Truth Is Currency

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Truth Is Currency
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 27, 2005
Recorded2004, 2005
Genre Alternative metal, hard rock, nu metal, post-grunge
Label Idol Roc Entertainment
Revelation Theory chronology
Revelation Theory EP
Truth Is Currency
Light It Up

Truth Is Currency is the debut studio album by Rev Theory, who were at the time known as Revelation Theory, released in 2005. It was their first major label album. Julien Jørgensen, one of the bands founding members and guitarist started the Truth is Currency Letters 'Melancholy Missives' in June of 2019 to honour the legacy, the blogcast acts as a narrative to past Revelation Theory tunes as well as features nü music and art.

Rev Theory American hard rock band

Rev Theory is an American rock band formed in 2002 in North Andover, Massachusetts. The band has released four studio albums: Truth Is Currency (2005), Light It Up (2008), Justice (2011) and The Revelation (2016), as well as three EPs: Revelation Theory EP (2004), Acoustic Live from the Gibson Lounge (2009) and Take 'Em Out (2012). The song "Hell Yeah" was the opening theme song for the popular Spike show Blue Mountain State and the song "We Own The Night" was the main theme song for the WWE Network reality series Breaking Ground. The song "Voices" is currently being used by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler Randy Orton.


Track listing

All songs written by Julien Jørgensen, except for where noted.

  1. "M367 (Out of Our Hands)" (Jørgensen, Matty McCloskey) 3:28
  2. "Slowburn" 3:22
  3. "After the Rain" 4:00
  4. "Leaving It Up to You" (Brian Howes, Jørgensen) 3:29
  5. "Selfish and Cold" 4:31
  6. "Take Away" (Wes Hutchinson, Jørgensen, McCloskey) 4:06
  7. "Undone" 3:36
  8. "Loathe" 3:44
  9. "World to Burn" 3:47
  10. "Over the Line" (Jørgensen, McCloskey) 4:09



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Slow Burn or Slowburn may refer to:

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