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The coastline of Tsoungria
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Coordinates 39°07′N23°30′E / 39.12°N 23.50°E / 39.12; 23.50 Coordinates: 39°07′N23°30′E / 39.12°N 23.50°E / 39.12; 23.50
Archipelago Sporades
Highest elevation90 m (300 ft)
Region Thessaly
Regional unit Sporades
Municipality Skiathos
Population0 (2011)

Tsougria, Tsoungria, or Tsougkria (Greek : Τσουγκριά, pronounced  [t͡suˈgrʝa] ) is a Greek island in the western part of the Sporades. As of 2011, it had no resident population, [1] as it is a protected natural habitat. It is administratively part of the municipality of Skiathos and is located southeast of the island. The island has several beaches that are popular with yachts and round-island trips.

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Tourism in Greece

Tourism in Greece has been a key element of the economic activity in the country, and is one of the country's most important sectors. Greece has been a major tourist destination and attraction in Europe since the 1970s for its rich culture and history, which is reflected in large part by its 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, among the most in Europe and the world as well as for its long coastline, many islands, and beaches.

Sporades Regional unit in Thessaly Central Greece, Greece

The (Northern) Sporades are an archipelago along the east coast of Greece, northeast of the island of Euboea, in the Aegean Sea. They consist of 24 islands, four of which are permanently inhabited: Alonnisos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros. They may also be referred to as the Thessalian Sporades.

Chalkidiki Regional unit in Central Macedonia, Greece

Chalkidiki also spelled Chalkidike, Chalcidice, Khalkidhiki, or Halkidiki, is a peninsula and regional unit of Greece, part of the region of Central Macedonia, in the geographic region of Macedonia in Northern Greece. The autonomous Mount Athos region constitutes the easternmost part of the peninsula, but not of the regional unit.

Skiathos Island in the Northern Sporades, Greece

Skiathos is a small Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea. Skiathos is the westernmost island in the Northern Sporades group, east of the Pelion peninsula in Magnesia on the mainland, and west of the island of Skopelos.

Alexandros Papadiamantis

Alexandros Papadiamantis was an influential Greek novelist, short-story writer and poet.

Skopelos Place in Greece

Skopelos is a Greek island in the western Aegean Sea. Skopelos is one of several islands which comprise the Northern Sporades island group, which lies east of the Pelion peninsula on the mainland and north of the island of Euboea. It is part of the Thessaly region. Skopelos is also the name of the main port and the municipal center of the island. The other communities of the island are Glossa and Neo Klima (Elios). The geography of Skopelos includes two mountains over 500 m (1,640 ft); Delphi (681 m/2,234 ft) in the center of the island, and Palouki in the southeast. With an area of 96 km2 (37 sq mi) Skopelos is slightly larger than Mykonos (85 km2/33 sq mi) and Santorini (73 km2/28 sq mi). The nearest inhabited islands are Skiathos to the west and Alonissos to the east.

Alonnisos Place in Greece

Alonnisos, also transliterated as Alonissos or Alonisos, is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. After Skiathos and Skopelos it is the third member of the Northern Sporades. It is 3 km (2 mi) (2 nm) E of the island of Skopelos. Alonnisos is also the name of a village on the island, as well as the municipality that encompasses the island and the village.

Koukounaries Place in Greece

Koukounaries is a location and a beach in the southwest part of the Skiathos island in Greece. It is 16 km southwest of the main town on the island. Skiathos is part of the Sporades group of islands in the Northern Aegean Sea.

Agios Konstantinos, Phthiotis Place in Greece

Agios Konstantinos is a town and former municipality in Phthiotida (Phthiotis), Greece. After the 2011 administrative division reforms it became part of the municipality of Molos-Agios Konstantinos and it is now ranked as a municipal unit. The municipal unit has an area of 72.292 km2. Its population was 3,183 in 2011.

Kassandra, Chalkidiki Place in Greece

Kassandra or Kassandra Peninsula is a peninsula and a municipality in Chalkidiki, Greece. The seat of the municipality is in Kassandreia.

Repi Island in Greece

Repi is a small Greek island off the east coast of Skiathos, Sporades, Greece. There is an abandoned settlement on the island. It is administratively part of the municipality of Skiathos. As of 2011, it had no resident population.

Skiathos International Airport

Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport is an airport on the island of Skiathos, Greece. Its 5,341-foot runway is able to accommodate aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 767-200. The runway is characterised as 'short and narrow'. Because of the uneven terrain on the island of Skiathos, Skiathos Airport was created by reclaiming land from the sea between Skiathos island and the smaller island of Lazareta effectively joining the two islands into one larger island, though it was however built on land already part of Skiathos. It is named after Alexandros Papadiamantis, a Greek novelist and native of the island.

Platamon Place in Greece

Platamon, or Platamonas, is a town and sea-side resort in south Pieria, Central Macedonia, Greece. Platamon has a population of about 2,000 permanent inhabitants. It is part of the Municipal unit of East Olympos of the Dio-Olympos municipality.

Kalyvia may refer to several villages in Greece:

Skiathos (town) Place in Greece

Skiathos is a city on the island of Skiathos in the Aegean Sea belonging to Greece. Skiathos town has a school, a lyceum, a gymnasium, many churches, banks, a post office, and a square. It has a port which shelters small boats and from where ferry services connect to Skopelos, Volos, Agios Konstantinos and the rest of Greece.

Y-1 Katsonis was a Greek submarine active during the Second World War. Katsonis, together with her sister ship, Papanikolis, formed the first class of Greek submarines ordered after the First World War. The submarine was built at the Forges et Chantiers de la Gironde shipyard, in Bordeaux, between 1925–27, and commissioned into the Hellenic Navy on 8 June 1928. Her first captain was Cdr Κ. Arvanitis.

Athens Airways was a Greek regional airline, headquartered in Koropi, Athens. The airline used to connect Alexandroupoli, Athens and Thessaloniki with some Greek islands, as well offering chartered flights. The airline was founded in 2008 and launched scheduled flights on 31 January 2009.

Hellenic Seaways

Hellenic Seaways is a Greek shipping company operating passenger and freight ferry services in the Aegean and Adriatic Seas. The company is owned by the Attica Group, which currently controls the majority stake, 98.83%.

ArGo Airways was a regional airline based in Volos, Greece.

Skiathos Castle

Skiathos Castle or simply Kastro is a medieval fortified site on the northern tip of the island of Skiathos in Greece, which was the main settlement of the island from the mid-14th century to 1829. It is now abandoned and a protected site.


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