Trygve Moe (politician)

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Trygve Moe (21 March 1920 13 September 1998) was a Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party and the Liberal People's Party.

He served as a deputy representative to the Parliament of Norway from Vestfold during the term 19651969. [1] In 1973 she stood for election for the Liberal People's Party. [2]

He was a banker in Sandefjord. [2]

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Trygve is a masculine given name most common in Norway. Trygve is derived from the Old Norse tryggr, meaning "true, trustworthy", cognate with Old English treowe, Old High German triuwe. Gothic has triggws. The Icelandic, Faroese and Old Norse form of the name is Tryggvi, e.g. Tryggve Olafsson.

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Trygve Moe is a Norwegian journalist.

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Events in the year 1973 in Norway.

Moe is a Norwegian toponymic surname.

Libertas was a Norwegian libertarian business organisation.


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