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Trybuna Śląska – regional newspaper published in Katowice during the years 1945–2004, one of the largest daily newspaper at that time in Poland. Number of copies of the issue amounted to 120 000 on weekdays and on weekends about 700 000, distributed throughout the three provinces: Katowice Voivodeship, Bielsko-Biała Voivodeship and Częstochowa Voivodeship.

Before 1990 published under the name Trybuna Robotnicza (Workers' Tribune), as the regional silesian authority of the ruling communist party (Polish United Workers' Party). After the fall of the communist dictatorship renamed at "Trybuna Śląska" (Silesian Tribune). As a result of selling off the resources of the party publishing house RSW "Prasa – Książka – Ruch" (Workers' Publishing Cooperative "Press – Book – Movement") the newspaper was for a short period co-ownership of Robert Hersant, took over it Górnośląskie Towarzystwo Prasowe (Upper Silesian Press Society), later property bought by the German press concern Verlagsgruppe Passau, publisher of competitive newspaper Dziennik Zachodni (Western Daily). Since 2000, investor gradually limit the scope and number of copies "Trybuna Śląska" and abolished it in 2004.


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The Silesian Autonomy Movement, abbreviated as RAŚ, is a movement officially declaring its support for the autonomy of Silesia as part of a unified Europe. The association was founded in January 1990 by Rudolf Kołodziejczyk and is based in the Polish part of Upper Silesia. RAŚ sees the Silesians as a "separate nation" rather than primarily as Poles, Germans or Czechs.

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Radzionków is a town in Silesia in southern Poland, near Katowice. Borders on the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union – metropolis with the population of 2 million. Located in the Silesian Highlands.

Dziennik Zachodni is a regional Polish newspaper distributed in Upper Silesia. Its headquarters is located in the city of Sosnowiec. Established in February 1945 by Stanisław Ziemba, it was initially a state-held daily. Taken over by Polskapresse company, itself a part of the Verlagsgruppe Passau, it is currently the best selling regional newspaper in Poland with an average of 109,000 copies sold daily. Following the 2004 merger with Trybuna Śląska daily, it is also one of the largest. The main issue published daily in approximately 326,000 copies, with a set of add-ins devoted to sports and labour (Mondays), education (Tuesdays), motorization (Wednesdays), household (Thursdays), health and travels (Saturdays).

Trybuna Ludu was one of the largest newspapers in communist Poland, which circulated between 1948 and 1990. It was the official media outlet of the Polish United Workers' Party (PZPR) and one of its main propaganda outlets along the televised news program Dziennik.

Trybuna was a Polish left-wing newspaper, often seen as the outlet of the post-communist factions.

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The Katowice urban area, also known as the Upper Silesian urban area, is an urban area/conurbation in southern Poland, centered on Katowice. It is located in the Silesian Voivodeship and in a small part of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. The Katowice urban area is the largest urban area in Poland and one of the largest in the European Union.

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The Union of Upper Silesians was an early 20th-century movement for the independence of Upper Silesia. The movement had its genesis during the revolutions of 1848. Allied with the Silesian People's Party, it dissolved in 1924 but has influenced the present-day Silesian Autonomy Movement.

The Silesian People’s Party was a political organization in Cieszyn Silesia that existed from 1909 to 1938 in Austrian Silesia, which later became international plebiscite territory and finally part of Czechoslovakia. The party included mainly Slavic people, who saw themselves as members of a Silesian nation. The party is seen as part of the Szlonzakian movement or Silesian Separatist Movement.

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