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During the reconstruction after vandalism, iron rods were drilled into the formation to hold it in place and preserved in the original formation.
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Coordinates 58°28′11″N6°04′49″E / 58.46972°N 6.08028°E / 58.46972; 6.08028
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Trollpikken (Norway)
Mountain type Rock formation

Trollpikken (the Troll's Dick) is a rock formation in Eigersund municipality, in Norway, between Kjervall and Veshovda. A rock jutting out from a cliff face to a height of almost 12 metres (39 ft) [1] resembles an erect penis. In June 2017, the rock was severed using power tools; it was reattached the following month after a crowdfunding campaign.

The local tourist board was discussing using Trollpikken to draw tourists in a similar manner to Trolltunga (the troll's tongue) and Preikestolen (the preacher's pulpit) by providing parking [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] when on June 24, 2017, joggers discovered that the approximately 10-tonne (9.8-long-ton; 11-short-ton) formation had been severed using power tools. [5] [7] [8] 226,000  kroner [9] was raised online to reattach it using a crane assembled on-site; [1] [6] [10] [11] [12] [13] a contractor told a Norwegian TV station, "We have the Viagra it takes." [14] It was successfully reattached on July 7, using a combination of cement, glue and metal fittings. [9] [15] [16] By late that month, parking and signs had been provided and NRK reported that at least one suspect had been arrested for the vandalism. [17]

Kjetil Bentsen named the rock formation in January 2017; an effort is underway to have it marked on maps. [18] A staff member at the Romsdal Museum indicated that numerous rock formations in Norway have similarly humorous names, although pikk is a relatively new word in the language for the penis. [19] Bentsen and one other have applied to the Norwegian Patent Office for trademark rights to the name. [18]

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Coordinates: 58°28′11″N6°04′49″E / 58.46972°N 6.08028°E / 58.46972; 6.08028