Tsentralny Bridge

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Tsentralny Bridge

Центральний (Новий) міст
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Coordinates 48°28′35″N35°03′22″E / 48.4765°N 35.0562°E / 48.4765; 35.0562 Coordinates: 48°28′35″N35°03′22″E / 48.4765°N 35.0562°E / 48.4765; 35.0562
Carries Automobiles
Locale Dnipro, Ukraine
Official nameCentralny Bridge
Other name(s)Novy Bridge
Total length1,478 m (4,849 ft)
Width21 m (69 ft)
DesignerYevhen Teteruk (Dniprohiprotrans)
Constructed by"Mostostroi" (Ministry of Transport Construction of the USSR)
Construction start1964
Daily traffic 2 way (3 lanes each way)
Tsentralny Bridge

Centralny (Novy) Bridge (Ukrainian : Центральний (Новий) міст) is a bridge over river Dnipro in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine connecting right and left banks of Dnipro and is a continuation of Slobozhanskyi prospekt that stretches over to the Dnipro city centre. Built in 1966, the bridge was originally named as the 50th Anniversary of the Great October (Ukrainian : Міст імені 50-річчя Великого Жовтня).


The bridge is also known as Novyi (New) bridge, a name which it received as becoming an alternative crossing to the older Amursky Bridge located not far up the stream. At the left bank of Dnipro, the bridge travels between neighborhood Sonyachny and city park Sahaidak. Entering the city center on the right bank, the bridge transitions into a city street, vulystia Kotsiubynskoho.

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