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ChessBase GmbH is a German company that makes and sells chess software, maintains a chess news site, and operates internet chess server for online chess. Founded in 1986, it maintains and sells massive databases, containing the moves of recorded chess games. Databases organise data from prior games; engines provide analyses of games while endgame tablebases offer perfect play in some endgames.

<i>Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings</i> classification system for the opening moves in a game of chess

The Encyclopedia of Chess Openings is a classification system for the opening moves in chess. It is presented as a five-volume book collection describing chess openings. The moves were taken from hundreds of thousands of games between masters, from published analysis in the Chess Informant since 1966, and then compiled by notable chess players. The main editor is Aleksandar Matanović. Both the ECO and the Chess Informant are published by the Serbian company Šahovski Informator. These openings are typically provided in an ECO table that concisely presents the best opening lines.

Queens Pawn Game Chess opening

Queen's Pawn Game broadly refers to any chess opening starting with the move 1.d4, which is the second most popular opening move after 1.e4. The term is usually used to describe openings beginning with 1.d4 where White does not play the Queen's Gambit. The most common Queen's Pawn Game openings are:

Trompowsky Attack Chess opening

The Trompowsky Attack is a chess opening that begins with the moves:

Indian Defence Chess opening

In the game of chess, Indian Defence or Indian Game is a broad term for a group of openings characterised by the moves:

Julian Hodgson chess player

Julian Michael "Jules" Hodgson is a British International Grandmaster and former British Chess Champion.

In chess, the pawn structure is the configuration of pawns on the chessboard. Since pawns are the least mobile of the chess pieces, the pawn structure is relatively static and thus largely determines the strategic nature of the position.

Neo-Indian Attack chess opening

The Neo-Indian Attack is a chess opening that begins with the moves:

Klaus Junge German chess player

Klaus Junge was one of the youngest German chess masters. In several tournaments during the 1940s he held his own among the world's leading players. An officer in the Wehrmacht, he died during the Battle of Welle shortly before the end of World War II.

Povilas (Paul) Vaitonis was a Lithuanian–Canadian International Master of chess. He was a five-time Lithuanian champion, and was twice Canadian champion. Vaitonis was inducted into the Canadian Chess Hall of Fame on July 9, 2011 in Toronto.

Peter Wells (chess player) British chess grandmaster

Peter Kenneth Wells is an English chess Grandmaster and author. Wells was British Rapidplay Chess Champion in 2002, 2003 and 2007.

Richard David Palliser is an English chess player and chess writer who holds the title International Master.

Nigel Davies (chess player) British chess player

Nigel Davies is an English chess Grandmaster, chess coach and writer.

Octávio Figueira Trompowsky de Almeida was a Brazilian chess player, who was born and died in Rio de Janeiro. Trompowsky won the 1939 Brazilian Championship, but is best known as the player for whom the Trompowsky Attack chess opening was named.

Rainer Knaak German chess player

Rainer Fritz Albert Knaak is a German Chess Grandmaster.

Friso Nijboer Dutch chess player

Friso Nijboer is a Dutch chess player. He achieved the title of Grandmaster in 1996.

Mika Karttunen Finnish chess player

Mika Karttunen is a Finnish chess player, International Master.

Magesh Chandran Panchanathan Indian chess grandmaster

Magesh Chandran Panchanathan is an Indian chess player. He was awarded the title of Grandmaster by FIDE in 2006.

Hodgson Attack Chess opening

The Hodgson Attack is a chess opening that begins with the moves:

Tromp may refer to: