company. It is the largest construction company in the Czech Republic and second largest in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Troja (Prague)

Troja became part of Prague in 1922. Now it is part of the district of Prague 7 and its own cadastral area.


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