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Semi-trailer truck Combination of a tractor unit and one or more semi-trailers to carry freight

A semi-tractor-trailer truck is the combination of a tractor unit and one, or more, semi-trailers to carry freight. A semi-trailer attaches to the tractor with a type of hitch called a fifth-wheel.

Truck Freight motor vehicle

A truck or lorry is a motor vehicle designed to transport cargo. Trucks vary greatly in size, power, and configuration. Smaller varieties may be mechanically similar to some automobiles. Commercial trucks can be very large and powerful and may be configured to be mounted with specialized equipment, such as in the case of refuse trucks, fire trucks, concrete mixers, and suction excavators. In American English, a commercial vehicle without a trailer or other articulation is formally a "straight truck" while one designed specifically to pull a trailer is not a truck but a "tractor".

Dodge is an American brand of automobile manufactured by FCA US LLC, based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Dodge vehicles currently include performance cars, though for much of its existence Dodge was Chrysler's mid-priced brand above Plymouth.

Pickup truck Light-duty truck with an enclosed cab and an open cargo area

A pickup truck or pickup is a light-duty truck having an enclosed cab and an open cargo area with low sides and tailgate. In Australia and New Zealand, both pickups and coupé utilities are called utes, short for utility vehicle. In South Africa, people of all language groups use the term bakkie, a diminutive of bak, Afrikaans for "bowl" or "container".

Truckers hitch

The trucker's hitch is a compound knot commonly used for securing loads on trucks or trailers. This general arrangement, using loops and turns in the rope itself to form a crude block and tackle, has long been used to tension lines and is known by multiple names. Knot author Geoffrey Budworth claims the knot can be traced back to the days when carters and hawkers used horse-drawn conveyances to move their wares from place to place.


JSC KAMAZ is a Russian brand of trucks and engines manufacturer located in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan. It is famous for its cab over trucks. KAMAZ is a portmanteau which stands for a factory on the Kama River.

General Motors Truck Company (GMC), formally the GMC Division of General Motors LLC, is a division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors (GM) that primarily focuses on trucks and utility vehicles. GMC currently makes SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, and light-duty trucks, catered to a premium-based market. In the past, GMC also produced fire trucks, ambulances, heavy-duty trucks, military vehicles, motorhomes, transit buses, and medium duty trucks.

Ford F-Series Series of full size pick-up trucks manufactured by Ford

The Ford F-Series is a series of trucks marketed and manufactured by Ford. In production since 1948, the F-Series is a range of light-duty trucks marketed as full-size pickup trucks, slotted above the compact Ford Ranger in the Ford truck model range. Since 1999, the F-Series also includes the heavier-duty Super Duty series, which includes pickup trucks, chassis cab trucks, and medium-duty trucks. As of current production, the Ford F-Series includes the F-150 pickup, F-250 through F-450 Super Duty pickups, F-450/550 Super Duty chassis cabs, and F-650/750 Super Duty Class 6-8 trucks. The most popular version of the F-Series is the F-150, now in its fourteenth generation.

Drive-By Truckers American rock band

The Drive-By Truckers are an alternative country/Southern rock band based in Athens, Georgia. Two of five current members are originally from The Shoals region of northern Alabama and met as roommates at the University of North Alabama. The group also has roots in Richmond, Virginia.


Dekotora or decotora, an abbreviation for "decoration truck", are extravagantly decorated trucks in Japan. Commonly displaying neon or ultraviolet lights, extravagant paints, and stainless or golden parts, dekotora may be created by workers out of their work trucks for fun, or they may be designed by hobbyists for special events. They are sometimes also referred to as art trucks (アートトラック), ātotorakku)).

Truck art in South Asia

Truck art is a popular form of regional decoration in the Indian subcontinent, with Indian and Pakistani trucks featuring elaborate floral patterns and calligraphy.

<i>Super Hits</i> (Glen Campbell album) 2000 greatest hits album by Glen Campbell

Super Hits compiles all 9 singles that Glen Campbell released on Atlantic Records (1982–1986) plus "I Love My Truck" which was released as a single A-side in 1981.

<i>Code of the Cactus</i> 1939 film by Sam Newfield

Code of the Cactus is a 1939 American film directed by Sam Newfield.

Volvo Trucks Swedish truck manufacturer

Volvo Trucks Corporation, stylized as VOLVO, is a global truck manufacturer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, owned by AB Volvo. In 2016, it was the world’s second largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks.

Art handler

An art handler, also sometimes called an art preparator, is a trained individual who works directly with objects in museums, art galleries and various other venues including private collectors, corporate art collections, public art collections and various other institutions. Art handlers work in coordination with registrars, collection managers, conservator-restorers, exhibition designers, and curators, among others, to ensure that objects are safely handled and cared for. Often they are responsible for packing and unpacking art, installing and deinstalling art in exhibitions, and moving art around the museum and storage spaces. They are an integral part of a museum and collections care.

Chevrolet AK Series

The Chevrolet AK Series truck was a light duty truck sold under the Chevrolet brand, with production beginning in 1941 until 1947. It used the GM A platform, shared with the Chevrolet Deluxe. The AK series was also branded and sold at GMC locations, with the primary visual difference being the Chevrolet had vertical bars in the grille, while the GMC had horizontal bars. The 1941-45 GMC models were sold as C-Series and became the E-Series for the 1946 and 1947 model years.

Dodge T-, V-, W-Series

In 1939 Dodge presented a completely new designed line of pickups and trucks. Formally the T series for 1939, V series for 1940, and the W series from 1941 through 1947, the trucks became mostly known as the Dodge Job-Rated trucks.

2020 NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series 2020 motorsports season

The 2020 NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series was the 26th season of the third highest stock car racing series sanctioned by NASCAR in North America. The season began at Daytona International Speedway with the NextEra Energy 250 on February 14. The regular season ended with the ToyotaCare 250 at Richmond Raceway on September 10. The NASCAR playoffs ended with the Lucas Oil 150 at Phoenix Raceway on November 6, where Sheldon Creed won the championship over his teammates Zane Smith and Brett Moffitt in a 1-2-3 sweep for GMS Racing in the standings. ThorSport Racing driver Grant Enfinger finished fourth in the standings, the other driver to advance to the Championship 4. Austin Hill won the regular season championship and was the points leader for most of the season, but failed to advance to the Championship 4 and finished 6th in the standings.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric pickup truck developed by Tesla Motors

The Tesla Cybertruck is an all-electric, battery-powered, light duty truck announced by Tesla, Inc. Three models have been announced, with EPA range estimates of 250–500 miles (400–800 km) and an estimated 0–60 mph time of 2.9–6.5 seconds, depending on the model.

2021 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series 2021 motorsports season

The 2021 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is the 27th season of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, a stock car racing series sanctioned by NASCAR in the United States. Although the entire schedule has yet to be announced, the season will begin at Daytona International Speedway with the NextEra Energy 250 on February 12, and will end with the Lucas Oil 150 at Phoenix Raceway on November 5. This season marks the 13th for Camping World Holdings as the series' title sponsor. After two years of advertising their Gander Outdoors retail chain in the title sponsorship, company CEO Marcus Lemonis announced on September 15, 2020 that the sponsorship would switch back to the Camping World brand beginning in 2021, which was the same name of the series from 2009 to 2018.