Tsukunft shturem

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The Tsukunft shturem (English: Future Storm) was the self-defence organisation of the Tsukunft, the youth organisation of the General Jewish Labour Bund in Poland, between 19291939. Its centre was Warsaw, where the shturem had 200300 members.

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Tsukunft or Cukunft or Zukunft was the youth organization of the General Jewish Labor Union. It was founded in 1910, and in 1916 it was officially called Yugnt-Bund Tsukunft. Their newspaper was the Yugnt veker. In 1921 Tsukunft suffered a split, in which a pro-Communist group broke away and formed Komtsukunft. Tsukunft had applied for membership in the Communist Youth International two weeks after the Bund had applied for membership in the Communist International, but the second congress of the Communist Youth International had adopted criteria that were not acceptable for Tsukunft.

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Sotsyalistishe Kinder Farband

The Sotsyalistishe Kinder Farband or SKIF was founded in Eastern Europe as the youth organisation of the Jewish Labour Bund, a Jewish Socialist political party. S.K.I.F has three core ideological principles: Chavershaft, Doikayt, and Yiddishkeit. The plural form of a SKIF member is Skifistn and the leaders who run SKIF are the Helfers, aged 18-20.

Komtsukunft was a Jewish communist youth organization in Poland in the early 1920s. It was the youth wing of the Jewish Communist Labour Bund in Poland.

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Klain Bund was a youth organization in the Russian empire, connected to the General Jewish Labour Bund in Lithuania, Poland and Russia. Klain Bund was founded in 1903.

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The Tomisławice coal mine is a large mine in the centre of Poland in Tomisławice, Greater Poland Voivodeship, 167 km west of the capital, Warsaw. Tomisławice represents one of the largest coal reserve in Poland having estimated reserves of 41 million tonnes of coal. The annual coal production is around 2.6 million tonnes.

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Shaina Horenstein was the youngest daughter of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, the sixth Rebbe of the Chabad Hasidic movement. In the Chabad community, she is referred to as Rebbitzin Shaina.

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Slavic Native Faith in Poland has in 2007, according to Scott Simpson, between 2000 and 2500 "actively engaged and regular participants". In 2020, Konrad Kośnik and Elżbieta Hornowska estimated that Rodnovers in Poland were between 7000 and 10,000.


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