True Light Girls' College

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True Light Girls' College
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True Light Girls' College

Coordinates Coordinates: 22°18′50″N114°10′22″E / 22.3138°N 114.1728°E / 22.3138; 114.1728
Type Aided
MottoThou art the Light of the World
DenominationChristian (Church of Christ)
Established1973;48 years ago (1973)
PrincipalMr. Tam Kim Hung (since 2008)
Teaching staff46
Grades Secondary 1–6
Gender Girls
True Light Girls' College
Traditional Chinese 真光女書院
Simplified Chinese 真光女书院

True Light Girls' College (TLGC, Chinese :真光女書院) is a Christian girls' secondary school in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was founded in 1973, to commemorate the centenary of the first True Light Middle School, which was founded in 1872 in Canton by the American missionary, Harriet Newell Noyes. [1] It is run by the Kowloon True Light Middle School Management Board with the assistance of the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China.


The school is an aided EMI secondary school. Since it was built according to the standards of 30 years ago, much effort has been made to improve the basic facilities of the school premises to meet the needs of the a changing society. A new annex was completed in Autumn 2005, [2] providing four more classrooms and some special rooms in addition to the 20 classroom in the main building. There are a total of 24 classrooms, 16 special rooms, a hall, a covered playground, a canteen, a library, a student activity room, a gymnastics room, a badminton court and two basketball courts. Student TV and a School History Gallery were established in 2013 to celebrate the school's 40th Anniversary. Later on, an E-learning Centre was built in 2014 to facilitate students' learning with the convenient use of gadgets and easy access to the Wi-Fi network. [3]

School Motto

Thou art the light of the world(Matthew 5:14)

Teaching Staff

There are in total 48 teaching staff in approved establishment with 6 staff who are not included in approved establishment. 100% teaching staffs have Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education. 48% teaching staffs have Bachelor Degree while 50% have Master / Doctorate Degree or above. 33% teaching staffs have Special Education Training.

School uniform

The school uses a cheongsam as the student uniform, and was the first Hong Kong secondary school to adopt the garment as such. [4]

Class Structure

There are 24 classes under the New Senior Secondary (NSS) [5] curriculum: 4 classes at each level from S1 to S6. [2]

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