Trop la Classe

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Trop la Classe
Country of origin France
No. of seasons5
No. of episodesApprox 175
Running timeApprox 5-7 minutes
Original network Disney Channel France
Original release2006-2008

Trop la Classe is a French television show adapted from As the Bell Rings . It is on the Disney Channel and every Sunday on one cable broadcast. It is a French adaption of the Disney Channel Italy Original Series Quelli dell'intervallo.

The show's 5th season (Trop la Classe Verte !) has begun airing on February 24, 2010.


Prem is a whiz kid who is rather kind and helps his needy classmates.

She is depicted as the athletic and tomboyish girl. Her best friend is Nico.

Charlotte is viewed as an annoyance as she cannot stay quiet.

Valentine is the most popular girl of the college. She is very concerned about appearances and finds it a priority that hers is perfect. All boys fall for her but the girls don't appreciate her massive ego and the curt reply. Her superiority complex creates great tension with Juliette and she is not very intelligent.

Nico is often seen as the class clown and is known for mischief. He often tells jokes which he finds funny but are not appreciated by his friends. His best friend is Dunk.

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