Trooper (Romanian band)

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Origin Târgovişte, Romania
Genres Heavy metal, hard rock
Years active1995–present
Labels HMM
Members Alin "Coiotu'" Dincă
Aurelian "Balaurul" Dincă
Ionut Covalciuc
Ionut Radulescu

Trooper is a Romanian heavy metal music band. It was formed on 25 October 1995, by brothers Alin and Aurelian Dincă and Ionuţ Rădulescu being influenced by bands like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. The band used to be called Megarock, then White Wolf. Once with the arrival of Ionuţ "Negative" Fleancu the band was renamed to Trooper. Poll conducted by the specialized Heavy Metal Magazine in 2001 placed Trooper first in the category Best young band. [1] The group appeared on MTV, MCM, Atomic, TVR1, TVR2, B1 TV, Antena 1, Romania International, Prima TV, Pro TV. [1] Throughout their career, Trooper have shared their stage with bands such as Iron Maiden, Manowar, Sepultura, Kreator and Evergrey.




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Romania is a European country with a multicultural music environment which includes active ethnic music scenes. Romania also has thriving scenes in the fields of pop music, hip hop, heavy metal and rock and roll. During the first decade of the 21st century some Europop groups/artists, such as Tom Boxer, Morandi, Akcent, Edward Maya, Alexandra Stan, and Inna, achieved success abroad. Traditional Romanian folk music remains popular, and some folk musicians have come to national fame.


Holograf is a modern rock band from Romania. Since the band's formation in 1978, Holograf released 18 albums. The band won the Excellence Prize at Romanian Media Music Awards in 2013, the awards for best pop-rock artist and best pop-rock song at Radio Romania Music Awards Gala in 2014 and was nominated multiple times at Romanian Music Awards for Best Group and for Best Song.

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Bosquito is a Romanian rock band formed in Brașov in the year 1999. The group's current line-up consists of vocalist/guitarist Radu Almășan, drummer Dorin Țapu, guitarist Ciprian Pascal, bassist Mircea “Burete” Preda. The band is well known for infusing their songs with diverse influences, including Gypsy music, Latin, balkan, punk, and elements of symphonic music. The group has released 5 albums to date with several top-charting singles including "Pepita", "Marcela", "Bosquito", "Hopa Hopa", and the ballad "Două Mâini", which reached #1 in the Romanian Top 100 and remains one of the most celebrated love songs in Romanian music. In 2005, the band entered a hiatus on the Romanian market while relocating to the United States; the original line-up disbanded shortly thereafter. In 2011 Radu Almășan made a comeback as Bosquito with a brand-new lineup launching their first single in 6 years: "Când Îngerii Pleacă", and releasing a new album, Babylon in 2014.

Cuibul are an acoustic funk band from Chisinau, Moldova. Igor Dinga, founder and initial vocalist of the band formed the band in 1991 as a rock'n'roll funk fusion band. The band released 6 albums from 1991-2001, and their musical style changed from rock'n'roll to acoustic mellow funk with chillout and Latino influences.

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Romania participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with the song "Goodbye" written by Alexandru Matei, Alin Neagoe and Cristina Caramarcu. The song was performed by the band The Humans. The Romanian broadcaster Televiziunea Română (TVR) organised the national final Selecția Națională 2018 in order to select the Romanian entry for the 2018 contest in Lisbon, Portugal. The national final consisted of six shows: five semi-finals and a final. A total of sixty entries were selected and twelve competed in each semi-final where a five-member jury panel selected three entries to advance to the final. The fifteen qualifiers competed in the final on 25 February 2018 where "Goodbye" performed by The Humans was selected as the winner entirely by a public vote.

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<i>Masked Singer România</i>

Masked Singer România is a Romanian reality singing competition television series that premiered on 11 September 2020 on Pro TV. It is the Romanian adaptation of King of Mask Singer and shows celebrities singing covers of famous songs while wearing head-to-toe costumes and face masks that hide their identities. The show was presented by Jorge in the first season and the judging panel consisted of singer-entertainer Horia Brenciu, top-charting singer-songwriter INNA, film producer and writer Codin Maticiuc and online celebrity Ana Morodan.


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