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Tsukitenshin 月天心
Studio album by Hitoto You
Released December 18, 2002
Recorded ?
Genre J-pop
Length ????
Label Columbia Music Entertainment
Producer Takebe Satoshi 武部聡志
Hitoto You chronology
Tsukitenshin 月天心
Hitoomoi 一青想

Tsukitenshin 月天心 is Hitoto You's (一青窈) first album.


Design 26 years another name / "a lunch of child whom an adult can eat"

Track listing

  1. "あこるでぃおん" (akorudion) Accordion
  2. "もらい泣き" (morainaki) Sympathy Tears
  3. "Sunny Side Up"
  4. "イマドコ" (ima doko) Where Are You Now?
  5. "犬" (inu) Dog
  6. "月天心" (tsukitenshin) Moon in the Center of the Sky
  7. "ジャングルジム" (jangurujimu) Jungle Gym
  8. "心変わり" (kokoro gawari) Change of Heart
  9. "アリガ十々" (arigatou) Thank You
  10. "望春風" (Wangchunfeng - Chinese) (Boushunfuu - Japanese)

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