Troller Veículos Especiais

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Troller Veículos Especiais
Type Subsidiary
Industry Automotive
FounderCharlie Guth de Grange
Defunct2021;1 year ago (2021)
Headquarters Horizonte, Ceará, Brazil
Area served
Latin America and Caribbean
Key people
Rogério Farias, [1] Mário Araújo Alencar Araripe, Demetrio Fleck (General Manager), Lyle Watters (President and CEO)
Products Troller T4
Owner Ford
Number of employees
470 (January, 2021)
Parent Ford Brasil

Troller Veículos Especiais S/A (Troller) was a Brazilian off-road vehicle manufacturer. Founded in 1995 in Horizonte, Ceará, it became a subsidiary of Ford in 2007. [2] Troller T4 was a flagship vehicle, which had featured successfully in several rally races around the world, including the Dakar Rally.[ citation needed ]



The name Troller is a Brazilian adaptation of the English word Troll, which refers to a character of the Scandinavian legends that dwells forests and caves of Norway. A character that protects its visitors, as well as being faithful, loyal and bring luck, but loses patience when they threaten their habitat. [3]


Troller Conceito TR-X exhibited in 2012 Troller Conceito TR-X (8159260127).jpg
Troller Conceito TR-X exhibited in 2012

Troller started in 1995, by Rogério Farias. In April 1996, the first prototype was built. [4]

In 1997, the company was bought by the entrepreneur Mário Araripe, who formed a partnership with Rogério Farias; the first gasoline-powered T4 was built. [4] [5] The mass-production of the vehicle started in 1999, when a factory was built in the municipality of Horizonte. [4]

In 2005, a manufacturing plant opened in Angola to build the T4 for the African market. [6] On January 2007, Ford do Brasil announced Troller's acquisition for R$ 400 million (2007) [7] ( US$ 205.44 million). [2] [8]

On 14 December 2009, a Troller made the news when it cleared São Paulo's flooded streets during a news broadcast, at the time, the company played along and tried to find the driver. [9] The T4 received a redesign in 2014.

The Troller plant in Horizonte was closed by the end of 2021, with Ford ending all its production in Brazil. [10] [11] The brand and the Technology was not put for sale, just the industrial complex which comprises a land of 120,142  km2 (46,387  sq mi ) with 21,736 km2 (8,392 sq mi) of floor area. The special tax regime, valid until 2025, would also be linked to the factory. [8]


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