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U.S. Route 68

U.S. Route 68
US 68 highlighted in red
Route information
Length560 mi[ citation needed ] (900 km)
Existed1926[ citation needed ]–present
Major junctions
West endUS 62.svg US 62 at Reidland, KY
Major intersections
North endI-75.svgOH-15.svg I-75  / SR 15 in Findlay, OH
Country United States
States Kentucky, Ohio
Highway system
US 67.svg US 67 US 69.svg US 69

U.S. Route 68 (US 68) is a United States highway that runs for 560 miles (900 km) from northwest Ohio to Western Kentucky. The highway's western terminus is at US 62 in Reidland, Kentucky. Its present northern terminus is at Interstate 75 in Findlay, Ohio, though the route once extended as far north as Toledo. US 68 intersects with US 62 three times during its route.


Route description

US 68 is signed east–west in Kentucky, while in Ohio it is signed north–south.


US 68 in Mercer County, Kentucky 040804 20.jpg
US 68 in Mercer County, Kentucky

U.S. Route 68 is designated as a "Scenic Highway" throughout Kentucky. US 68 passes near or through Reidland, Aurora, Cadiz, Hopkinsville, Elkton, Russellville, Auburn, Bowling Green, Glasgow, Edmonton, Greensburg, Campbellsville, Lebanon, Perryville, Harrodsburg, Lexington, Paris, and Maysville.

The majority of the route winds through forested, hilly terrain. US 68 is Broadway through downtown Lexington, and it is Harrodsburg Road before it leaves Lexington.

The route passes several Civil War battle sites. The Jefferson Davis State Historic Site is located along the highway, approximately 9 miles (14 km) east of Hopkinsville at the small town of Fairview. The Battle of Tebbs Bend Historic Civil War Site is located near Campbellsville and the Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site is outside Perryville.

There is an annual 400-mile (640 km) yard sale, held along the highway for four days in early summer. [1]

The sections of the highway through Campbellsville and Lebanon are slated for expansion to begin in 2008. The long-term goal is to widen and make safer the entire US 68 corridor through Kentucky as part of the Heartland Parkway project. [2] [3]

Sections in Kentucky have been improved in recent years. The Paris Pike was completed in 2003. Work is currently in progress to make US 68 four lanes through Land Between the Lakes. This was accelerated, following a devastating collision of the cargo vessel MV Delta Mariner with Eggner Ferry Bridge in January 2012.[ needs update? ]


Highest point on US 68 at the US 33 interchange in Bellefontaine, Ohio Bellefontaine Summit.jpg
Highest point on US 68 at the US 33 interchange in Bellefontaine, Ohio

US 68 takes a south–north route throughout Ohio, roughly paralleling Interstate 75 but covering counties one tier to the east of those counties covered by I-75. US 68 begins at the William H. Harsha Bridge over the Ohio River and duplexes with U.S. Route 52 for 5.6 miles while traveling on the north bank of the river. The highways separate at Ripley, at which point US 68 heads north as a generally rural two-lane highway, passing through or bypassing communities such as Georgetown, Mount Orab, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Xenia, and Yellow Springs. Shortly before reaching Interstate 70, it becomes a four-lane expressway, bypassing Springfield before transitioning back to a rural two-lane road as it approaches Urbana. As it continues north, US 68 passes through West Liberty, Bellefontaine, Kenton, Dunkirk, and Arlington on its way north to its terminus at an interchange with Interstate 75 outside Findlay.

In total, US 68 traverses 179.1 miles within Ohio.


From 1926 until the late 1940s, in terms of the routing between Bowling Green and Perryville, US 68 went westward through Springfield, Kentucky to Bardstown, and followed U.S. Route 31E southward to near Horse Cave. US 68 then followed the current KY 218 (Charlie Moran Highway) westward into Horse Cave, and then joined U.S. Route 31W from there through Cave City to Bowling Green. [4] US 68 moved to its current routing from Bowling Green to Perryville around 1948–49.

US 68 previously ran to Toledo, Ohio, terminating at the west approach to the Anthony Wayne Bridge south of downtown, but the Toledo-Findlay segment was decommissioned in the 1950s. [5] It also passed through Springfield, Ohio prior to its realignment onto a four-lane bypass of that city.

Two spans of the US 68/KY 80 Eggner Ferry Bridge over Kentucky Lake collapsed after being struck by a cargo ship on January 26, 2012. [6] The bridge reopened to traffic on May 25, 2012. [7] That bridge was replaced by a new four-lane bridge a few years afterwards.


In Clark County, Ohio, there is an almost full-access interchange between controlled-access US 68 and US 40/SR 4, which is itself a controlled-access highway until approximately 0.3-mile west of the US 68 interchange. One exit ramp from US 68 ends on Upper Valley Pike, rather than on US 40/SR 4; another entrance ramp includes two-way traffic and an at-grade entrance to a retirement community. On US 40/SR 4 between the controlled-access portion and US 68, there are an at-grade intersection at Upper Valley Pike, other street and driveway breaks in access control and a steep grade on the eastbound approach toward Upper Valley Pike. In September 2013, the Clark County-Springfield Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) ranked the US 40/SR 4/Upper Valley Pike intersection as the most hazardous in the county, based on 2010-2012 crash data. [8] [9] Because the road design over the years had played a significant factor in the high number of crashes in the area, the TCC conducted a study; in February 2006 it recommended reconfiguring the US 68 interchange and altering nearby traffic patterns. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) the same year approved $5 million to fund the project. However, the TCC soon rejected ODOT's money, concluding that even its recommended fix would not be enough to solve the area road network's underlying problems. [8] [10] Instead, the TCC is making small changes, such as improving traffic signal timing and adding signs. ODOT, for its part, is working on reducing the number of driveways near the US 40/SR 4/Upper Valley Pike intersection and on upgrading traffic signals. [8]

In Xenia Township, Greene County, Ohio, north of Xenia, ODOT plans to convert the intersection with SR 235, the state route's southern terminus, to a roundabout. As of summer 2020, construction is expected to begin in spring 2023 and to be completed that fall, with an estimated cost of $2 million. [11]

Major intersections

StateCountyLocationmi [12] [13] kmDestinationsNotes
Kentucky McCracken Reidland 0.0000.000US 62.svg US 62  Paducah, Kentucky Dam Western terminus
I-24.svg I-24  St. Louis, Nashville I-24 Exit 16
1.3422.160West plate.svg
Elongated circle 284.svg
KY 284 west (Benton Road) Reidland, Symsonia
Eastern terminus of KY 284
2.1773.504Elongated circle 787.svg KY 787 (Rosebower Church Road)
Marshall Sharpe 3.8416.181North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1042.svg
KY 1042 north (Sharpe School Road) / Sharpe-Elva Road
Southern terminus of KY 1042
4.2736.877South plate.svg
Elongated circle 795.svg
KY 795 south (Scale Road)
Western end of KY 795 concurrency
4.3577.012North plate.svg
Elongated circle 795.svg
KY 795 north (Scale Road) / Brien Cutoff Road
Eastern end of KY 795 concurrency
6.0059.664North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1610.svg
KY 1610 north (Mt. Moriah Road)
Southern terminus of KY 1610
6.50210.464South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1396.svg
KY 1396 south (Georgia Clark Road South)
Northern terminus of KY 1396
7.61312.252South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1712.svg
KY 1712 south (Griggstown Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1712
7.84212.620North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1413.svg
KY 1413 north (Patterson Ferry Road)
Southern terminus of KY 1413
Palma 9.15214.729North plate.svg
Elongated circle 3456.svg
KY 3456 north (Needmore Road)
Southern terminus of KY 3456
9.56315.390East plate.svg
Elongated circle 1422.svg
KY 1422 east (Palma Road)
Western terminus of KY 1422
10.46216.837North plate.svg
Elongated circle 95.svg
KY 95 north
Southern terminus of KY 95
11.41318.367West plate.svg
Elongated circle 782.svg
KY 782 west
Eastern terminus of KY 782
I-69.svg I-69  Mayfield, Calvert City I-69 (Former Pennyrile Parkway) exit 47
Draffenville 12.33919.858North plate.svg
US 641.svg
US 641 north Land Between the Lakes Northern Entrance, Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park
Western end of US 641 concurrency
12.75520.527South plate.svg
US 641.svg
Hospital sign.svg US 641 south Benton, Murray
Eastern end of US 641 concurrency; provides access to Marshall County Hospital in Benton
Briensburg 14.50923.350West plate.svg
Elongated circle 58.svg
KY 58 west (Briensburg Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 58
16.11525.935Moors Camp HighwayFormer KY 953
16.62726.759West plate.svg
Elongated circle 1462.svg
KY 1462 west (Benton-Birmingham Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 1462
16.67726.839Big Bear HighwayFormer KY 68 east
19.42031.253West plate.svg
Elongated circle 408.svg
KY 408 west (Eggners Ferry Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 408
20.64433.223Barge Island Road Girl Scout Camp, Camp Kum-Ba-Ya, Camp CurrieFormer KY 962 north
Fairdealing 20.68133.283South plate.svg
Elongated circle 962.svg
KY 962 south (Old Olive Road)
Northern terminus of KY 962
21.46934.551South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1364.svg
KY 1364 south (Olive Creek Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1364
21.91735.272North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1484.svg
KY 1484 north
Southern terminus of KY 1484
Aurora 28.49045.850West plate.svg
Elongated circle 402.svg
KY 402 west (Aurora Highway) Mayfield
Eastern terminus of KY 402
29.91048.135West plate.svg
Elongated circle 80.svg
KY 80 west / Bayview Road Kenlake Lodge and Marina, Murray
Western end of KY 80 concurrency
Kentucky Lake 30.118–
Eggner's Ferry Bridge
Trigg Land Between the Lakes 33.37253.707 The Trace  Grand Rivers, KY, Dover, TN Interchange
Lake Barkley Bridge
Canton 40.50765.190South plate.svg
Elongated circle 164.svg
KY 164 south (Linton Road) – Devil's Hill launching ramp, Calhoun Hill launching ramp
Northern terminus of KY 164
40.50765.190East plate.svg
Elongated circle 1489.svg
Airport Sign.svg KY 1489 east (State Park Road)
Western terminus of KY 1489; Lake Barkley State Park Airport near eastern end of 1489
43.21369.545East plate.svg
Elongated circle 3568.svg
KY 3568 east (Canton Road)
Western terminus of KY 3568; former alignment of US 68
45.57873.351East plate.svg
Elongated circle 272.svg
To plate.svg
South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1062.svg
KY 272 east (Old Canton Road) to KY 1062 south (Maple Grove Road)
Western terminus of KY 272
46.01674.056West plate.svg
Elongated circle 1489.svg
Airport Sign.svg KY 1489 west (Blue Spring Road) Lake Barkley State Resort Park
Eastern terminus of KY 1489; access to Lake Barkley State Park Airport
46.88575.454West plate.svg
Elongated circle 3568.svg
KY 3568 west (Old Canton Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 3568; former alignment of US 68
47.12875.845East plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
US 68 Bus. east (Canton Road) Cadiz
Western terminus of Cadiz business route
47.61476.627Elongated circle 1175.svg KY 1175 (Old Dover Road) Cadiz
49.12979.065Elongated circle 139.svg KY 139 (South Road) Cadiz
Cadiz 51.49982.880West plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
Hospital sign.svg US 68 Bus. west (Main Street) – Cadiz Business District
Eastern end of Cadiz business route; access to Trigg County Hospital
51.71983.234East plate.svg
Elongated circle 3468.svg
KY 3468 east (Hopkinsville Road)
Western terminus of KY 3468; former alignment of US 68
54.50987.724West plate.svg
Elongated circle 3468.svg
KY 3468 west (Hopkinsville Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 3468
54.74488.102South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1585.svg
West plate.svg
Elongated circle 276.svg
KY 1585 south (North Montgomery Road) / KY 276 west (Rocky Ridge Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1585;eastern terminus of KY 276
I-24.svg I-24  Nashville, Paducah I-24 exit 65
55.77989.768North plate.svg
Elongated circle 958.svg
KY 958 north (Barefield Road)
Southern terminus of KY 958
58.52994.193North plate.svg
Elongated circle 128.svg
KY 128 north (Wallonia Road) Cerulean
Southern terminus of KY 128
58.76694.575East plate.svg
Elongated circle 3186.svg
KY 3186 east (Tobacco Road) Gracey
Western terminus of KY 3186
Christian Gracey 59.61095.933Elongated circle 1026.svg KY 1026 (Gracey-Sinking Spring Road)
60.27196.997West plate.svg
Elongated circle 3186.svg
KY 3186 west (Lester Road) Gracey
Eastern terminus of KY 3186
61.82399.494North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1349.svg
KY 1349 north (Quisenberry Lane)
Southern terminus of KY 1349
Hopkinsville 66.008106.230East plate.svg
By-pass plate.svg
US 68.svg
East plate.svg
Truck plate.svg
US 68.svg
East plate.svg
Elongated circle 1682.svg
To plate blue.svg
Pennyrile Parkway.svg
Hospital sign.svg US 68 Byp. east / US 68 Truck east / KY 1682 east (Eagle Way) to Pennyrile Parkway
Western terminus of Hopkinsville bypass/truck routes and KY 1682
1682 to the north, 68 Bypass/truck to the south; parkway via 1682, hospital via 68 Bypass
67.981109.405North plate.svg
Elongated circle 91.svg
KY 91 north (Princeton Road) Princeton, Fredonia
Southern terminus of KY 91
68.293109.907North plate.svg
Elongated circle 109.svg
KY 109 north (Dawson Springs Road) Pennyrile Forest State Park
Western end of KY 109 concurrency
69.008111.058Elongated circle 1007.svg KY 1007 (North Drive) Community College, MSU Breathitt Veterinary Center
69.737112.231South plate.svg
US 41.svg
South plate.svg
Elongated circle 107.svg
US 41 south / KY 107 south (South Main Street)
Western end of US 41 concurrency; southern terminus of one-way south section of US 41; 107 to the south, 41 comes in from the north
69.801112.334North plate.svg
US 41.svg
North plate.svg
Elongated circle 107.svg
US 41 north / KY 107 north (South Virginia Street)
West end of KY 107 overlap; 107 enters from the south; 41 north to the north, 41 south continues concurrent with 68
69.860112.429South plate.svg
Elongated circle 2544.svg
KY 2544 south (South Liberty Street)
Southern terminus of one-way section of KY 2544; former alignment of US 41 south
69.920112.525North plate.svg
Elongated circle 2544.svg
KY 2544 north (South Clay Street)
Southern terminus of KY 2544; former alignment of US 41 south
70.040112.718North plate.svg
Elongated circle 107.svg
KY 107 north (South Campbell Street)
Eastern end of KY 107 concurrency
70.125112.855South plate.svg
Alternate plate.svg
US 41.svg
US 41 Alt. south (South Walnut Street)
Northern terminus of KY/TN US 41 Alternate route
70.330113.185South plate.svg
US 41.svg
South plate.svg
Elongated circle 109.svg
US 41 south / KY 109 south (East 9th Street) Pembroke
Eastern end of US 41/KY 109 concurrency
Pennyrile Parkway.svgTo plate blue.svg
Pennyrile Parkway to I-69  Ft. Campbell, Madisonville
Pennyrile Parkway exit 9; future I-169
71.585115.205West plate.svg
Elongated circle 1979.svg
KY 1979 west (East 7th Street)
Eastern terminus of KY 1979
71.647115.305Airport Road Hopkinsville-Christian County Airport
73.520118.319West plate.svg
By-pass plate.svg
US 68.svg
US 68 Byp. west (Dr Martin Luther King Jr Way)
Eastern terminus of Hopkinsville bypass route
75.052120.784North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1716.svg
KY 1716 north (Overby Lane)
Southern terminus of KY 1716
77.744125.117West plate.svg
Elongated circle 1027.svg
KY 1027 west (Rosetown Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 1027
79.142127.367East plate.svg
Alternate plate.svg
US 68.svg
US 68 Alt. east (Jefferson Davis Road) Fairview
Western terminus of US 68 alternate route
79.884128.561Elongated circle 1843.svg KY 1843 (Vaughns Grove-Fairview Road) Fairview
80.436129.449Britmart Road Jefferson Davis Monument State Historic Site Former KY 1081
Todd 81.201130.680West plate.svg
Alternate plate.svg
US 68.svg
US 68 Alt. west (Jefferson Davis Road) Fairview
Eastern terminus of US 68 alternate route
Tress Shop 85.228137.161South plate.svg
Elongated circle 475.svg
KY 475 south (Tress Shop Road)
Northern terminus of KY 475
Elkton 86.470139.160East plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
US 68 Bus. east / North David Hightower Elkton
Western terminus of Elkton business route
89.234143.608Elongated circle 181.svgAirport Sign.svg KY 181 (Greenville Road) – Elkton Historic District, Birthplace of Robert Penn Warren, Lake Malone State Park, Elkton Guthrie AirportLake Malone to the north, everything else to the south
91.419147.125East plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
US 68 Bus. east / Williams Hill Road Elkton
Eastern terminus of Elkton business route
94.433151.975East plate.svg
Elongated circle 1309.svg
KY 1309 east (Old Volney Road) Daysville
Western terminus of KY 1309
Logan Whippoorwill 97.884157.529Elongated circle 1151.svg KY 1151 (Union Church Road)
Russellville 103.323166.282East plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
South plate.svg
US 431.svg
US 68 Bus. east (Hopkinsville Road) / US 431 south Adairsville, Clarksville, TN
Western terminus of Russellville business route; eastern end of US 431 concurrency
103.806167.060Elongated circle 178.svg KY 178 (Highland Lick Road)
104.814168.682North plate.svg
US 431.svg
US 431 north / Terry Wilcut Highway Lewisburg, Central City, Boy Scout Camp, Lake Malone State Park
Eastern end of US 431 concurrency
105.197169.298Elongated circle 3519.svg KY 3519 (North Main Street / Lewisburg Road)
107.304172.689Elongated circle 79.svg KY 79 (Peyton Street / Morgantown Road)
Russellville 109.031175.468West plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
South plate.svg
US 79.svg
Airport Sign.svg US 68 Bus. west (Bowling Green Road) / US 79 south (Russellville Bypass) Franklin, Adairsville, Clarksville
Eastern end of Russellville business route; northern terminus of US 79; Russellville-Logan County Airport to the south via 79
113.290182.323South plate.svg
Elongated circle 2369.svg
KY 2369 south (Dennis-Corinth Road) / Stevenson Mill Road
Northern terminus of KY 2369
115.717186.228West plate.svg
Elongated circle 722.svg
KY 722 west (Duncans Chapel Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 722
Auburn 116.508187.501East plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
US 68 Bus. east (West Main Street) / Matlock Lane – Auburn Business District
Western terminus of Auburn business route
118.173190.181Elongated circle 103.svg KY 103  – Auburn Elementary School, Chandlers Chapel
119.513192.338West plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
US 68 Bus. west (East Main street) – Auburn Business District
Eastern end of Auburn business route
121.445195.447Elongated circle 73.svg KY 73 (South Union Road / Cave Springs Road) – 1869 Shaker Tavern, Historic Franklin Michigan left intersection
122.694197.457Elongated circle 1466.svg KY 1466 (Shakertown Road) South Union Shaker Village
124.105199.728South plate.svg
Elongated circle 2349.svg
KY 2349 south (Stamps Road)
Northern terminus of KY 2349; road continues as Stamps Road north of intersection
Warren 124.478200.328East plate.svg
Elongated circle 240.svg
KY 240 east (Petros Road)
Western terminus of KY 240
Rockfield 127.460205.127East plate.svg
Elongated circle 242.svg
KY 242 east (Richpond-Rockfield Road) Rockfield
Western terminus of KY 242
129.180207.895North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1083.svg
KY 1083 north / Murphy Road
Northern terminus of KY 1083
Bowling Green 131.615211.814North plate.svg
Elongated circle 432.svg
KY 432 north (Blue Level Road)
Southern terminus of KY 432
I-165.svgTo plate blue.svg
I-165 to I-65  Kentucky State Police, Owensboro
I-165 Exit 6
133.493214.836South plate.svg
US 231.svg
East plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
To plate blue.svg
US 231 south (Campbell Lane) / US 68 Bus. east (Russellville Road) to I-165
Western end of Bowling Green business route; western end of US 231 concurrency; I-165 via 231 south
134.975217.221South plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 231.svg
North plate.svg
US 231.svg
To plate blue.svg
US 231 Bus. south / US 231 north (Morgantown Road) to I-165
Northern terminus of US 231 business; eastern terminus of US 231 concurrency; college via 231 business
135.817218.576Elongated circle 2665.svg KY 2665 (Glen Lily Road)
136.755220.086North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1435.svg
KY 1435 north (Barren River Road)
Southern terminus of KY 1435
138.621223.089North plate.svg
Elongated circle 185.svg
KY 185 north
Southern terminus of KY 185; road continues as Gordon Avenue south of intersection
138.930223.586West plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
South plate.svg
Elongated circle 234.svg
Hospital sign.svg US 68 Bus. west (Adams Street) / KY 234 south (East 7th Street) Western Kentucky University
Eastern end of Bowling Green bus. route; northern terminus of KY 234; WKU Health Services via 234
139.407224.354South plate.svg
US 31W.svg
Hospital sign.svg US 31W south (East Riverview Drive) / Riverview Drive Beech Bend Park
Western end of US 31W concurrency; Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital just east of intersection; Beech Bend via Riverview Drive
140.859226.691West plate.svg
Elongated circle 3225.svg
KY 3225 west (River Street)
Eastern terminus of KY 3225; former alignment of 31W
141.826228.247East plate.svg
Elongated circle 1402.svg
KY 1402 east (Porter Pike)
Western terminus of KY 1402
142.108228.701East plate.svg
Elongated circle 446.svg
To plate blue.svg
KY 446 east to I-65  Nashville, Louisville, National Corvette Museum
142.822229.850North plate.svg
Elongated circle 957.svg
KY 957 north (Plum Springs Loop)
Southern terminus of KY 957
145.141233.582West plate.svg
Elongated circle 526.svg
KY 526 west (Mount Olivet Road) / Scottys Way
Eastern terminus of KY 526
145.642234.388North plate.svg
US 31W.svg
To plate blue.svg
North plate blue.svg
US 31W north (Louisville Road) to I-65 north
Eastern end of US 31 concurrency
146.777236.215South plate.svg
Elongated circle 3145.svg
To plate blue.svg
KY 3145 south to I-65  Nashville, Louisville
Ramp to KY 3145 south and ramp from KY 3145 north
150.936242.908South plate blue.svg
I-65 south Nashville
Entrance to southbound I-65 and ramp from northbound I-65; I-65 north exit 36
152.641245.652Elongated circle 101.svgTo plate blue.svg
KY 101 (Smiths Grove-Scottsville Road) to I-65
I-65 to the north
156.969252.617North plate.svg
Elongated circle 259.svg
KY 259 north
Southern terminus of KY 259
Barren South plate.svg
Elongated circle 2240.svg
KY 2240 south (Mary Oaks-Ralton Road)
Northern terminus of KY 2240
Bon Ayr 161.649260.149Elongated circle 255.svg KY 255 (Bon Ayr Road / Park City-Bon Ayr Road)
165.561266.445North plate.svg
Elongated circle 2189.svg
KY 2189 north (Glasgow Road)
Southern terminus of KY 2189
Glasgow 167.727269.930West plate.svg
Elongated circle 3600.svg
East plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
To plate blue.svg
Cumberland Parkway.svg
KY 3600 west (Veterans Outer Loop) / US 68 Bus. east (New Glasgow Road) to Cumberland Parkway
Eastern terminus of KY 3600; western end of Glasgow business route; Parkway via 3600
169.004271.986Elongated circle 90.svgTo plate blue.svg
North plate blue.svg
Airport Sign.svg KY 90 (Happy Valley Road) to I-65 north Cave City
Glasgow Memorial Airport to the northwest
170.939275.100US 31E.svgHospital sign.svg US 31E (North Jackson Highway)TJ Samson Community Hospital to the south
173.226278.780West plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1519.svg
To plate blue.svg
Cumberland Parkway.svg
US 68 Bus. west (Edmonton Road) / KY 1519 south (Veterans Outer Loop) to Cumberland Parkway
Eastern end of Glasgow business route; northern terminus of KY 1519; Parkway via 1519
173.405279.068North plate.svg
Elongated circle 740.svg
KY 740 north (Coral Hill Road)
Southern terminus of KY 740
Metcalfe Wisdom 182.491293.691Elongated circle 640.svg KY 640 (Wisdom Road / Knob Lick-Wisdom Road)
Cumberland Parkway.svg Cumberland Parkway  Bowling Green, Somerset Cumberland Parkway exit 37
Edmonton 188.534303.416West plate.svg
Elongated circle 861.svg
KY 861 west (Randolph Street) – Metcalfe Co. Schools, Metcalfe Co. Board of Education
Eastern terminus of KY 861
189.399304.808South plate.svg
Elongated circle 163.svg
KY 163 south (South Main Street) / East Stockton Street
Northern terminus of KY 163
189.839305.516East plate.svg
Elongated circle 80.svg
KY 80 east (North Main Street) Columbia
Eastern end of KY 80 concurrency
190.707306.913East plate.svg
Elongated circle 3524.svg
KY 3524 east (Industrial Drive) / Harvey Hunt Road
Western terminus of KY 3524
Cumberland Parkway.svg Cumberland Parkway  Somerset, Bowling Green Cumberland Parkway exit 29
191.172307.662North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1243.svg
KY 1243 north (Knob Lick Road)
Southern terminus of KY 1243
192.331309.527East plate.svg
Elongated circle 2399.svg
KY 2399 east (A H Boston Road) / Lawrence England Road
Western terminus of KY 2399
193.840311.955East plate.svg
Elongated circle 544.svg
KY 544 east (Bridgeport-Keltner Road)
Western terminus of KY 544
195.503314.632West plate.svg
Elongated circle 543.svg
KY 543 west (Toby Hill Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 543
198.672319.732West plate.svg
Elongated circle 70.svg
KY 70 west (Sulphur Well-Knob Lick Road) Cave City
Western end of KY 70 concurrency
199.688321.367South plate.svg
Elongated circle 745.svg
KY 745 south (Mill Ridge Road)
Northern terminus of KY 745
Green 201.279323.927North plate.svg
Elongated circle 729.svg
KY 729 north (Little Barren Road)
Southern terminus of KY 729
Exie 205.429330.606North plate.svg
Elongated circle 487.svg
KY 487 north (Mell Road)
Southern terminus of KY 487
206.952333.057West plate.svg
Elongated circle 218.svg
KY 218 west Horse Cave
Eastern terminus of KY 218
212.740342.372South plate.svg
Elongated circle 61.svg
KY 61 south (Columbia Highway) Columbia, Burkesville
Western end of KY 61 concurrency
Greensburg 212.994342.781Milby Street – Jane Todd Crawford Memorial Hospital
213.114342.974Industrial RoadFormer KY 2189
Bridge over the Green River
214.208344.734East plate.svg
Elongated circle 417.svg
KY 417 east (East Columbia Avenue) / West Columbia Avenue
Western terminus of KY 417
215.110346.186North plate.svg
Elongated circle 61.svg
South plate.svg
Elongated circle 3535.svg
KY 61 north / KY 3535 south (Industrial Park Drive) – Industrial Park, Health Dept, Hodgenville
Eastern end of KY 61 conncurrency; northern terminus of KY 3535; Industrial park and health dept. via 3535
217.451349.953West plate.svg
Elongated circle 793.svg
KY 793 west
Eastern terminus of KY 793
Taylor 219.264352.871West plate.svg
Elongated circle 2764.svg
KY 2764 west (Miller Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 2764; road continues as Miller Road east/south of US 68
220.513354.881North plate.svg
Elongated circle 883.svg
KY 883 north (Shiloh Road)
Southern terminus of KY 883
Campbellsville 223.209359.220Elongated circle 323.svg KY 323 (West Main Street / Friendship Pike)
224.104360.660South plate.svg
Elongated circle 55.svg
West plate.svg
Elongated circle 210.svg
KY 55 south (New Columbia Road) / KY 210 west (Hodgenville Road) Columbia, Battle of Tebb's Bend Monument, Green River Lake, Hodgenville
Western end of KY 55 concurrency; eastern terminus of KY 210
224.868361.890North Hoskins Avenue Campbellsville University
224.921361.975South plate.svg
Elongated circle 323.svg
KY 323 south (South Columbia Avenue)
Northern terminus of KY 323
225.041362.168East plate.svg
Elongated circle 70.svg
North plate.svg
Elongated circle 527.svg
KY 70 east / KY 527 north (North Central Avenue)
Eastern end of KY 70 concurrency; southern terminus of KY 527; 527 to the left, 70 to the right
225.157362.355North plate.svg
Elongated circle 289.svg
Hospital sign.svg KY 289 north (Lebanon Avenue)
Southern terminus of KY 289; access to Taylor Regional Hospital
225.937363.610East plate.svg
Elongated circle 658.svg
KY 658 east (Roberts Road) / Cherokee Drive
Western terminus of KY 658
226.638364.739South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1799.svg
KY 1799 south (Airport Road) Taylor County Airport
Northern terminus of KY 1799
227.858366.702West plate.svg
Elongated circle 3211.svg
KY 3211 west (Palestine Road) / Rinehart Road
Eastern terminus of KY 3211
228.764368.160East plate.svg
Elongated circle 1834.svg
KY 1834 east (Sportsman Lake Road) – Spurlington Lake
Western terminus of KY 1834
231.113371.940North plate.svg
Elongated circle 208.svg
Elongated circle 744.svg KY 208 north / KY 744 (Spurlington Road / Newton Lane) Spurlington, Calvary, Spurlington Lake
Southern terminus of KY 208; 744 goes both ways
Marion 234.915378.059West plate.svg
Elongated circle 412.svg
KY 412 west / Willard Farm Lane
Western end of KY 412 concurrency
237.268381.846East plate.svg
Elongated circle 412.svg
KY 412 east (East Calvary Road)
Eastern end of KY 412 concurrency
239.410385.293South plate.svg
Elongated circle 289.svg
KY 289 south
Northern terminus of KY 289
240.362386.825South plate.svg
Elongated circle 2741.svg
KY 2741 south (McElroy Pike)
Northern terminus of KY 2741
241.394388.486West plate.svg
Elongated circle 426.svg
KY 426 west (Miller Pike) / Old KY 68
Eastern terminus of KY 426
242.129389.669Elongated circle 2154.svg KY 2154 (Adam Hughes Memorial Highway / Veterans Memorial Highway)
Lebanon 243.455391.803North plate.svg
Elongated circle 55.svg
Airport Sign.svg KY 55 north (West Walnut Street) / Hamilton Heights
Eastern end of KY 55 concurrency; access to Spring View Hospital; 55 also provides access to Lebanon-Springfield Airport
243.961392.617Elongated circle 49.svgWest plate.svg
Elongated circle 52.svg
KY 49  / KY 52 west (North Proctor Avenue / South Proctor Avenue) Liberty, Presbyterian Cemetery, The Kobert Place
Western end of KY 52 concurrency; 49 both ways
244.074392.799South plate.svg
Spur plate.svg
Elongated circle 55.svg
To plate.svg
Elongated circle 55.svg
KY 55 Spur south (North Spalding Avenue) to KY 55  / South Spalding Avenue – Maxwell House, Visitor Center, Lebanon Civil War Park, Myrtledene
Northern terminus of KY 55 spur
245.087394.429North plate.svg
Elongated circle 2154.svg
KY 2154 north (Corporate Drive) / Sulphur Springs Road Springfield
Southern terminus of KY 2154
245.924395.776North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1404.svg
KY 1404 north (Barbers Mill Road)
Southern terminus of KY 1404
246.520396.735North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1195.svg
KY 1195 north (Shortline Pike)
Southern terminus of KY 1195
255.199410.703South plate.svg
Elongated circle 243.svg
KY 243 south (Gravel Switch Road) Gravel Switch, Bradfordsville
Northern terminus of KY 243
Boyle 258.540416.080East plate.svg
Elongated circle 34.svg
KY 34 east (Lebanon Road) Lebanon
Western terminus of KY 34
260.903419.883South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1894.svg
KY 1894 south (Brumfield Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1894
Perryville 262.958423.190West plate.svg
US 150.svg
US 150 west (West 2nd Street) / North Buell Street Perryville Battlefield State Park, Springfield
Western end of US 150 concurrency
236.067379.913East plate.svg
US 150.svg
East plate.svg
Elongated circle 52.svg
South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1856.svg
US 150 east / KY 52 east (East 2nd Street) / KY 1856 south (South Bragg Street) Danville
Eastern end of US 150 and KY 52 concurrencies; 52/150 continue east, 68 turns north
266.181428.377North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1941.svg
KY 1941 north (Martin Lane)
Southern terminus of KY 1941
Mercer Nevada 267.104429.862South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1822.svg
KY 1822 south (Quirks Run Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1822
272.005437.750South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1915.svg
KY 1915 south (Dry Branch Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1915
Harrodsburg 273.038439.412West plate.svg
Elongated circle 152.svg
KY 152 west (Mooreland Avenue) Springfield
Western end of KY 152 concurrency
273.340439.898South plate.svg
US 127.svg
US 127 south (South College Street) / Mooreland Avenue Danville
Western end of US 127 concurrency
273.519440.186North plate.svg
US 127.svg
US 127 north (North College Street) / West Lexington Street Lawrenceburg, Old Fort Harrod State Park
Eastern end of US 127 concurrency; 127 continues north, 68/152 turn east
273.935440.856East plate.svg
Elongated circle 152.svg
KY 152 east (Cane Run Road) / Marimon Avenue Herrington Lake, Burgin
Eastern end of KY 152 concurrency
274.879442.375By-pass plate.svg
US 127.svg
US 127 Byp.
276.402444.826North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1343.svg
KY 1343 north (Curry Pike)
Southern terminus of KY 1343
Pleasant Hill 280.940452.129South plate.svg
Elongated circle 33.svg
KY 33 south (Shakertown Road) Burgin, Herrington Lake, Danville
Western end of KY 33 concurreny; Shaker Village on north side of intersection type=concur
Kentucky River 286.481–
Brooklyn Bridge
Jessamine 288.054463.578North plate.svg
Elongated circle 33.svg
KY 33 north (Pekin Pike) Versailles
Eastern end of KY 33 concurrency
288.716464.643South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1268.svg
KY 1268 south (West Main Street) Wilmore, Asbury University
Northern terminus of KY 1268
290.905468.166South plate.svg
Elongated circle 29.svg
KY 29 south (Lexington Road) / Cardinal Drive Wilmore, Asbury University
Western end of KY 29 concurrency
291.632469.336North plate.svg
Elongated circle 29.svg
KY 29 north / Murphy Lane Nicholasville
Eastern end of KY 29 concurrency
293.757472.756Elongated circle 169.svg KY 169 (Keene Road) Nicholasville
295.837476.104Elongated circle 3375.svg KY 3375 (Catnip Hill Road) – Springhouse Gardens
Brannon Woods 297.615478.965East plate.svg
Elongated circle 1980.svg
KY 1980 east (Brannon Road) / West Brannon Road
Western terminus of KY 1980
Fayette Lexington 299.233481.569South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1267.svg
KY 1267 south (Keene Road) / Old Schoolhouse Lane
Northern terminus of KY 1267
300.234483.180 Man o' War Boulevard
South plate.svg
Elongated circle 4.svg
KY 4 south (West New Circle Road)
Diverging diamond interchange; KY 4 exit 2
304.204489.569South plate.svg
US 27.svg
US 27 south (Virginia Avenue) / Red Mile Road University of Kentucky
Western end of US 27 concurrency
304.758490.460North plate.svg
Elongated circle 922.svg
To plate blue.svg
To plate blue.svg
KY 922 north (Oliver Lewis Way) to I-75  / I-64  / Bolivar Street
Southern terminus of KY 922
305.227491.215North plate.svg
US 25.svg
North plate.svg
US 421.svg
US 25 north / US 421 north (West Vine Street) Ashland (Henry Clay estate), Cheapside Park
305.289491.315South plate.svg
US 25.svg
South plate.svg
US 421.svg
US 25 south / US 421 south (West Main Street)
307.242494.458Elongated circle 4.svg KY 4 (New Circle Road)
I-75.svgI-64.svg I-75  / I-64  Knoxville, Ashland Interchange. I-75/64 exit 112
310.820500.216East plate.svg
Elongated circle 3367.svg
KY 3367 east (Johnstown Road)
Western terminus of KY 3367
311.554501.398North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1973.svg
KY 1973 north (Iron Works Pike) / Mahmoud Lane
Western end of KY 1973 concurrency
313.053503.810South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1973.svg
KY 1973 south (Muir Station Road)
Eastern end of KY 1973 concurrency
Bourbon 315.680508.038North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1939.svg
KY 1939 north (Hutchison Road)
Southern terminus of KY 1939
Paris 321.164516.863Elongated circle 1939.svg KY 1939 (Bethlehem Road / Hume Bedford Pike)
321.324517.121East plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
Hospital sign.svg US 68 Bus. east (South Main Street)
Western terminus of Paris business route; Bourbon Medical Center just northeast of intersection
322.872519.612US 460.svg US 460 (Georgetown Road) Paris, Georgetown
323.290520.285North plate.svg
US 27.svg
US 27 north (Cynthiana Road) Cynthiana
Eastern end of US 27 concurrency
325.650524.083West plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
To plate.svg
East plate.svg
US 460.svg
US 68 Bus. west (Millersburg Road) to US 460 east
Eastern terminus of Paris business route
325.731524.213North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1940.svg
KY 1940 north (Ruddles Mill Road) Ruddels Mills
Southern terminus of KY 1940
322.047518.284East plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
US 68 Bus. east (Millersburg Road) Millersburg
Western terminus of Millersburg business route
322.487518.993Elongated circle 1893.svg KY 1893 (Millersburg-Ruddles Mill Road) Ruddels Mills
Millersburg 333.864537.302Elongated circle 1879.svg KY 1879 (Millersburg-Cynthiana Road) Cynthiana
Nicholas 334.471538.279West plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
US 68 Bus. west (Maysville Road) / South Johnson Road
Eastern terminus of Millersburg business route
335.007539.142South plate.svg
Elongated circle 386.svg
KY 386 south (Carpenter Pike)
Northern terminus of KY 386
336.668541.815West plate.svg
Elongated circle 648.svg
KY 648 west (Walnut Grove Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 648
337.172542.626Elongated circle 36.svg KY 36 (Concrete Road/Old Maysville Road) Cynthiana, Carlisle
339.462546.311Elongated circle 32.svg KY 32 (Old Paris Road)
340.499547.980North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1244.svg
KY 1244 north (Old Maysville Road)
Southern terminus of KY 1244
340.726548.345South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1455.svg
KY 1455 south (Lake Road) Lake Carnico, 4-H Camp, Carlisle
Western end of KY 1455 concurrency
341.463549.531North plate.svg
Elongated circle 1455.svg
KY 1455 north (Mount Mariah Road)
Eastern end of KY 1455 concurrency
343.709553.146West plate.svg
Elongated circle 606.svg
KY 606 west (Suggs Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 606
345.296555.700South plate.svg
Elongated circle 1244.svg
KY 1244 south (Old Maysville Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1244
Robertson 347.126558.645Main Park Road Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park
347.517559.274Main Park Road – Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park
348.175560.333North plate.svg
Elongated circle 165.svg
KY 165 north Mount Olivet
Western end of KY 165 concurrency
Fleming 349.754562.875North plate.svg
Elongated circle 2505.svg
KY 2505 north (Mount Pleasant Road) / Willow Road
Southern terminus of KY 2505
351.982566.460South plate.svg
Elongated circle 165.svg
KY 165 south (Ewing Road) Flemingsburg
Eastern end of KY 165 concurrency
Mason 355.852572.688South plate.svg
Elongated circle 550.svg
KY 550 south (Metcalfe Mill Pike) / East Bolden Road
Northern terminus of KY 550
357.517575.368North plate.svg
Elongated circle 2517.svg
KY 2517 north (Main Street)
Southern terminus of KY 2157; former routing of US 68
Mays Lick 358.468576.898Elongated circle 324.svg KY 324 (Raymond Road) Mayslick, Sardis, Wedonia
358.953577.679South plate.svg
Elongated circle 2517.svg
KY 2517 south (Main Street) / Ross Road Mayslick
Northern terminus of KY 2517; former routing of US 68
359.871579.156North plate.svg
Elongated circle 2514.svg
KY 2514 north
Southern terminus of KY 2514
361.599581.937South plate.svg
Elongated circle 2514.svg
KY 2514 south
Northern terminus of KY 2514
Maysville 364.094585.952East plate.svg
Business plate.svg
US 68.svg
US 68 Bus. east Washington
Western end of Maysville business route
367.608591.608South plate.svg
Elongated circle 9.svg
South plate blue.svg
AA Highway Shield.svg
East plate.svg
Elongated circle 10.svg
KY 9 (AA Hwy.) south / KY 10 east Maysville
368.005592.247North plate.svg
Elongated circle 9.svg
North plate blue.svg
AA Highway Shield.svg
West plate.svg
Elongated circle 10.svg
KY 9 (AA Hwy.) north / KY 10 west Brooksville
370.780596.713Elongated circle 3056.svg KY 3056 (Germantown Road / Jersey Ridge Road)
371.548597.949Elongated circle 8.svg KY 8 (West 2nd Street) Augusta, Dover, Maysville interchange
Ohio River 371.730–
William H. Harsha Bridge
Ohio Brown Aberdeen 0.4620.744East plate.svg
US 52.svg
West plate.svg
US 62.svg
US 52 east / US 62 west Aberdeen
Southern end of concurrency with US 52 and US 62
Ripley 6.21710.005West plate.svg
US 52.svg
US 52 west (South 2nd Street)
Northern end of US 52 concurrency
Jefferson Township 11.67318.786East plate.svg
US 62.svg
US 62 east Russellville
Northern end of US 62 concurrency
Pleasant Township 16.65826.808East plate.svg
SR 125 east Russellville, West Union
Southern end of SR 125 concurrency
17.67828.450West plate.svg
SR 125 west (East State Street) Georgetown
Northern end of SR 125 concurrency
Georgetown 20.64933.231Mt. Orab Pike (C-30A) – Georgetown Business District
Mount Orab 27.93044.949West plate.svg
SR 774 west / Oakland Road
Eastern terminus of SR 774
OH-32.svg SR 32  Jackson, Cincinnati Interchange
Fivemile 35.46257.071OH-286.svg SR 286
Chasetown 39.28063.215OH-131.svg SR 131
Fayetteville 41.08466.118US 50.svg US 50 (East Pike Street / West Pike Street)
Perry Township 44.47971.582OH-123.svg SR 123
Clinton Jefferson Township 46.39574.666South plate.svg
SR 251 south
Northern temrinus of SR 251
50.37181.064OH-28.svg SR 28  Blanchester, New Vienna, Martinsville
54.63987.933To plate.svg
East plate.svg
To SR 350 east Beach, Marina
54.72088.063To plate.svg
West plate.svg
To SR 350 west Clarksville
Wilmington 59.99396.549South plate.svg
SR 134 south
Southern end of SR 134 concurrency
60.69497.678South plate.svg
SR 730 south
Northern terminus of SR 730
60.92798.053East plate.svg
US 22.svg
East plate.svg
US 22 east / SR 3 east (West Main Street) Wilmington College
61.01098.186West plate.svg
US 22.svg
West plate.svg
US 22 west / SR 3 west (West Locust Street)
61.50198.976North plate.svg
SR 134 north (North Lorish Avenue) / North South Street
Northern terminus of SR 134 concurrency
Union Township 62.387–
OH-73.svgTo plate blue.svg
South plate blue.svg
SR 73 to I-71 south Hillsboro, Waynesville
Liberty Township 66.143–
I-71.svg I-71  Columbus, Cincinnati Interchange; I-71 exit 50
Greene Xenia 77.166–
US 35.svg US 35  Washington CH, Dayton Interchange
78.623126.531South plate.svg
SR 380 south / South Miami Avenue
Southern end of SR 380 concurrency
78.994127.129Business plate.svg
US 35.svg
US 42.svg US 35 Bus. (East Main Street/West Main Street) / US 42
Northern terminsu of SR 380
Xenia Township 82.759133.188North plate.svg
SR 235 north (East Xenia Drive)
Southern terminus of SR 235
Yellow Springs 88.173141.901To plate blue.svg
Dayton Street to I-675
88.330142.153East plate.svg
SR 343 east Clifton
Clark Green Township 91.311146.951West Blee Road (CR-794) Springfield Airport Former SR 794
Springfield Township 93.829151.003Fairfield PikeAt-grade intersection; southern end of freeway
I-70.svg I-70  Columbus, Dayton Interchange;I-70 exits 52A/B
US 40.svgOH-4.svg US 40  / SR 4  Springfield, Dayton Interchange; Exits 7A (east) and 7B (west)
98.545158.593OH-41.svg SR 41  Troy, Springfield Interchange; Exit 8
Springfield 101.684163.645East plate.svg
SR 334 east (River Road) Springfield
county line
Bowlusville 104.835168.716County Line RoadInterchange; Exit 15
Champaign Urbana Township 106.342171.141Springfield-Urbana PikeAt-grade intersection; northern end of freeway
Urbana 110.425177.712West plate.svg
SR 55 west (Lewis B. Moore Drive)
Eastern terminus of SR 55
111.381179.250US 35.svgOH-29.svgHospital sign.svg US 35  / SR 29 (Miami Street / Scioto Street)Traffic circle; Mercy Health-Urbana Hospital to the east
Salem Township 114.744184.663OH-296.svg SR 296
120.511193.944East plate.svg
SR 507 east Ohio Caverns
Logan West Liberty 121.655195.785OH-245.svg SR 245 (West Baird Street / East Baird Street)
Liberty Township 123.211198.289West plate.svg
SR 508 west
Eastern terminus of SR 508
Bellefontaine 129.531208.460East plate.svg
East plate.svg
SR 47 east (North Madriver Street) / SR 540 east (East Sandusky Avenue)
Western terminus of SR 540; southern end of SR 47 west concurrency
68 turns west for a block
129.631208.621South plate.svg
US 68.svg
West plate.svg
US 68 south / SR 47 west (West Sandusky Avenue) / North Main Street
End one-way; 68 south and 47 west to the west, 68 east turns back north
US 33.svg US 33  Marysville, Huntsville, Russells Point Interchange
McArthur Township 135.547218.142North plate.svg
SR 638 north
Southern terminus of SR 638
136.344219.424OH-274.svg SR 274
Rushcreek Township 140.075225.429OH-273.svg SR 273
Hardin Kenton 150.531242.256North plate.svg
West plate.svg
SR 53 north (East Espy Street) / SR 67 west (West Espy Street)
Southern end of SR 67 concurrency; southern terminus of SR 53
150.963242.951OH-309.svg SR 309 (Franklin Street)
151.029243.058East plate.svg
SR 67 east (West Columbus Street)
Northern end of SR 67 concurrency
151.109243.186South plate.svg
SR 31 south (West Carrol Street)
Northern terminus of SR 31
Blanchard Township 156.887252.485West plate.svg
SR 701 west
Eastern terminus of SR 701
Dunkirk 160.506258.309OH-81.svg SR 81 (West Geneva Street / East Geneva Street)
Hancock Madison Township 163.537–
US 30.svg US 30  Mansfield, Fort Wayne Interchange
Arlington 168.085270.507OH-103.svg SR 103 (East Main Cross Street / West Main Cross Street)
Findlay 174.751281.234East plate.svg
SR 15 east Carey
175.917283.111West plate.svg
SR 15 west
178.099286.623Lima Avenue Findlay, Airport Interchange; former US 25
178.434287.162I-75.svgNorth plate.svg
I-75  / SR 15 north Dayton, Toledo
178.912287.931I-75.svg I-75 Route ends at I-75
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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U.S. Route 42 is an east–west United States highway that runs southwest–northeast for 350 miles (560 km) from Louisville, Kentucky to Cleveland, Ohio. The route has several names including Pearl Road from Cleveland to Medina in Northeast Ohio, Reading Road in Cincinnati, Cincinnati and Lebanon Pike in southwestern Ohio and Brownsboro Road in Louisville. Traveling northeast, the highway ends in downtown Cleveland and traveling southwest ends in Louisville.

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U.S. Route 431 (US 431) is a spur of U.S. Route 31. It currently travels for approximately 556 miles (895 km) from US 231/Alabama State Route 210 and US 231 Business and US 431 Bus. in Dothan, Alabama, to Owensboro, Kentucky, at US 60 and Kentucky Route 2831.

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ohio State Route 235</span>

State Route 235 is a 133.2-mile-long (214.4 km) north–south state highway in the western portion of the U.S. state of Ohio. Its southern terminus is at US 68 near the small town of Oldtown just north of Xenia, and its northern terminus is at State Route 65 at the Maumee River nearly 5 miles (8.0 km) east of Grand Rapids, west of Otsego.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Kentucky Route 55</span>

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Kentucky Route 80</span> Highway in Kentucky

Kentucky Route 80 (KY 80) is a 483.55-mile-long (778.20 km) state highway in the southern part of the U.S. state of Kentucky. The route originates on the state's western border at Columbus in Hickman County, and stretches across the southern portion of the state, terminating southeast of Elkhorn City on the Virginia state line. It is the longest Kentucky State Highway, though the official distance as listed in route logs is much less due to multiple concurrencies with U.S. Route 68 (US 68) and U.S. Route 23.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ohio State Route 4</span> Highway in Ohio

State Route 4, formerly known as Inter-county Highway 4 until 1921 and State Highway 4 in 1922, is a major north–south state highway in Ohio. It is the fifth longest state route in Ohio. Its southern terminus is at U.S. Route 42 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and its northern terminus is at U.S. Route 6 in Sandusky, Ohio. Its path is nearly ruler-straight for many miles. Some portions of the route are still marked as Dixie Highway. The northern portion was constructed by the Columbus and Sandusky Turnpike Company, see Turnpike Lands.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">U.S. Route 31W</span>

U.S. Route 31W is the westernmost of two parallel routes for U.S. Route 31 from Nashville, Tennessee to Louisville, Kentucky. At one time, it split with U.S. Route 31E at Sellersburg, Indiana, crossing into nearby Louisville via the Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Bridge. Tennessee State Route 41 is its unsigned companion route in Tennessee.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ohio State Route 253</span> Highway in Ohio

State Route 253 (SR 253) is a very short east–west state highway in the southern part of the U.S. state of Ohio. With an overall length of just 0.56 miles (0.90 km), the majority of SR 253 is a part of the Jesse Stuart Memorial Bridge, which crosses over the Ohio River near Franklin Furnace, Ohio. The western terminus of SR 253 is at about the midspan of the bridge, where it crosses the Kentucky State Line and becomes Kentucky Route 10 (KY 10). The eastern terminus of the highway is at a diamond interchange with U.S. Route 52 (US 52) near the eastern landing of the Ohio River crossing. The current SR 253 was established in the late 1980s. However, an earlier version of the highway existed in the Medina vicinity from the early 1920s until the late 1950s.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ohio State Route 852</span>

State Route 852 is a north–south state highway in the southern portion of the U.S. state of Ohio. Its southern terminus is at the Kentucky state line on the Carl Perkins Memorial Bridge over the Ohio River near Portsmouth, and its northern terminus is at an interchange with the State Route 73/State Route 104 concurrency, just north of a complex interchange with U.S. Route 52 about 1.75 miles (2.82 km) west of Portsmouth.

The roads of Cincinnati, Ohio include three major interstate highways, one interstate bypass and one interstate spur and six U.S. highways.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ohio State Route 41</span>

State Route 41 is a north–south state highway in the southern and western portions of the U.S. state of Ohio. Its southern terminus is at U.S. Route 52, US 62 Business, and US 68 Business in Aberdeen. ; and its northern terminus is along SR 48 at US 36 in Covington. Throughout its southern portion the route is quite hilly as it passes predominantly northward through scenic areas with state parks and monuments. Along its northern portion the route heads in a more westerly direction across mainly flat terrain as a major road through the cities of Washington Court House, Springfield, and Troy.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ohio State Route 369</span> Highway in Ohio

State Route 369 (SR 369) is a short, two-lane north–south state highway in the western portion of the U.S. state of Ohio. The southern terminus of SR 369 is at an interchange with SR 4 approximately two and a half miles (4.0 km) northeast of Enon. Its northern terminus is at U.S. Route 40 (US 40) nearly one and a half miles (2.4 km) east of Donnelsville. SR 369 was created in the mid-1930s. In addition to serving as a connector between SR 4 and US 40 southwest of Springfield, it provides access to a county park named in honor of George Rogers Clark.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Interstate 75 in Ohio</span> Interstate Highway in Ohio, United States

Interstate 75 (I-75) runs from Cincinnati to Toledo by way of Dayton in the US state of Ohio. The highway enters the state running concurrently with I-71 from Kentucky on the Brent Spence Bridge over the Ohio River and into the Bluegrass region. I-75 continues along the Mill Creek Expressway northward to the Butler County line just north of I-275. From there, the freeway runs into the Miami Valley and then passes through the Great Black Swamp before crossing into Michigan.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Interstate 70 in Ohio</span>

Interstate 70 (I-70) in the US state of Ohio provides access between Indiana and West Virginia. I-70 is a major highway for traffic within, to, from, and through Ohio. The highway is a core roadway of the Columbus metropolitan area and is of additional importance in the Dayton metropolitan area.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Eggner's Ferry Bridge</span> Bridge in Kentucky, United States

Eggner Ferry Bridge, also known as Eggner's Ferry Bridge, is a four-lane bridge in Trigg and Marshall counties in the U.S. state of Kentucky. The current through-arch bridge opened to traffic on April 7, 2016, replacing a two-lane bowstring truss bridge constructed in 1932. The bridge carries US 68 and Kentucky Route 80 across Kentucky Lake. The main span of the original 1932 bridge collapsed on January 26, 2012 after it was hit by a ship. There were no injuries. The bridge was repaired and reopened to traffic on May 25 of that year. On the morning of July 25, 2016, the middle four spans of the old Eggner's Ferry Bridge were brought down using controlled explosives.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">U.S. Route 23 in Ohio</span> Section of U.S. Highway in Ohio, United States

U.S. Route 23 (US 23) is a United States Numbered Highway that runs from Jacksonville, Florida, to Mackinaw City, Michigan. In the state of Ohio, it is a major north–south state highway that runs from the Kentucky border at Portsmouth to the Michigan border at Sylvania.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">U.S. Route 150 in Kentucky</span> Section of U.S. Numbered Highway in Kentucky, United States

U.S. Route 150 (US 150) in Kentucky is a 121.097-mile-long (194.887 km) east–west highway that runs from the Indiana state line above the Ohio River to US 25/KY 1249 at Mount Vernon.


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