Tschierva Hut

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Tschierva Hut from ascent Tschiervahuette.jpg
Tschierva Hut from ascent

The Tschierva Hut (German: Tschiervahütte, Romansh: Chamanna da Tschierva) is a mountain hut located in the Swiss canton of Graubünden at the foot of Piz Bernina, Piz Tschierva and Piz Morteratsch at the end of Val Roseg. The hut lies at 2,584 metres above sea level near the Tschierva Glacier and can be accessed from Pontresina via a trail. The hut is the starting point of the Biancograt, the serpentine north ridge of Piz Bernina.

The hut is owned by the Swiss Alpine Club.

Coordinates: 46°24′14″N9°52′48″E / 46.4039°N 9.88013°E / 46.4039; 9.88013

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The Swiss National Park is located in the Western Rhaetian Alps, in eastern Switzerland. It is within the canton of Graubünden, between Zernez, S-chanf, Scuol, and the Fuorn Pass in the Engadin valley on the border with Italy.

Piz Bernina Highest mountain in the Eastern Alps

Piz Bernina is the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps, the highest point of the Bernina Range, and the highest peak in the Rhaetian Alps. It rises 4,048.6 m (13,283 ft) and is located south of Pontresina and near the major Alpine resort of St. Moritz, in the Engadin valley. It is also the most easterly mountain higher than 4,000 m (13,000 ft) in the Alps, the highest point of the Swiss canton of Graubünden, and the fifth-most prominent peak in the Alps. Although the summit lies within Switzerland, the massif is on the border with Italy. The "shoulder" known as La Spedla is the highest point in the Italian Lombardy region.

Bernina Range

The Bernina Range is a mountain range in the Alps of eastern Switzerland and northern Italy. It is considered to be part of the Rhaetian Alps within the Central Eastern Alps. It is one of the highest ranges of the Alps, covered with many glaciers. Piz Bernina, its highest peak, is the most easterly four-thousand-metre peak in the Alps. The peak in the range which sees the most ascents is Piz Palü.

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The Rhaetian Alps are a mountain range of the Eastern Alps. The SOIUSA classification system divides them into the Western and Eastern Rhaetian Alps, while the Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps places most of the Rhaetian subranges within the Western Limestone Alps.

Christian Klucker Swiss mountain guide

Christian Klucker was a Swiss mountain guide who made many first ascents in the Alps, particularly in the Bernina Range, the Bregaglia and the Pennine Alps.

Piz Kesch Mountain in Switzerland

Piz Kesch (German) or Piz d'Es-cha (Rumantsch) is a peak in the Albula Alps of the Rhaetian Alps in Switzerland. At 3,418 metres (11,214 ft), it is the highest peak in the Albula Alps and the municipality of Bergün, Grisons.

Piz Morteratsch Mountain in Switzerland

Piz Morteratsch is a mountain in the Bernina Range in Switzerland. It is bordered on the east by the Morteratsch Glacier and on the south-west by the Tschierva Glacier.

Bernina Express

The Bernina Express is a train connecting Chur in Switzerland to Poschiavo in Switzerland and Tirano in Italy by crossing the Swiss Engadin Alps. For most of its journey, the train also runs along the World Heritage Site known as the Rhaetian Railway in the Albula / Bernina Landscapes.

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Piz Tschierva is a mountain in the Bernina Range of the Alps, located south of Pontresina in the canton of Graubünden. It lies in the range that separates the valley of Roseg from the valley of Morteratsch, north of Piz Bernina. Its summit is located within the valley of Roseg.

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Piz Argient is a mountain in the Bernina Range of the Alps on the border between Italy and the Swiss canton of Graubünden.

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Piz Sarsura is a mountain of the Albula Alps, located east of Piz Vadret in Graubünden, Switzerland. It overlooks two glaciers: the Vadret da Grialetsch on its north-west side and the Vadret da Sarsura on its north-east side. The closest mountain hut is the Chamanna da Grialetsch, on the north side.

Piz Lischana Mountain in Switzerland

Piz Lischana is a mountain in the Sesvenna Range of the Alps, overlooking Scuol in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. With an elevation of 3,105 metres above sea level, Piz Lischana is the highest summit of the Sesvenna Range north of the Fuorcla Sesvenna.

Marco e Rosa Hut

The Marco e Rosa Hut is a high mountain refuge located on the southern slopes of the Piz Bernina in Italy. It lies adjacent to the Swiss border. The hut is positioned on the Fourcla Crast' Aguzza and is the highest known mountain hut in Lombardy. It requires mountaineering experience to reach it safely. Its location on the southern ridge (Spallagrat) of the Piz Bernina makes it an important staging post in ascending that mountain.

Boval Hut

The Boval Hut is a refuge in the Alps in Switzerland. It lies at the foot of Piz Morteratsch and Piz Bernina, above the Morteratsch Glacier.

Val Roseg

The Val Roseg is a valley of the Swiss Alps, located on the north side of the Bernina Range in the canton of Graubünden (Engadin). The valley is drained by the Ova da Roseg, a tributary of the Flaz, at Pontresina. Most of the valley is part of an exclave of the municipality of Samedan. Only the bottom of Val Roseg lies in the municipality of Pontresina.

Johann Coaz

Johann Wilhelm Fortunat Coaz was a Swiss forester, topographer and mountaineer from Graubünden. In 1850 he made the first ascent of Piz Bernina, the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps. He also gave Piz Bernina its name, after the eponymous pass.

The following is a list of Romansh exonyms, that is to say Romansh-language names for towns and cities that do not speak Romansh.

Georgy Hut

The Georgy Hut is a mountain hut in the Swiss Alps, located on Piz Languard, above Pontresina. At 3,175 metres above sea level, it is the highest mountain hut in the canton of Graubünden.

Val Minor

Val Minor is a valley in the municipal area of Pontresina, north of the Bernina Pass in Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. The valley is at an elevation of around 2,400 m (7,900 ft). The valley entrance lies between the Piz Lagalb and Piz Alv. Val Minor is flanked by Piz Alv and Piz Minor on the right and Piz Lagalb on the left. At the end of the valley is the mountain lake Lej Minor. At present, it is accessible on foot or by bicycle.