Tsing Yi Lutheran Village

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Tsing Yi Lutheran Village

Tsing Yi Lutheran Village (Chinese :信義新村) is a village on Tsing Yi Island. It locates near Chung Mei Village.


There are several temples that was moved together with former resident in Tsing Yi Town.

Coordinates: 22°21′12″N114°06′11″E / 22.35333°N 114.10306°E / 22.35333; 114.10306

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Peng Chau

Peng Chau is a small island located off the north-eastern coast of Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It is known locally for its temples, fishing industry and seafood.

Kwai Tsing District District in New Territories, Hong Kong

Kwai Tsing is one of the 18 districts of Hong Kong. It consists of two parts - Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi Island. Kwai Tsing is part of the New Territories. It had a population of 520,572 in 2016. The district has the third least educated residents and their income is below average.

Tsing Yi

Tsing Yi, sometimes referred to as Tsing Yi Island, is an island in the urban area of Hong Kong, to the northwest of Hong Kong Island and south of Tsuen Wan. With an area of 10.69 km2 (4.13 sq mi), the island has extended drastically by reclamation along almost all its natural shore and the annexation of Nga Ying Chau (牙鷹洲) and Chau Tsai. Three major bays or harbours, Tsing Yi Lagoon, Mun Tsai Tong and Tsing Yi Bay (青衣灣) in the northeast, have been completely reclaimed for new towns.

Hong Kong counts approximately 600 temples, shrines and monasteries. While Buddhism and Christianity are the most widely practiced religions, most religions are represented in the Special Administrative Region.

Rambler Channel

Rambler Channel is a body of water in Hong Kong that separates Tsing Yi Island from Tsuen Wan and Kwai Chung in the New Territories. The channel separates the two landmasses by 900 metres at its widest point.

Tsing Kwai Highway

Tsing Kwai Highway is a section of Route 3 in Hong Kong, previously known as Route 3 - Kwai Chung Section. From its junction with West Kowloon Highway at Mei Foo Roundabout, the expressway runs in the form of a 3 km dual-4 lane viaduct atop Kwai Chung Road and Kwai Tai Road, circumscribing the container terminals to reach the Rambler Channel. Then, the highway crosses the channel along a 500 m bridge known as Cheung Tsing Bridge, and ends at its junction with the Cheung Tsing Tunnel. Tsing Kwai Highway was opened on 19 February 1997.

Tsing Yi Bay

Tsing Yi Bay was a bay on the east side of Hong Kong's Tsing Yi Island, beside the Rambler Channel, approximately on the site of modern-day Tsing Yi Park. The whole bay was reclaimed for the development of new town. Before reclamation, it was surrounded by places known as Tsing Leng Tsui, Sheung Ko Tan (上高灘), Ha Chung Mei, Tai Wong Ha (大王下) and Tsing Yi Town. The names of these places have since changed, and can now be translated, approximately, as Grand Horizon, Green Field Garden, Fung Shue Wo Road, Tsing Yi Estate and Tsing Yi Garden.

Tsing Yi Heung Sze Wui Road

Tsing Yi Heung Sze Wui Road is one of the oldest roads on the Tsing Yi Island, Hong Kong. It was built to connect Tsing Yi Town and Tsing Yi Bridge when the bridge was being built. The name "Tsing Yi Heung Sze Wui" derives from the local Cantonese pronunciation of Tsing Yi Rural Committee. After the reclamation of Tsing Yi Lagoon and Tsing Yi Bay, the road ended at Chun Kwan Temple. The office building of the Tsing Yi Rural Committee is very close to the temple, though it is on Fung Shue Wo Road. Tsing Yi Fire Station and Tsing Yi Police Station are also on the road.

Chun Kwan Temple

Chun Kwan Temple is a temple dedicated to Chun Kwan on Tsing Yi Island in Hong Kong. Chun Kwan was a commoner who had combatted pirates during the South Song Dynasty (960–1279).

Tai Nam Wan, or Nam Wan, was a bay on the south coast of Tsing Yi Island, Hong Kong. The bay was reclaimed for Tsing Yi Power Station operated by China Light and Power. As there is another south bay, Nam Wan (南灣), near Sai Tso Wan to the west of the island, some people refer to this bigger one as big south bay. The Chinese name Nam Wan (南環) is a mistaken form of Nam Wan (南灣). The two characters for Wan in Cantonese are pronounced identically except for the tone.

Tsing Long Highway

Tsing Long Highway is an expressway of Route 3 from North West Tsing Yi Interchange on Tsing Yi Island to Yuen Long, in Hong Kong. Ting Kau Bridge and Tai Lam Tunnel are part of the expressway. It connects with Cheung Tsing Highway and Lantau Link at its southern end, and San Tin Highway and Yuen Long Highway at its northern end. Its speed limit at parts south of Tai Lam Tunnel and Tai Lam Tunnel is 80 km/h and parts north of Tai Lam Tunnel is 100 km/h.

Yuen Chau Tsai Island in Hong Kong

Yuen Chau Tsai, was an island in Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong. It is now connected to land by a causeway after land reclamation. It is part of Tai Po New Town in the Tai Po District.

Sai Shan is a hill behind Mayfair Gardens on Tsing Yi Island, Hong Kong. The hill is east of and beneath the northern peak of Tsing Yi Peak. A village, Sai Shan Village is in the valley between Sai Shan and Tsing Yi Peak. A road, Sai Shan Road between Mayfair Gardens and Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education is named after the hill.

Shek Wai Kok

Shek Wai Kok is a hilly area at the northwest of Tsuen Wan in Hong Kong.

Chung Mei

Chung Mei is an area on the Tsing Yi Island in Hong Kong. It is also the name of a village on the island.

Chinese temple architecture Chinese religious temple

Chinese temple architecture refer to a type of structures used as place of worship of Chinese Buddhism, Taoism or Chinese folk religion, where people revere ethnic Chinese gods and ancestors. They can be classified as:

Yuen Long Kau Hui

Yuen Long Kau Hui is an area in Yuen Long, Yuen Long District, in the western New Territories of Hong Kong.

Yuk Hui Temple

Yuk Hui Temple also known as Pak Tai Temple (北帝廟), is a Taoist temple located on the island of Cheung Chau, Hong Kong. The temple address is Pak She Street, Tung Wan, Cheung Chau.

Tsing Sha Highway

Tsing Sha Highway is a major expressway in Hong Kong, which links the island of Tsing Yi to Sha Tin. The road is part of Route 8, which starts in Sha Tin and terminates in Tung Chung. It was opened in March 2008 and extended in December 2009.

The Shezhuang Temple is a Taoist temple in the Jinqiao district of Shanghai, China. It was built at the end of the Ming dynasty in the 17th century in honour of a man named Jin San. A building of fine Chinese architecture, the temple was originally surrounded by an old village that was demolished in the late 2000s to make space for new developments.