U.S. Route 62 in Oklahoma

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US 62.svg
U.S. Highway 62
US 62 (Oklahoma) map.png
US-62 on a map of Oklahoma, highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length402.48 mi [1] (647.73 km)
Major junctions
West endUS 62.svg US 62 at the Texas state line
 US 283.svg US 283 in Altus
US 183.svg US 183 in Snyder
I-44.svgUS 277.svgUS 281.svg I-44 / US 277 / US 281 in Lawton
US 81.svg US 81 in Chickasha
I-240 (long).svgI-35.svgI-40.svg I-240 / I-35 / I-40 in Oklahoma City
US 177.svg US 177 in Lincoln County
US 377.svg US 377 in Prague
US 75.svgUS 266.svg US 75 / US 266 in Henryetta
US 64.svgUS 69.svg US 64 / US 69 in Muskogee
US 59.svg US 59 in Westville
East endUS 62 (AR).svg US 62 at the Arkansas state line
Counties Harmon, Jackson, Kiowa, Comanche, Caddo, Grady, McClain, Cleveland, Oklahoma, Lincoln, Okfuskee, Okmulgee, Muskogee, Cherokee, Adair
Highway system
Oklahoma State Highway System
US 60.svg US 60 Oklahoma State Highway 63.svg SH-63

In Oklahoma, U.S. Highway 62 (US 62) runs diagonally across the state, from the Texas state line in far southwestern Oklahoma to the Arkansas state line near Fayetteville. US-62 spends a total of 402.48 miles (647.73 km) [1] in the Sooner State. The highway passes through fifteen of Oklahoma's counties. Along the way the route serves two of Oklahoma's largest cities, Lawton and Oklahoma City, as well as many regionally important cities, like Altus, Chickasha, Muskogee, and Tahlequah. Despite this, US-62 has no lettered spur routes like many other U.S. routes in Oklahoma do.


US-62 has been part of the Oklahoma highway network since 1930. With the advent of the Interstate system, the portion of its route through Oklahoma City was revised several times to adapt to the presence of the new freeways. The present-day route of US-62 includes concurrencies with I-44, I-240, I-35, and I-40.

Route description

Southwestern Oklahoma

US-62 enters Oklahoma in Harmon County, 5 miles (8.0 km) west of Hollis. [2] It then passes through that town, the county seat, where it serves as the southern terminus of State Highway 30. US-62 meets the northern terminus of SH-5 in Gould. The highway passes through unincorporated McQueen 4 miles (6.4 km) [2] and then enters Jackson County. Just east of Duke, the route crosses SH-34. Nine miles (14 km) later, US-62 becomes a multilane highway and begins a concurrency with SH-6. The two highways travel together into Altus, where they intersect US-283. SH-6 follows US-283 northward out of town, while US-62 heads east towards Headrick. US-62 runs just north of that town before crossing the North Fork of the Red River onto the KiowaTillman County line. [2]

US-62 continues eastward, sending US-62 BUS north to Snyder, which was the original US-62 alignment in the area. The county line then turns south of US-62, and the route has an interchange with US-183. US-62 heads farther east, meeting the other end of US-62 BUS 3 miles (4.8 km) [3] later. US-62 serves as the southern terminus of the northern State Highway 54 3 miles (4.8 km) east of this. [3] The road then enters Comanche County, where it serves as the southern border of Fort Sill. It serves as the southern terminus of another Oklahoma state highway, SH-115, near Cache. A few miles of the highway east of SH-115 is freeway-grade. Continuing east, US-62 becomes an expressway, Rogers Lane, that serves the north side of Lawton (along with several Ft. Sill gates). In eastern Lawton, the highway has an interchange with Interstate 44 and begins a concurrency with it (joining at Exit 40B), along with US-277 and US-281. [2]

I-44/US-62/277/281 head northward through Fort Sill. At Exit 45, the freeway serves as the eastern terminus of State Highway 49. The three U.S. routes split off at Exit 46, with I-44 continuing onto the northern section of the H. E. Bailey Turnpike. US-277 splits off to the east 5 miles (8.0 km) later. [3] US-62/281 then meet SH-19 in Apache. SH-9 begins overlapping the two U.S. routes 10 miles (16 km) north of Apache. The three routes continue into Anadarko, where State Highway 8 briefly joins the concurrency. US-283 and SH-8 split off to the north, while US-62/SH-9 head out of town to the east. [2]

Central Oklahoma

US-62 signage in Harrah US 62 Harrah.jpg
US-62 signage in Harrah

US-62/SH-9 cross into Grady County just west of Verden. At the western limits of Chickasha, US-81 joins the concurrency. In downtown Chickasha, US-81 splits off to the south, and US-277 once again joins with US-62. In far eastern Chickasha, the routes have an interchange with I-44 (the H.E. Bailey Turnpike). US-62/277/SH-9 serve as the southern terminus of SH-92 and the western terminus of SH-39. The three highways then angle northeast towards Blanchard, where they are briefly joined by State Highway 76. Northeast of Blanchard, they are carried by an expressway. SH-9 splits off at a diamond interchange that also serves as the eastern terminus of the H.E. Bailey Turnpike Spur. The two U.S. routes continue north into Newcastle, running through town on a five-lane (two lanes in each direction plus center turn lane) alignment. On the northern rim of Newcastle, the two routes encounter I-44 once again, at the northern terminus of the Bailey Turnpike. US-62 joins eastbound I-44 toward Oklahoma City, while US-277 terminates at the interchange. [2]

I-44/US-62 pick up State Highway 37 at Exit 107, and the three highways cross the Canadian River into Cleveland County and Oklahoma City. SH-37 then splits off at Exit 110. Just north of the Oklahoma County line, I-44 has an interchange at the western terminus of Interstate 240 at Exit 115, and US-62 follows it east to Exit 4B, where it begins to concur with I-35/US-77. I-35/US-62/77 head northward to the Fort Smith Junction. US-77 splits off to join with Interstate 235, while I-35/US-77 join with eastbound I-40/US-270. I-35/US-62 split off to the north after just over a mile. US-62 leaves I-35 at Exit 130, turning east onto N.E. 23rd St., an at-grade street [2]

US-62 serves some of Oklahoma City's eastern suburbs, including far northern Midwest City, far southern Spencer, Nicoma Park, and Choctaw. In eastern Harrah, the route meets the west terminus of State Highway 270. The highway then crosses into far southern Lincoln County, where it crosses SH-120 at Midway. US-62 runs through two more unincorporated communities, Fowler and Jacktown; the latter is the site of the US-62/US-177 junction. US-62 enters Meeker 6 miles (9.7 km) [2] later, where it meets up with SH-18. 12 miles (19 km) [2] further east, in Prague, it encounters US-377/SH-99. [2]

Green Country

U.S. Highway 62 just east of Okmulgee US 62 east of Okmulgee.jpg
U.S. Highway 62 just east of Okmulgee

US-62 enters eastern Oklahoma's Green Country as it crosses into Okfuskee County west of Paden. It begins to turn southeast, intersecting State Highway 48 west of Castle, before joining once again with I-40 near Okemah, at Exit 221. US-75 also joins the interstate, 10 miles (16 km) farther east at Exit 231. The two U.S. routes split off at Exit 240B, where they continue the mainline of the Indian Nation Turnpike, which terminates at I-40. The two U.S. routes serve eastern Henryetta, and west of Dewar, they are the western terminus of U.S. Highway 266. In Okmulgee, US-62 turns east while US-75 continues north toward the Tulsa area. US-62 heads through Morris, where it intersects SH-52. The highway then has a 9-mile (14 km) [2] overlap with SH-72, after which it begins a concurrency with US-64.

US-62 and US-69 in Muskogee US-62 69 Muskogee.jpg
US-62 and US-69 in Muskogee

US-62/64 split up in Muskogee, where US-62 briefly overlaps with US-69. On the east side of town, it has an interchange with the Muskogee Turnpike/SH-165 freeway. Near Ft. Gibson, US-62 begins to concur with State Highway 10, and the two routes stay joined through Tahlequah. US-62 starts to overlap State Highway 51 in Tahlequah as well; the two highways split up near Eldon. The route enters Adair County near Proctor. It intersects with US-59 in Westville before US-62 crosses the state line into Arkansas. [2]


When US-62 first appeared on the state highway map in 1930, it had the same basic routing as it did today. [4] [5] In 1930, most of the highway was of gravel or earthen construction. The only portions of the highway that were paved were from Chickasha to Tabler, from Newcastle to Oklahoma City and Meeker, from Okemah to Morris, and from just south of the US-64 junction to Fort Gibson. [5] By 1948, the entire stretch of US-62 through Oklahoma had been paved. [6]

Oklahoma City routing

On 1950-03-06, US-62 was rerouted through Oklahoma City. [7] US-62 followed Newcastle Boulevard into the city and turned eastbound onto S.E. 29th Street, which it followed to Robinson Avenue. It then turned north onto Robinson, which was also US-77, towards downtown. Through downtown, US-62 followed Robinson, while US-77 paralleled it one block to the east on Broadway. At N.E. 23rd Street, US-62 turned east, concurring with US-270, US-66 CITY, and the second State Highway 1. US-77 also ran along 23rd Street from Broadway to Lincoln Boulevard, where it split off to the north, along with US-66 CITY. US-62/270/SH-1 then continued along 23rd Street to Spencer. [8]

US-62 was realigned once again on April 6, 1955. [7]

US-62 was realigned for a third time on September 4, 1961. This routing was only meant to be temporary, following Agnew, Exchange, and Reno Avenues to downtown. [7] This change was followed up by the September 4, 1963 [7] rerouting, which put US-62 onto its present-day routing (though I-240 did not exist yet, and I-44 still ended at I-35). [9]

Junction list

CountyLocationmi [10] [11] [12] [13] kmExitDestinationsNotes
Oklahoma–Texas line0.000.00US 62.svg US 62 continues west into Texas
Harmon Hollis 5.08.0Oklahoma State Highway 30.svg SH-30 Southern terminus of SH-30
Gould 13.321.4Oklahoma State Highway 5.svg SH-5 Northern terminus of SH-5
Jackson Duke 25.440.9Oklahoma State Highway 34.svg SH-34
33.954.6Oklahoma State Highway 6.svg SH-6 Western end of SH-6 concurrency
Altus 38.962.6US 283.svgOklahoma State Highway 6.svg US 283 / SH-6 Eastern end of SH-6 concurrency
Kiowa 56.390.6Business plate.svg
US 62.svg US 62 Bus.
Snyder 59.996.4US 183.svg US 183 Diamond interchange
63.2101.7Business plate.svg
US 62.svg US 62 Bus.
65.8105.9Oklahoma State Highway 54.svg SH-54 Southern terminus of SH-54
Comanche Cache 78.8126.8Oklahoma State Highway 115.svg SH-115 West end of freeway, southern terminus of SH-115
Lawton 86.1138.6Quanah Parker TrailwayEast end of freeway; eastbound left exit and westbound left entrance
91.4147.1Sheridan Road Parclo interchange
92.4148.7Fort Sill BoulevardParclo interchange
93.4150.3I-44.svgUS 277.svgUS 281.svg I-44 west / US 277 / US 281 south (H.E. Bailey Turnpike west)I-44 exit 40B; western end of I-44/US-277/US-281 concurrency
40CNE Rogers LaneExit numbers follow I-44; no exit number eastbound
95.0152.941 Fort Sill Key Gate Department of Defense ID required
98.7158.845Oklahoma State Highway 49.svg SH-49  Carnegie, Medicine Park
99.5160.1I-44.svgH.E. Bailey Turnpike.svg I-44 / H.E. Bailey Turnpike east Chickasha, Oklahoma City I-44 exit 46; eastern end of I-44 concurrency; eastbound left exit and westbound left entrance
Richards Spur 103.8167.0US 277.svg US 277 north Chickasha, Elgin Northern end of US-277 concurrency
Caddo Apache 112.6181.2Oklahoma State Highway 19.svg SH-19 Western end of SH-19 concurrency
113.2182.2Oklahoma State Highway 19.svg SH-19Eastern end of SH-19 concurrency
123.2198.3Oklahoma State Highway 9.svg SH-9 Western end of SH-9 concurrency
Anadarko 131.6211.8US 281.svgOklahoma State Highway 8.svg US 281 / SH-8 Northern end of US-281 concurrency, western end of SH-8 concurrency
132.2212.8Oklahoma State Highway 8.svg SH-8Eastern end of SH-8 concurrency
Grady Chickasha 148.0238.2US 81.svg US 81 Western end of US-81 concurrency
149.7240.9US 81.svgUS 277.svg US 81 / US 277 Eastern end of US-81 concurrency, western end of US-277 concurrency
149.8241.12nd Street / 1st StreetInterchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
151.3243.5I-44.svgH.E. Bailey Turnpike.svg I-44 / H.E. Bailey TurnpikeI-44 exit 83
153.0246.2Oklahoma State Highway 92.svg SH-92 Southern terminus of SH-92
Tabler 156.5251.9Oklahoma State Highway 39.svg SH-39 Western terminus of SH-39
McClain Blanchard 167.3269.2Oklahoma State Highway 76.svg SH-76 Western end of SH-76 concurrency
168.3270.9Oklahoma State Highway 76.svg SH-76Eastern end of SH-76 concurrency
Newcastle 173.0278.4Oklahoma State Highway 9.svgI-35.svg SH-9 east to I-35 / H.E. Bailey Turnpike Norman spur west Norman, Mustang, Chickasha Diamond interchange; eastern end of SH-9 concurrency
177.4285.5Oklahoma State Highway 130.svg SH-130 Eastern terminus of SH-130
179.7289.2I-44.svgH.E. Bailey Turnpike.svgUS 277.svg I-44 / H.E. Bailey Turnpike west / US 277 ends Chickasha, Lawton Northern terminus of US-277; eastern terminus of H.E. Bailey Tpk.; eastern end of US-277 concurrency; western end of I-44 concurrency
180.6290.6108Oklahoma State Highway 37.svg SH-37 west Minco, Tuttle Exit numbers follow I-44; western end of SH-37 concurrency
181.1291.5108AFrontage RoadWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
Cleveland Oklahoma City 182.4293.5109SW 149th Street
183.4295.2110Oklahoma State Highway 37.svg SH-37 east (SW 134th Street) Moore Eastern end of SH-37 concurrency
184.5296.9111SW 119th Street
185.6298.7112SW 104th Street
Oklahoma 186.6300.3113SW 89th Street
187.5301.8114SW 74th Street
187.7302.1I-240 (long).svgI-44.svgOklahoma State Highway 3.svgI-40.svg I-240 begins / I-44 east / SH-3 to I-40  Tulsa, Wichita Eastern end of I-44 concurrency; western end of I-240/SH-3 concurrency; I-44 exit 115, I-240 exit 1A
188.3303.01BS. May AvenueExit numbers follow I-240
189.3304.61CS. Penn AvenueFull name is "Pennsylvania"
190.3306.32AS. Western Avenue
191.3307.92BS. Walker Avenue
191.6308.43S. Santa Fe Avenue
192.2309.33BShields Boulevard, Santa Fe AvenueWestbound exit only
192.9310.44AI-35.svgUS 77.svgI-240 (long).svgOklahoma State Highway 3.svgI-40.svg I-35 / US 77 south / I-240 / SH-3 east to I-40  Dallas, Ft. Smith Eastern end of I-240/SH-3 concurrency, western end of I-35/US-77 concurrency; exit number is for I-35/US-77 south; no exit number westbound; I-35 exit 121B, I-240 exit 4B
193.6311.6122ASE 66th StreetExit numbers follow I-35; no eastbound entrance
194.1312.4122BSE 59th Street
194.7313.3123ASE 51st StreetNo eastbound entrance
195.2314.1123BSE 44th StreetNo westbound entrance
195.7314.9124AGrand Boulevard
196.3315.9124BSE 29th Street, SE 25th StreetSigned as exit 125A westbound
197.2317.4125BSE 15th StreetSigned as exit 125D westbound
197.9318.5I-235 (long).svg I-235 north (US-77 north) – Oklahoma Health Center, State Capitol, Edmond Eastern end of US-77 concurrency; eastbound left exit and westbound entrance
I-40.svg I-40 west (US-270 west) Amarillo Western end of I-40/US-270 concurrency; westbound exit and eastbound left entrance
198.9320.1127Reno Avenue – west / Eastern Avenue / M.L. King AvenueWestbound exit is part of I-40/US-270 east exit; Reno Ave. not signed eastbound
199.2320.6I-40.svgUS 270.svg I-40 / US 270 east Ft. Smith Eastern end of I-40/US-270 concurrency
200.4322.5129NE 10th Street
201.2323.8I-35.svg I-35 north / NE 23rd Street westI-35 exit 130; eastern end of I-35 concurrency
Harrah Kickapoo Turnpike.svg Kickapoo Turnpike Proposed interchange [14]
218.4351.5Oklahoma State Highway 270.svg SH-270 Western terminus of SH-270
Lincoln Midway 223.0358.9Oklahoma State Highway 102.svg SH-102
Jacktown 228.4367.6US 177.svg US 177
Meeker 234.4377.2Oklahoma State Highway 18.svg SH-18
Prague 246.5396.7US 377.svgOklahoma State Highway 99.svg US 377 / SH-99
Okfuskee 264.4425.5Oklahoma State Highway 48.svg SH-48
Okemah 270.2434.8Oklahoma State Highway 27.svgOklahoma State Highway 56.svg SH-27 begins / SH-56 northNorthern terminus of SH-27; western end of SH-27/SH-56 concurrency
270.5435.3Oklahoma State Highway 56.svg SH-56 southEastern end of SH-56 concurrency
271.1436.3I-40.svgOklahoma State Highway 27.svg I-40 west / SH-27 south Oklahoma City, Wetumka Eastern end of SH-27 concurrency; western end of I-40 concurrency; I-40 exit 221
277.2446.1227Clearview RoadExit numbers follow I-40
281.7453.4231US 75.svg US 75 south – Wetumka, Weleetka Western end of US-75 concurrency
Okmulgee Henryetta 237No image wide.svgBusiness plate.svgBusiness plate.svg
Business Loop 40.svgUS 62.svgUS 75.svg I-40 BL / US 62 Bus. east / US 75 Bus. north Henryetta
240AIndian Nation Turnpike.svgI-40.svg Indian Nation Turnpike south / I-40 east McAlester, Dallas, Ft. Smith
Business Loop 40.svg I-40 BL begins
Exit number is for Indian Nation Tpk.; no exit number southbound; eastern end of I-40 concurrency; southern end of I-40 Bus. concurrency; I-40 exit 240B
287.7463.0No image wide.svgBusiness plate.svgBusiness plate.svg
Business Loop 40.svgUS 62.svgUS 75.svg I-40 BL / US 62 Bus. west / US 75 Bus. south (Main Street)
Northern end of I-40 Bus. concurrency
290.3467.2US 266.svg US 266 east (6th Street) Dewar, Grayson Western terminus of US-266
Okmulgee 303.2488.0US 75.svg US 75 north (Wood Drive)Northern end of US-75 concurrency
304.9490.7Loop plate.svg
Oklahoma State Highway 56.svg SH-56 Loop
Eastern terminus of SH-56 Loop
Morris 308.9497.1Oklahoma State Highway 52.svg SH-52 (Hughes Avenue)
Muskogee 320.2515.3Oklahoma State Highway 72.svg SH-72 Western end of SH-72 concurrency
329.5530.3US 64.svgOklahoma State Highway 72.svg US 64 west / SH-72 north
Oklahoma State Highway 16.svg SH-16 west
Eastern end of SH-72 concurrency, western end of US-64 concurrency, western end of SH-16 concurrency
334.5538.3Oklahoma State Highway 162.svg SH-162 north (124th Street West) Taft Southern terminus of SH-162
Muskogee 343.3552.5No image wide.svgNo image wide.svgBusiness plate.svg
US 64.svgUS 69.svgUS 62.svg US 64 east / US 69 (32nd Street) / US 62 Bus. (Okmulgee Avenue)
Eastern end of US-64 concurrency, western end of US-69 concurrency
344.3554.1US 69.svg US 69 (32nd Street)Eastern end of US-69 concurrency
347.8559.7Oklahoma State Highway 16.svg SH-16 east (Okay Road)Eastern end of SH-16 concurrency
349.5562.5Oklahoma State Highway 165.svgMuskogee Turnpike.svg SH-165 / Muskogee Turnpike  Ft. Smith, Port of Muskogee, Tulsa Cloverleaf interchange
352.0566.5Oklahoma State Highway 10.svg SH-10 Western end of SH-10 concurrency
Ft. Gibson 355.3571.8Oklahoma State Highway 80.svg SH-80 Southern terminus of SH-80
Cherokee Park Hill 372.3599.2Oklahoma State Highway 82.svg SH-82 Southern end of SH-82 concurrency
Tahlequah 372.3599.2No image wide.svgBusiness plate.svg
Oklahoma State Highway 51.svgUS 62.svg SH-51 / US 62 Bus.
Western end of SH-51 concurrency; south end of US Bus. 62
374.6602.9No image wide.svgBusiness plate.svg
Oklahoma State Highway 82.svgUS 62.svg SH-82 / US 62 Bus.
Northern end of SH-82 concurrency; east end of US Bus 62.
376.5605.9Oklahoma State Highway 10.svg SH-10Northern end of SH-10 concurrency
Eldon 382.4615.4Oklahoma State Highway 51.svg SH-51Eastern end of SH-51 concurrency
Adair Westville 395.4636.3US 59.svg US 59
Oklahoma–Arkansas line398.3641.0US 62 (AR).svg US 62 continues east into Arkansas
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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U.S. Route 70 is a transcontinental U.S. highway extending from Globe, Arizona to Atlantic, North Carolina. Along the way, 289.81 miles (466.40 km) of its route passes through the state of Oklahoma. Entering the state south of Davidson, the highway serves Oklahoma's southern tier before exiting the state east of Broken Bow. It serves the cities of Ardmore, Durant, Hugo, and Idabel, as well as Tillman, Cotton, Jefferson, Carter, Marshall, Bryan, Choctaw, and McCurtain counties.

U.S. Route 81 (US-81) is a north–south U.S. highway running through the central United States' Great Plains region, from Fort Worth, Texas to the U.S.–Canadian border at Pembina, North Dakota. A 229.28-mile (368.99 km) segment of the highway lies within the state of Oklahoma. US-81 crosses the Red River from Texas south of Terral, passing through several Oklahoma cities, such as Chickasha, El Reno, Kingfisher, and Enid, before entering Kansas north of Renfrow.

U.S. Route 412 is a U.S. highway in the south-central portion of the United States, connecting Springer, New Mexico to Columbia, Tennessee. A 504.11-mile (811.29 km) section of the highway crosses the state of Oklahoma, traversing the state from west to east. Entering the state southwest of Boise City, US-412 runs the length of the Oklahoma Panhandle and serves the northern portion of the state's main body, before leaving the state at West Siloam Springs. Along the way, the route serves many notable cities and towns, including Boise City, Guymon, Woodward, Enid, and the state's second-largest city, Tulsa.

U.S. Route 64 (US-64) is a U.S. highway running from the Four Corners area to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Between these two points, the highway passes through the entire width of Oklahoma; a total of 591.17 miles (951.40 km) of US-64 lies in the state of Oklahoma. US-64 enters the state from New Mexico, crossing the line between the two states between Clayton, New Mexico, and Boise City in Cimarron County. The route runs the full length of the Oklahoma Panhandle, then serves the northernmost tier of counties in the main body of the state before dipping southeastward to Tulsa, the state's second-largest city. From Tulsa, the highway continues southeast, leaving Oklahoma just west of Fort Smith, Arkansas. In addition to Tulsa, US-64 serves fifteen Oklahoma counties and the cities of Guymon, Woodward, Enid, and Muskogee.


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