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Tsai Eng-meng
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Born1957 (age 6364)
Datong, Taipei, Taiwan
Net worth US$5.6 billion (August 2020) [1]
TitleChairman, Want Want China
Children2 sons

Tsai Eng-meng (Chinese :蔡衍明; pinyin :Cài Yǎnmíng; born 1957) is a Taiwanese businessman, chairman of the snack food company Want Want China. [2] In 2017 he was the richest person in Taiwan. [3]


Early life

Tsai was born in 1957, [4] in Datong District, Taipei, the son of Tsai A-Shi, who founded a canned fish business in 1962. [5]


Tsai succeeded his father as chairman of Want Want in 1987. [4]

According to Forbes, Tsai Eng-meng has a net worth of $5.9 billion, as of January 2017. [1]

For a non-politician, he has been extremely active politically. He strongly supports the unification of Taiwan and China. [6] In 2012 he said that "unification will happen sooner or later." [7]

Personal life

He lives in Shanghai, China. [1] His older son, Kevin Tsai runs the family's media empire of TV stations and newspapers. [5] His younger son Matthew Tsai (Tsai Wang-Chia, born 1984) is the chief operating officer of Want Want China. [4] He is a follower of Buddhism. [8]

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