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Tru-la-lá is one of the best known cuarteto bands in Argentina. [1] The band's main singer for many years was Gary, "voice of an angel". [2]

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Gary may refer to:

King Curtis American saxophonist

Curtis Ousley, known professionally as King Curtis, was an American saxophonist who played rhythm and blues, jazz, and rock and roll. A bandleader, band member, and session musician, he was also a musical director and record producer. A master of the instrument, he played tenor, alto, and soprano saxophone. He played riffs and solos on hit singles such as "Respect" by Aretha Franklin (1965), and "Yakety Yak" by The Coasters (1958) and his own "Soul Serenade" (1964) and "Memphis Soul Stew" (1967).

Omara Portuondo Cuban singer

Omara Portuondo Peláez is a Cuban singer and dancer. A founding member of the popular vocal group Cuarteto d'Aida, Portuondo has collaborated with many important Cuban musicians during her long career, including Julio Gutiérrez, Juanito Márquez and Chucho Valdés. Although primarily known for her rendition of boleros, she has recorded in a wide range of styles from jazz to son cubano. Since 1996, she has been part of the Buena Vista Social Club project, touring extensively and recording several albums with the ensemble. She won a Latin Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Tropical Album in 2009 and a Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019, and she received three Grammy Award nominations.

Pedro Ortiz Dávila Puerto Rican activist and singer

Pedro Ortiz Dávila, better known as Davilita, was a popular Puerto Rican singer of boleros and patriotic songs. He was the first artist to record the Rafael Hernández standard "Lamento Borincano".

Uruguayan rock first emerged in Uruguay in the 1950s. The real breakthrough for rock in Uruguay, however, as in much of the world, came with the arrival of The Beatles in the early 1960s. Although the country has a small population and is far-removed from the world's cultural centres, rock music from these land, which has always taken on an identity forged from a mix of different cultures and local peculiarities, crossing different genres and styles, has largely been a well-kept secret outside the region. Thanks to the Internet and easy access to music libraries through streaming services such as Spotify, this is now changing.

Cuarteto, sometimes called cuartetazo, is a musical genre born in Córdoba, Argentina.

Eliades Ochoa Cuban singer and composer

Eliades Ochoa Bustamante is a Cuban guitarist and singer from Loma de la Avispa, Songo La Maya in the east of the country near Santiago de Cuba.

Juan Campodónico Musical artist

Juan Campodónico, sometimes working under his stage name Campo, is an Uruguayan musician, producer, composer, creator and former member of El Peyote Asesino, Bajofondo and Campo. He produced albums by Jorge Drexler, Luciano Supervielle, Bajofondo, El Cuarteto de Nos, La Vela Puerca, OMAR, Sordromo, No Te Va Gustar, Santullo and Ximena Sariñana among others. He created the Bajofondo project alongside iconic producer and two-time Academy Award winner for Best Original Score Gustavo Santaolalla. He has been awarded with various Latin Grammy, Premios Gardel and Graffiti awards for his work as a producer, as well as with many golden records.

La Mona Jiménez Musical artist

Juan Carlos Jiménez Rufino, known as La Mona Jiménez, is a cuarteto singer. He was born in Córdoba, Argentina.

Cuarteto Latinoamericano

Cuarteto Latinoamericano Cuarteto Latinoamericano is one of the world's most renowned string quartets and, for over thirty-five years, the leading proponent of Latin American music for the genre. Founded in Mexico in 1982, the Cuarteto has toured extensively throughout Europe, North and South America, Israel, China, Japan and New Zealand. They have premiered over a hundred works written for them, and they continue to introduce new and neglected composers to the genre. Winners of two Latin Grammys for Best Classical Recordings, they have also been awarded with the prestigious Diapason d'Or, have been recognized with the Mexican Music Critics Association Award, and have received three "Most Adventurous Programming" Awards from Chamber Music America/ASCAP.

Rodrigo (musician) Argentine singer (1973–2000)

Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno, also known by his stage name Rodrigo or his nickname "El Potro", was an Argentine singer of cuarteto music. He is widely regarded as the best, most famous and most influential singer in the history of this genre. Bueno's style was marked by his on-stage energy and charisma. His short, dyed hair and casual clothes differed from typical cuarteto singers with strident colors and long curly hair. During his career, Bueno expanded cuarteto music to the Argentine national scene, remaining one of the main figures of the genre.

Vive Latino

Vive Latino - Festival Iberoamericano de Cultura Musical is an annual music festival held in Mexico City. It is one of the most important music festivals in Mexico, featuring a great variety of groups of many genres.

El Cuarteto de Nos

El Cuarteto de Nos is an Uruguayan rock group formed in 1980 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Over the years, due to its particular sound that mixes elements of hip hop, alternative rock, comedy rock and Latin music, the group has developed an immense amount of popularity and praise in Latin America and Hispanic countries.

Antonio Machín

Antonio Abad Lugo Machín was a Spanish-Cuban singer and musician. His version of El Manisero, recorded in New York, 1930, with Don Azpiazú's orchestra, was the first million record seller for a Cuban artist. Although this was labelled a rhumba, it was in reality a son pregón, namely, a song based on a street-seller's cry.

Vesko Kountchev is a musician.

Cuarteto Casals Spanish string quartet

The Cuarteto Casals is a Spanish string quartet based at l'Auditori in Barcelona, where all four members reside and teach at the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya.

Gary (Argentine singer) Argentine singer

Edgar Efraín Fuentes, better known as Gary was an Argentine singer of cuarteto songs. His records, first as one of the singers with Tru-la-lá band and then as solo artist with his own band, sold 2 million copies during the 10 most active years of his career.

Chébere was a cuarteto band from Argentina formed in 1973.

Julio Gutiérrez (musician) Musical artist

Julio Gutiérrez was a Cuban music director, pianist, composer and arranger. He was one of the main figures in the music scene of Havana in the 1940s and 1950s, and a pioneer of the descarga. As a songwriter, he is remembered for his 1944 bolero "Inolvidable", which has been performed by numerous artists.

Cuarteto contemporáneo de Guatemala String quartet

Cuarteto Contemporáneo de Guatemala (CCG) was founded in january 1992 by musicians Paulo Alvarado (cello), Marco Antonio Barrios, Otto Eduardo Santizo (viola), and Jorge Alfredo Santizo. Membership of the quartet has also included Jorge Mario Alvarado, Linda Leanza, and Eduardo Rosales (cello).


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