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Trollstigen in 2021 DSC07845-Panorama.jpg
Trollstigen in 2021
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visitor_center of Trollstigen
Trollstigen after modifications in 2005 Trollstigen Norway 2006.JPG
Trollstigen after modifications in 2005
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Trollstigen viewing platform

Trollstigen (or trollstigvegen; English: The troll path [1] [2] ) is a serpentine mountain road and pass in Rauma Municipality, Møre og Romsdal county, Norway.


It is part of Norwegian County Road 63 that connects the town of Åndalsnes in Rauma and the village of Valldal in Norddal Municipality. It is a popular tourist attraction due to its steep incline of 10% and eleven hairpin bends up a steep mountainside. During the top tourist season, about 2,500 vehicles pass daily. [3] [4] During the 2012 season, 161,421 vehicles traversed the route, compared to 155,230 vehicles during 2009. [5]

The road is narrow with many sharp bends, and although several bends were widened during 2005 to 2012, [6] vehicles over 12.4 metres (41 ft) long are prohibited from driving the road. During the 2011 and 2012 seasons, buses up to 13.1 metres (43 ft) were temporarily allowed as a trial. [7] [8] At the 700-metre (2,300 ft) plateau there is a car park and several viewing balconies overlooking the bends and the Stigfossen waterfall. Stigfossen falls 320 metres (1,050 ft) down the mountainside. The pass has an elevation of approximately 850 metres (2,790 ft).

Trollstigen is closed during late autumn and winter. A normal operating season stretches from mid-May to October, but may sometimes be shorter or longer due to weather conditions.


Trollstigen means the troll path or troll trail, from the Norwegian stig [9] (also spelled sti), from Old Norse stigr. [10]


Visitor centre opened in 2012 RRA Trollstigen fjellstue-27(c)
Visitor centre opened in 2012

Trollstigen was opened on 31 July 1936, by King Haakon VII after eight years of construction.

A major tourist facility including a restaurant was completed in 2012. Several viewing platforms have been constructed and older constructions improved upon. Trollstigen (along with County Road 63) was officially opened as a national tourist route by the Minister of Transport and Communications on 16 June 2012. [11] Trollstigen itself (and the alpine summits to the west) lies within the Trollstigen landscape protection area, [12] while the alpine area east of Trollstigen, including the Trolltindene range, is part of Reinheimen National Park. [13]

In the summer of 2005, the road was repaired and about 16 million kr was spent on protection against rockfall, making the road safer to drive on.

In June 2021, Telia Norge commissioned an eco-friendly mobile base station powered entirely by solar, wind and hydrogen, therefore providing mobile phone coverage at Trollstigen for the first time ever. [14]

Opening and closing dates

Trollstigen visitor center in April, when the road is still closed during winter RRA Trollstigen Visitor Center (c)RRA.jpg
Trollstigen visitor center in April, when the road is still closed during winter
Trollstigen HochPanno.jpg
Viewpoint at the Trollstigen road. Trollstigen viewpoint.jpg
Viewpoint at the Trollstigen road.
Stigfossen waterfall has a total fall of about 240 meters Trollstigen 20150717 2251.jpg
Stigfossen waterfall has a total fall of about 240 meters
199420 May27 September [15]
199525 May [16]
199624 May
19976 June24 September [17]
199815 May15 October [17] closed because of snow
199914 May10 September [18] temporarily closed 9 August because of landslide, [19] early winter closing because of construction work.
200026 May [20] 20 Augustclosed early because of construction work [21]
200121 May21 Augustclosed early because of construction work [22]
200223 May16 SeptemberEarly closing because of maintenance work. [23]
200328 May15 Augustclosed early because of landslide and flooding [24] [25]
200429 May
20051 June15 Novemberlatest closing since 1992
20063 May
200723 May17 October [26]
200827 May4 November [27]
200920 May23 October [28] closed because of avalanche
201028 May4 November [29]
201113 May [30] 24 November [31]
20121 June [5] 5 November [32]
201322 May [33] 13 November [34]
20148 May [35] 1 December [36] [37] [38] 8 December [39] temporarily closed 23 November [36]
201513 May [40] 24 November [41] 23 November [42]
201625 May [43] 3 November [44] Closed because of snow
201724 May [45] 13 November [46] 8 November [39]
201811 May [47] 26 October, [48] open again 16 November [49] closed for the winter 26 October, open again 16 November because of warm weather [49] Closed 2 December because of storm. [50]
201916 May [51] 30 October [52]

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