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Trygve Lie Gallery is an art gallery located at 317 East 52nd Street in Manhattan, New York City. [1]


Trygve Lie Gallery was established to promote Norwegian American culture and Scandinavian art to a broad audience in New York City. On September 19, 2003, the gallery was opened by the former Norwegian Ambassador to the United States, Knut Vollebæk. Trygve Lie Gallery has exhibited a number of leading Norwegian and Scandinavian artists. In addition to exhibiting art and documentary projects, the gallery space is used for recitals, conferences, and performances. [2] [3]

Trygve Lie Gallery is named for Trygve Lie, who was the first General Secretary of the United Nations. There are maintaining connections to the United Nations Headquarters which is situated ten blocks south of the gallery. The gallery is located in and run by the Norwegian Seamen's Church in New York which has more than a 130 years of history in New York City. [4] [5] [6]

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Trygve Halvdan Lie was a Norwegian politician, labour leader, government official and author. He served as Norwegian foreign minister during the critical years of the Norwegian government in exile in London from 1940 to 1945. From 1946 to 1952 he was the first Secretary-General of the United Nations. Lie earned a reputation as a pragmatic, determined politician.

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Vilna Jorgen Morpurgo was a Scandinavian-American painter and sculptor. She represented Norway in both the 1939 New York World's Fair and the first art exhibition of the United Nations 1944 at the Argent Gallery in New York City, as well as the second United Nations Exhibit in 1947. In the 1930s she defied both Hitler and Mussolini who had commissioned her to do a commemorative sculpture. Residing in Sag Harbor, she, as well as both her artistic daughters, are featured in the local house tour circuit

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United Nations Security Council mural

The United Nations Security Council mural is an oil painting by Norwegian artist Per Krohg exhibited at the United Nations in New York City since August 22, 1952. The mural, a 16' x 26' foot long canvas located on the United Nations Security Council's east wall, features a central image of a rising phoenix surrounded by images of war and disharmony, near the mural's bottom, and more tranquil images at the top.


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