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Troll-Elgen is a novel from 1921 by Norwegian writer Mikkjel Fønhus. [1] The story is about the large elk "Rauten" and the hunter "Gaupe", and ends up with both the hunter and the hunted losing their lives. [2] The novel was adapted into a film in 1927. [3] [4]

His story collection Der Vildmarken suser and the follow-up novels Det skriker fra Kverrvilljuvet and Troll-Elgen, gave Fønhus a wide reputation for his ability to picture animal life. [4]

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Begna (river)

The Begna is a river in Viken and Innlandet counties in Norway. It is formed by the merging of the rivers Otrøelva and Ylja above Lake Vangsmjøsa. It is also the name of the village of Begna located by the river. The Norwegian writer, Mikkjel Fønhus lived much of his life and located most of his novels along the Begna in Innlandet.

Mikkjel Fønhus was a Norwegian journalist, novelist and short story writer. Fønhus' stories are often set in the wilderness, featuring animals and animal behaviour.

Nils Johan Rud

Nils Johan Rud was a Norwegian novelist, writer of short stories, children's writer, and a magazine editor. He is particularly known for his long-term period as editor of the magazine Arbeidermagasinet / Magasinet For Alle.

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Philip Newth is an Anglo-Norwegian author of children's literature. He has written more than fifty books, including books for deaf and blind children.

Rosapenna is a novel published in 1983 by the Norwegian writer Ola Bauer. The book introduced Belfast and Northern Ireland into Norwegian literature.

Merete Wiger was a Norwegian novelist, author of short stories, children's writer and playwright. She made her literary debut in 1957 with the novel Så låste hun seg inn. Her novel - grensen from 1965 is written in the form of a diary of an imprisoned women who tries to explain why she murdered her husband, but it later turns out her husband is alive and the woman is actually locked up in a mental institution. Wiger was awarded the Gyldendal's Endowment in 1970.

Bortreist på ubestemt tid is a crime novel published in 1972 by the Norwegian writer Sigrun Krokvik. For this novel Krokvik was awarded the very first Riverton Prize in 1972, a prize which has since been awarded annually for the best literary crime product in Norwegian language. The novel was adapted into the film Bortreist på ubestemt tid from 1974, directed by Pål Bang-Hansen.

Finn Havrevold was a Norwegian novelist, short story writer, children's writer, playwright, illustrator and theatre critic.

Skoggangsmand is a novel from 1917, the debut novel of Norwegian writer Mikkjel Fønhus.

Der Vildmarken suser is a story collection from 1919 by Norwegian writer Mikkjel Fønhus.

Det skriker fra Kverrvilljuvet is a novel first published in 1920 by Norwegian writer Mikkjel Fønhus.

Carl Joachim Hambro was a Norwegian novelist, journalist, essayist, translator and Romance philologist. The son of the Conservative politician C. J. Hambro, he embarked on a philological career, graduating in 1939. During the Second World War he taught at Oslo Commerce School and the Norwegian College in Uppsala. After the war, he taught Norwegian at Sorbonne, whilst also working as Paris correspondent for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and a few Norwegian daily newspapers.

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Thomas Peter Krag was a Norwegian novelist, playwright and writer of short stories. He was born in Kragerø, grew up in Kristiansand, and settled in Copenhagen. Some of his books were bestsellers in Denmark when they were published, but today Krag is more or less sunk into oblivion.

<i>Albertine i politilægens venteværelse</i> Painting by Christian Krohg

Albertine i politilægens venteværelse is the title of a naturalist painting by the Norwegian artist Christian Krohg, showing the scene in a medical waiting-room.

<i>Albertine</i> (Krohg novel)

Albertine is a novel written in 1886 by Norwegian painter and writer Christian Krohg.

Walter Fyrst

Walter Fyrst was a Norwegian filmmaker. He was born in Kristiania; the son of physician Valentin Fürst and Margarethe Christiane Dedekam. His first film was Troll-elgen from 1927, based on two novels by Mikkjel Fønhus. Other films were Cafe X from 1928 and Brudekronen from 1944. Fyrst made propaganda films for the Nazi regime during the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany.

Ragnhild Nilstun

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