Tsarigradsko shose

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Tsarigradsko shose Blvd
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Former name(s) Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Blvd
Length 11.4 km (7.1 mi)
Width 37 m
Location Sofia
Coordinates 42°39′43″N23°22′39″E / 42.66194°N 23.37750°E / 42.66194; 23.37750
West end Orlov most
Yavorov, Aviation Sq, Sofia Airport / Mladost, Gorublyane / Druzhba
East end Sofia ring road

Tsarigradsko shose (Bulgarian : Цариградско шосе, lit. ' Tsarigrad ( Istanbul ) Chausseé (Road)') is the largest boulevard in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. The boulevard provides grade-separated dual carriageway in almost its entire length of 11.4 km, running from the north-west to the south-east. It begins in the city center, at Orlov Most (Eagle's Bridge), before which it is called Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard. In its east end, at the Sofia Ring Road, the boulevard becomes part of the Trakia motorway (A1). The maximum allowed speed on Tsarigradsko shose is 80 km/h between Orlov Most and Gorublyane neighbourhood.

To the south the boulevard borders with Sofia's largest park, the Borisova Gradina, which hosts the National Stadium Vasil Levski and Bulgarian Army Stadium. A number of departments of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences are situated along the road in the area of the Fourth Kilometer Square, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polygraphic plant, Arena Armeec, Sofia Tech Park and several hotels including the emblematic Pliska Hotel. In the outskirts of the city there are a lot of hypermarkets and office buildings constructed along the boulevard. Reconstruction and resurfacing are ongoing since 2013 to improve safety and comfort.

On April 25, 2012, Tsarigradsko shose Metro Station started operation with large underground park-and-ride. Nearby the metro station, the highrise of Capital Fort was completed in 2015.

The boulevard bears the old Bulgarian name of the city of Istanbul (medieval Constantinople), Tsarigrad , as it leads southeastwards out of the city, towards Plovdiv and Istanbul.

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Sofia Airport International airport in Bulgaria

Sofia Airport is the main international airport of Bulgaria, located 10 km (6.2 mi) east of the centre of the capital Sofia. In 2019 the airport surpassed 7 million passengers for the first time. The airport serves as the home base for BH Air, Bulgaria Air, and Bulgarian Air Charter and as a base for both Ryanair and Wizz Air. The Vrazhdebna Air Base of the Bulgarian Air Force is at the airport.

Sofia Metro Rapid transit system of Sofia, Bulgaria

The Sofia Metro is the rapid transit network servicing the Bulgarian capital city Sofia. It began operation on 28 January 1998. As of August 2020, the Sofia Metro consists of four interconnected lines, serving 47 stations, with a total route length of 52.0 kilometres (32.3 mi) being among the top 20 of the most extensive European metro systems, ranking 19th as of 2020. The Metro links the densely populated districts of Lyulin – Mladost and Nadezhda – Lozenets, and serves the Sofia Airport.

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Bulgaria Boulevard is a boulevard and key thoroughfare connecting the centre of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, with the southern neighbourhoods of the city and Boyana.

Sofia Central Station

The Sofia Central Railway Station is the main passenger railway station of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, as well as the largest railway station in the country. It is located 1 km north of the city centre after Lavov most, on Marie Louise Boulevard in the immediate proximity of the Central Bus Station Sofia. It was completely renovated in 2016.

Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard is a boulevard in the centre of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It lies between Orlov most to the east and Nezavisimost Square to the west, where it merges with Knyaz Aleksandar Dondukov Boulevard to form Todor Aleksandrov Boulevard west of the square. It is named after Tsar Alexander II of Russia, referred to as the "Tsar Liberator" because of his role in the Liberation of Bulgaria.

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Perlovska river is a small river in the Sofia Valley in western Bulgaria. The river is only 17.8 kilometres (11.1 mi) long. It takes its source from the foothills of Vitosha, runs through Sofia's South Park, separates the two lanes of Evlogi Georgiev Boulevard, runs through the neighbourhood Poduyane, and finally flows into the Iskar River. The well-known Orlov Most is built over this river.

Slatina is a district located in the eastern parts of the capital Sofia. As of 2006 it has 65,772 inhabitants. The district has an area of 13.25 km² which counts for 6.69% of the total Capital Municipality area. It is a flat country with some heights to the west.

Patriarch Evtimiy Square

Patriarch Evtimiy Square, more popularly known as Popa, is a small urban square and a busy intersection in the centre of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The square was named after Evtimiy of Tarnovo, Patriarch of Bulgaria from 1375 to 1393 and one of the most important figures of medieval Bulgaria; a monument to Evtimiy by sculptor Marko Markov has adorned the square since 1939.

Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Boulevard

Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Boulevard is an important boulevard in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. It is named after the Bulgarian entrepreneurs Evlogi and Hristo Georgiev. During Bulgaria's alliance with the Third Reich the street's name was Adolf Hitler Boulevard.

SU St. Kliment Ohridski Metro Station Sоfia metro station

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski Metro Station is a station on the Sofia Metro in Bulgaria. It was introduced into service on September 7, 2009. On 26 August 2020, transfer to Orlov Most on M3 line was opened.

Capital Fort Office building in Sofia, Bulgaria

Capital Fort Business Center is a Class A office building in Sofia. Measuring 126 m, it is the tallest building in Bulgaria. It has 28 floors and a surface area of 80,000 square metres (860,000 sq ft). The building has two underground floors which serve as parking lots for around 750 cars.

Inter Expo Center – Tsarigradsko shose Metro Station Sоfia metro station

Inter Expo Center – Tsarigradsko shose Metro Station is a station on the Sofia Metro in Bulgaria. It opened on 25 April 2012. Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy inaugurated the new section of the Sofia Metro, which was funded with EU money. It is located on Tsarigradsko shose.

Paradise Center Shopping mall in Sofia, Bulgaria

Paradise Center in Sofia, Bulgaria is the largest mall in Bulgaria. It opened doors on 28 March 2013. The main investors are Bulfeld, Sofia and construction company Comfort, Varna. The building is located in Hladilnika neighbourhood near the South Park. The infrastructure in the area is currently being upgraded by expanding of several boulevards and the metro system. Vitosha Metro Station of Sofia Metro line 2 has been servicing the shopping mall since July 2016.

Sky Fort Business Center is a skyscraper office building currently under construction in Sofia. Located at the busiest thoroughfare in the Bulgarian capital, Tsarigradsko shose, and nearby Tsarigradsko shose Metro Station. Sky Fort will be the first skyscraper over 200 m tall in Sofia and will become the tallest building in Bulgaria and in the Balkans. It will have 47 floors and a surface area of 80,000 square metres (860,000 sq ft).