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Tsankov may refer to:

Tsankov is a Bulgarian masculine surname, its feminine counterpart is Tsankova. It may refer to

Tsankov Dam is a dam on the Vacha River, Bulgaria. It is part of the Vacha Cascade Joint Implementation Project involving three more dams and four power stations. The two other existing dams on the Vacha River are the Vacha Dam and the Kamak Dam.

Tsankov Kamak Hydro Power Plant

The Tsankov Kamak Hydroelectric Power Plant, also Tsankov Kamak HPP, comprises an arch dam and hydroelectric power plant (HPP) in Tsankov Kamak, southwestern Bulgaria. It is situated on the Vacha River in Smolyan Province, on the borders of Pazardzhik Province and Plovdiv Province, roughly 40 kilometres (25 mi) southwest of Plovdiv and downstream (north) of the town of Devin. It is a part of the Dospat-Vacha cascade development of the Vacha River involving five dams and power stations within the Devin municipality, 250 kilometres (160 mi) southeast of Sofia. The other four dams are Dospat Dam, Teshel Dam, the Vacha Dam and the Krichim Dam.

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Aleksandar Tsankov Prime Minister of Bulgaria

Aleksander Tsolov Tsankov was a leading Bulgarian politician during the interwar period between the two world wars.

Pencho Zlatev Prime minister of Bulgaria

Pencho Ivanov Zlatev, also known as Petko Ivanov Zlatev, was a Bulgarian general and politician in the years before the Second World War.

Dragan Tsankov Prime Minister of Bulgaria

Dragan Kiriakov Tsankov was a Bulgarian politician and the first Liberal Party Prime Minister of the country.

Leonid Sobolev Prime Minister of Bulgaria

Leonid Nikolayevich Sobolev was an Imperial Russian Army general and politician.

National Social Movement (Bulgaria)

The National Social Movement was a minor Bulgarian political party formed in 1932 by Aleksandar Tsankov.

September Uprising

The September Uprising was an armed insurgency staged in September 1923 by the Bulgarian Communist Party (BCP) under Comintern pressure, as an attempt to overthrow Alexander Tsankov's new government of Bulgaria that had come to power with the coup d'état of 9 June. Besides its communist base, the uprising was also supported by agrarians and anarchists. The uprising's goal was the "establishment of a government of workers and peasants" in Bulgaria, not the conversion of the country's socioeconomic system to communism.

Tsvetomir Tsankov is a Bulgarian football goalkeeper who currently plays for Etar Veliko Tarnovo.

The Bulgarian National Government-in-exile was a right-wing Bulgarian government-in-exile after the monarchist government of Bulgaria was deposed in a communist backed coup d'état on September 9, 1944, and was replaced by the communist Fatherland Front, which later formed the People's Republic of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian government in exile had very little support among Bulgarians and commanded Bulgarian troops loyal to the Germans. It was dissolved in May 1945, and its prime minister, the Bulgarian nationalist Aleksandar Tsankov, fled to Argentina.

The Democratic Alliance was a Bulgarian party that existed between 1923 and 1934 when all parties were banned. During most of that period (1923-1934) it was the ruling party in the country making it the third longest-ruling party in the country after the Bulgarian Communist Party and the People's Liberal Party.

The People's Alliance was a Bulgarian party created on 14 October 1921 by a group of non-party university teachers. Among its founders were Aleksandar Grekov, Aleksandar Tsankov, Petko Staynov, Dimitar Mishaykov and others.

Ivan Tsankov is a Bulgarian football player, who last played for Nesebar as a midfielder.

Aleksandar Staliyski is the name of:

1880 Bulgarian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Bulgaria in January and February 1880. Low voter turnout in some constituencies led to the results being invalidated and the elections re-run. Unlike in former elections, the government did not attempt to influence the result, resulting in the opposition Liberal Party retaining their majority in the National Assembly. Of the 162 seats, the Liberal Party won 103 and the Conservative Party won 50. When the newly elected Assembly convened, Liberal Party member Petko Karavelov was elected Chairperson.

1887 Bulgarian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Bulgaria on 9 October 1887. The People's Liberal Party led by Stefan Stambolov won a large majority, taking 260 of the 292 seats in the National Assembly, whilst the three opposition parties led by Petko Karavelov, Vasil Radoslavov and Dragan Tsankov won 32 between them. All three opposition party leaders lost their seats.

Antonio Tsankov is a Bulgarian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Oborishte Panagyurishte.

Progressive Liberal Party (Bulgaria) political party in Bulgaria

The Progressive Liberal Party was a political party in Bulgaria.

Petko Tsankov Bulgarian footballer

Petko Tsankov is a Bulgarian footballer who plays as a winger for Vitosha Bistritsa.

Asen Tsankov was a four-time Bulgarian tennis champion and one of the first Bulgarian Olympians, who participated at the Winter Olympics. He represented Bulgaria at the 1936 Winter Olympics held in the German city Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Tsankov participated in the alpine combined, where he was 53rd after the downhill and 45th after the first run of the slalom and did not qualify for the second run. Tsankov was Bulgarian tennis champion in 1939, 1940, 1941 and 1942.