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Highest point
Elevation 3,601 m (11,814 ft)
Prominence 500 m (1,600 ft)  OOjs UI icon edit-ltr-progressive.svg
Isolation 4.58 km (2.85 mi)  OOjs UI icon edit-ltr-progressive.svg
Listing Alpine mountains above 3000 m
Coordinates 45°28′51″N7°02′42″E / 45.48083°N 7.04500°E / 45.48083; 7.04500 Coordinates: 45°28′51″N7°02′42″E / 45.48083°N 7.04500°E / 45.48083; 7.04500
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Location in the Alps
Location Aosta Valley, Italy and Rhône-Alpes, France
Parent range Graian Alps
First ascent 1865

Tsanteleina (3,601m) is a mountain of the Graian Alps located on the border between Savoie, France and Aosta Valley, Italy. It lies at the head of the Val di Rhèmes, although the summit itself is hidden from view in the valley. The eastern side of the mountain lies within the Gran Paradiso National Park.

The normal route to the summit is from the north as the paths on the other side of the mountain have been neglected due to the poor quality of the rock. The north face is also popular with ski mountaineers. [1]

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