U.S. Route 6 in Colorado

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U.S. Highway 6
U.S. Route 6 in Colorado
US 6 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by CDOT
Length467.284 mi [1] (752.021 km)
Major junctions
West endI-70.svgUS 6.svgUS 50.svg I-70 / US 6 / US 50 at the Utah state line
East endUS 6.svg US 6 at the Nebraska state line
Counties Mesa, Garfield, Eagle, Summit, Clear Creek, Jefferson, Denver, Adams, Weld, Morgan, Washington, Logan, Phillips
Highway system
Colorado State Highways
Colorado 5.svg SH 5 Colorado 7.svg SH 7

U.S. Route 6 (US 6) is a part of the U.S. Highway System that travels from Bishop, California, to Provincetown, Massachusetts. In the U.S. state of Colorado, US 6 is an eastwest highway stretching from Utah to Nebraska. Much of the route overlaps other highways in Colorado, and as a result, much of US 6 is unsigned.


Route description

The 6th Avenue Freeway in Denver, Colorado, looking east from Knox Court. 6thAvenueFreeway.JPG
The 6th Avenue Freeway in Denver, Colorado, looking east from Knox Court.

US 6 is concurrent with Interstate 70 for a significant portion of its length from the Utah state line to Denver. When the highway enters the western Denver suburbs, US 6 coincidentally aligns with 6th Avenue in the grid system, where it is known as 6th Avenue Freeway. Once it reaches Interstate 25, US 6 travels north briefly, then follows Interstate 76 for most of its length east of Denver. It is unsigned while it is overlapped.

Loveland Pass in 1964 6408-LovelandPassCOLO.jpg
Loveland Pass in 1964

The highest altitude along US 6 is 11,990 feet (3,650 m) at Loveland Pass, where it crosses the Continental Divide. It continues down Clear Creek Valley until it reaches I-70, where it is briefly overlapped until I-70 leaves Clear Creek Valley. US 6 continues down Clear Creek and into Denver, where it turns into a freeway with 6 lanes. East of Denver, it continues east while joined with I-76 until it reaches Sterling, where it diverges from the interstate. The last town in Colorado it passes is Holyoke.

U.S. 6 in Lakewood Colorado U.S. 6 in Lakewood Colorado.jpg
U.S. 6 in Lakewood Colorado

Major intersections

CountyLocationmi [1] kmExitDestinationsNotes
Mesa 0.0000.000I-70.svg I-70 west ( US 6 / US 50 west) Salina Continuation into Utah
1.8142.9192 Rabbit Valley Exit number follows I-70
Mack 11.10617.873I-70.svg I-70 east ( US 50 east)Eastern end of I-70/US 50 overlap; I-70 exit 11
Loma 15.13224.353Colorado 139 wide.svgI-70.svg SH 139 to I-70  Loma, Rangely To I-70 via SH 139 south
Fruita 19.95532.114Colorado 340 wide.svgI-70.svg SH 340 east (Coulson Street) to I-70 Western terminus of SH 340
Grand Junction 26.08041.972Business Loop 70.svgI-70.svg I-70 BL begins / US 50 west / I-70  Denver, Utah Western end of I-70 BL/US 50 overlap; I-70 exit 26; diverging diamond interchange
28.24445.454Patterson Road / 24 Road
Redlands Parkway south
Partial interchange
30.44749.000Business Loop 70.svgUS 50.svg I-70 BL / US 50 east Montrose Eastern end of I-70 BL/US 50 overlap; no westbound exit
34.85956.100Business Loop 70.svg I-70 BL westWestern end of I-70 BL overlap
Clifton 37.26759.975Colorado 141 wide.svg SH 141 southNorthern terminus of SH 141
37.72660.714Business Loop 70.svgI-70.svg I-70 BL east to I-70  Utah, Denver Eastern end of I-70 BL overlap
I-70.svg I-70 westWestern end of I-70 overlap; I-70 exit 44; westbound left exit and eastbound left entrance; mileposts change to reflect I-70 mileage
45.33272.95546 Cameo Exit numbers follow I-70
46.86775.42547 James M. Robb – Colorado River State Park, Island AcresFormer port of entry
49.01578.88249Colorado 65.svgColorado 330 wide.svg SH 65 south to SH 330 east Grand Mesa, Collbran
I-70.svg I-70 eastEastern end of I-70 overlap; [2] I-70 exit 62; mileposts change to reflect US 6 mileage
Garfield Parachute 72.284–
I-70.svg I-70 / Frontage Road Dumbbell interchange; I-70 exit 72
Rifle 88.895143.063I-70.svg I-70 I-70 exit 87
91.240146.837Colorado 13.svg SH 13 north Meeker, Craig East end of state maintenance; [3] west end of SH 13 overlap
Colorado 13.svgI-70.svg SH 13 south to I-70 East end of SH 13 overlap; westbound access via Whiteriver Avenue
Chacra 110.806
I-70.svg I-70 westWest end of state maintenance; [3] western end of I-70 overlap; I-70 exit 109; mileposts change to reflect I-70 mileage
111.328179.165111South CanyonExit number follows I-70
Glenwood Springs 114.295
I-70.svg I-70 east / Gilstrap Court / Midland Avenue / Mel Ray Road / Highway 6 west – Glenwood Springs MallDumbbell interchange; east end of state maintenance; Highway 6 west is former US 6/ US 24 west; I-70 exit 114; mileposts change to reflect US 6 mileage
118.645190.941Devereaux RoadWest end of state maintenance [4]
Colorado 82.svgI-70.svg SH 82 east (Grand Avenue) / I-70 west / E. 6th Street / Laurel Street Aspen Partial dumbbell interchange with I-70; western end of I-70 overlap; I-70 exit 116; western terminus of SH 82; mileposts change to reflect I-70 mileage
118.640190.933119 No Name Exit numbers follow I-70
120.954194.657121Grizzly Creek to Hanging Lake Hanging Lake appears only on westbound signage
122.660197.402123ShoshoneEastbound exit and westbound entrance
125.061201.266125 Hanging Lake Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
125.269201.601 Hanging Lake Tunnel
128.317206.506129Bair Ranch Road
Eagle 133.384–
133 Dotsero
Gypsum 139.533
I-70.svg I-70 east Denver Eastern end of I-70 overlap; I-70 exit 140; mileposts change to reflect US 6 mileage
141.993228.516Frontage Road / Trail Gulch Road Roundabout; east end of state maintenance; [5] Frontage Rd. is former US 6 west
Eagle 149.718240.948I-70.svg Church Street / Eby Creek Road ( I-70 BS north) to I-70 Roundabout; west end of state maintenance; [6] southern terminus of I-70 BS
Wolcott 159.500256.690Colorado 131 wide.svg SH 131 north Steamboat Springs Western end of SH 131 overlap
159.889257.316Colorado 131 wide.svgI-70.svg SH 131 south to I-70 Eastern end of SH 131 overlap
Eagle-Vail 172.185277.105I-70.svg I-70 eastI-70 east exit 169; no access to I-70 west
I-70.svg I-70 west Aspen
US 24.svg US 24 east Minturn, Leadville
Western end of I-70 overlap; I-70 exit 171; western terminus of US 24; mileposts change to reflect I-70 mileage
Vail 173.319278.930173 West Vail Exit numbers follow I-70
176.057283.336176 Vail Ski Area  – Vail Museum
179.866289.466180 East Vail
Vail Pass 189.981305.745Elevation 10,662 feet (3,250 m)
Summit 190.095305.928190Shrine Pass Road – Vail Pass rest area
195.298314.302195Colorado 91.svg SH 91 south Copper Mountain, Leadville Northern terminus of SH 91
197.854318.415198 Officers Gulch
Frisco 200.995323.470201Main Street
202.352325.654203Colorado 9.svg SH 9 south Frisco, Breckenridge Western end of SH 9 overlap
Silverthorne 205.423
Colorado 9.svgI-70.svg SH 9 north (Blue River Parkway) / I-70 east Silverthorne Eastern end of I-70/SH 9 overlap; I-70 exit 205; mileposts change to reflect US 6 mileage
Loveland Pass 225.552362.991Elevation 11,990 feet (3,650 m)
Clear Creek 229.896
I-70.svg I-70 west Grand Junction Western end of I-70 overlap; mileposts change to reflect I-70 mileage
218.346351.394218Herman Gulch RoadExit numbers follow I-70
221.297356.143221 Bakerville
Silver Plume 225.719363.260226 Silver Plume
Georgetown 227.910366.786228 Georgetown
231.889373.189232US 40.svg US 40 west Empire, Granby Western end of US 40 overlap
223.047358.959223 Lawson Eastbound exit only
234.209376.923234 Downieville, Lawson
235.005378.204235 Dumont Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
237.680382.509238Fall River Road
Idaho Springs 238.885384.448239Business Loop 70.svg I-70 BL east Idaho Springs
239.652385.683240Colorado 103 wide.svg SH 103 south / Mount Evans Scenic Byway  Mount Evans Northern terminus of SH 103
241.125388.053241Business Loop 70.svg I-70 BL west / County Road 314
242.980391.038243 Hidden Valley, Central City
I-70.svg I-70  Denver Interchange; eastern end of I-70 overlap; I-70 exit 244; no westbound exit; mileposts change to reflect US 6 mileage
257.296414.078US 40.svgI-70.svg US 40 east to I-70 eastEastern end of US 40 overlap
257.751414.810Colorado 119 wide.svg SH 119 north Black Hawk, Central City Southern terminus of SH 119
Jefferson Golden 271.600437.098Colorado 58.svgColorado 93.svg SH 58 east / SH 93 north Golden, Boulder Western terminus of SH 58
273.397439.990Colorado 470 wide.svg SH 470 east Colorado Springs SH 470 exits 0A-B northbound
275.120442.763US 40.svg US 40 (Colfax Avenue)
276.003444.184I-70.svg I-70 west Grand Junction West end of 6th Avenue freeway; westbound exit and eastbound entrance; I-70 exit 261 eastbound
Lakewood 276.998445.785Indiana Street
277.002445.792Union Boulevard / Simms Street
277.310446.287Colorado 391 wide.svg SH 391 (Kipling Street)
278.795448.677Garrison Street
280.830451.952Colorado 121 wide.svg SH 121 (Wadsworth Blvd)
281.984453.809Colorado 95.svg SH 95 (Sheridan Blvd)
282.330454.366Knox Court
City and County of Denver 283.86456.83Colorado 88.svg SH 88 (Federal Blvd) / Bryant Street
6th Avenue eastNo westbound exit; I-25 exit 209A; 6th Avenue freeway continues east
I-25.svg I-25 south ( US 85 / US 87 south) Colorado Springs West end of I-25/US 85/US 87 overlap; I-25 exit 209B; mileposts change to reflect I-25 mileage
209.479337.124209C8th AvenueExit numbers follow I-25
210.310338.461210AUS 40.svgUS 287.svg US 40 / US 287 (Colfax Avenue) Downtown Denver
210.415338.630210BAuraria ParkwayEastbound exit and westbound entrance
210.532338.818210C17th AvenueEastbound exit and entrance; westbound access is via exit 211
211.109339.74721123rd Avenue / 20th Avenue20th Ave. not signed eastbound
211.464340.318212A-BSpeer Boulevard Downtown Denver Signed as exits 212A (south) and 212B (north)
212.096341.335212C20th Street
I-25 HOV/toll lanesSouth end of I-25 reversible HOV/toll lanes; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
212.769342.419213Park Avenue / W. 38th Avenue
I-25.svg I-25 north ( US 87 north) Thornton, Ft. Collins East end of I-25/US 87 overlap; I-25 exit 214A
I-70.svg I-70 west Grand Junction Western end of I-70 overlap; I-70 exit 274; mileposts change to reflect I-70 mileage
274.607441.937275AWashington StreetNo exit number eastbound; exit numbers follow I-70
275.252442.975275BColorado 265 wide.svg SH 265 north (Brighton Boulevard)
275.545443.447275CYork Street/Josephine StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance
I-70.svg I-70 eastEastern end of I-70 overlap; I-70 exit 276A; mileposts change to reflect US 6 mileage
Adams Commerce City 292.145470.162Colorado 2.svgI-70.svg SH 2 south (Colorado Blvd) to I-70 eastInterchange; western end of SH 2 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
292.743471.124I-270.svg I-270 ( US 36 ) Boulder, Limon Partial cloverleaf interchange; no eastbound exit to I-270 east; I-270 exits 2A-B
293.42472.21Colorado 2.svg SH 2 east (Old)Interchange; no westbound exit; eastern end of SH 2 overlap; no CDOT maintenance on this stretch of SR 2
293.763472.766Mill RoadInterchange
Colorado 265 wide.svg SH 265 south
295.000474.756Colorado 224 wide.svgI-76.svg SH 224 west (74th Avenue) to I-76 west
I-76.svg I-76 west Arvada Interchange; western end of I-76 overlap; westbound left exit and eastbound left entrance; I-76 exit 9; mileposts change to reflect I-76 mileage
10.46616.8431088th AvenueExit numbers follow I-76
11.54918.5861196th Avenue
12.50220.12012US 85.svg US 85 north Greeley, Brighton Eastern end of US 85 overlap; no eastbound entrance
Brighton 16.47726.51716Colorado 2.svg SH 2 (Sable Boulevard) / 120th Avenue Denver International Airport
18.07929.09518E470.svgI-70.svgAirport Sign.svg E-470 south to I-70 east Limon, Denver International Airport Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; E-470 exit 35
19.72331.74120136th Avenue
21.08133.92721Eagle Boulevard
22.40736.06122Bromley Lane
Lochbuie 25.14540.46725Colorado 7.svg SH 7 west Lochbuie, Brighton
Weld Hudson 31.48050.66231Colorado 52.svg SH 52  Hudson, Fort Lupton
34.41255.38134Kersey Road
38.92562.64439 Keenesburg ( I-76 BS )
47.97277.20348 Roggen
49.23679.23849Painter RoadWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
57.21992.08557County Road 91
59.79996.23760Colorado 144 wide.svg SH 144 east Orchard
Morgan 63.883
I-76.svg I-76 eastEastern end of I-76 overlap; [7] no westbound access to I-76 east; I-76 exit 64; mileposts change to reflect US 6 mileage
345.928556.717Colorado 52.svgColorado 39.svgI-76.svg SH 52 west / SH 39 north to I-76 west Goodrich, Hoyt Western end of SH 52 overlap; southern terminus of SH 39
66BI-76.svg I-76 west
US 34.svg US 34 west Greeley, Estes Park
Exit number is for US 34; exit numbers follow I-76; western end of I-76/US 34 overlap; [7] I-76 exit 66A; mileposts change to reflect I-76 mileage
73.130117.69173Long Bridge Road
75.280121.15175Business Loop 76.svgUS 34.svg I-76 BL / US 34 east ( SH 52 east) Fort Morgan Eastern end of US 34/SH 52 overlap; western terminus of I-76 BL
78.852126.90079Colorado 144 wide.svg SH 144  Weldona
Fort Morgan 80.139128.97180Colorado 52.svg SH 52  Raymer, Fort Morgan
81.648131.40082Barlow Road Fort Morgan
85.713137.94286Dodd Bridge Road
88.695142.74189Hospital Road
Brush 89.643144.26690Colorado 71.svgUS 34.svg SH 71 to US 34 ( I-76 BL ) Brush, Akron, Limon, Snyder
I-76.svgBusiness Loop 76.svgUS 34.svgColorado 71.svg I-76 east / I-76 BL west (US 34 Spur south) to US 34 / SH 71  Brush Eastern end of I-76 overlap; western end of I-76 BL overlap; I-76 exit 92; mileposts change to reflect US 6 mileage; US 34 Spur unsigned
Washington 383.254616.788I-76.svg County Road Q to I-76
Logan Atwood 397.955640.446Colorado 63.svg SH 63 south Akron Northern terminus of SH 63
Sterling 404.644651.211US 138.svgColorado 14.svg US 138 east (3rd Street north) / SH 14 west (Chestnut Street west) Julesburg, Fort Collins SH 14 is former US 6 west; western terminus of SH 138; eastern terminus of SH 14
404.734651.356Front StreetInterchange; no westbound entrance
406.568654.308Business Loop 76.svgI-76.svg I-76 BL ends / I-76  Fort Morgan, Julesburg Eastern terminus of I-76 BL; eastern end of I-76 BL overlap; I-76 exit 125
406.794654.671Colorado 61.svg SH 61 south Otis Northern terminus of SH 61
Fleming 424.964683.913Colorado 55.svg SH 55 north (Logan Avenue)Southern terminus of SH 55
Phillips Haxtun 436.496702.472Colorado 59.svg SH 59  Yuma, Sedgwick
Holyoke 454.06730.74US 385.svg US 385 (Interocean Avenue)
467.284752.021US 6.svg US 6 east Imperial Continuation into Nebraska
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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U.S. Route 6 (US 6), also called the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, honoring the American Civil War veterans association, is a main route of the U.S. Highway system. While it currently runs east-northeast from Bishop, California, to Provincetown, Massachusetts, the route has been modified several times. The highway's longest-lasting routing, from 1936 to 1964, had its western terminus at Long Beach, California. During this time, US 6 was the longest highway in the country.

Interstate 76 (I-76) is an Interstate Highway in the Western United States that runs from Interstate 70 in Arvada, Colorado to an intersection with Interstate 80 near Big Springs, Nebraska. All but three miles of the highway's route is in Colorado.

Interstate 225 (I-225) is a 11.959 mile (19.246 km) connector spur route of Interstate 25 in Colorado. It is the only auxiliary route of Interstate 25, and one of two auxiliary Interstate highways in the state of Colorado. I-225 traverses Aurora and small portions of Denver and Greenwood Village. It runs north from Interstate 25 to Interstate 70. It intersects with state highway 83, state highway 30 and Interstate 70 Business/U.S. Highway 40/U.S. Highway 287, known locally as Colfax Avenue. Construction on the freeway began in 1964 at the I-70 interchange and continued progressively through many years proceeding south through Aurora until final completion in 1976 with the final link between Yosemite Street and I-25.

Colorado State Highway 7

State Highway 7 is an 81.64 miles (131.39 km) long state highway in the U.S. state of Colorado. It is located in the north-central portion of the state, traversing the mountains on the east of the continental divide south of Estes Park as well as portions of the Colorado Piedmont north of Denver. The northwestern segment of the highway is part of the Peak-to-Peak Scenic Byway and furnishes an access route to Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park. In its southeast portion it skirts the northern end of the Denver Metropolitan Area, providing an access route connecting Boulder, Lafayette and Brighton with Interstate 25 and Interstate 76.

Interstate 80 Business, called the Capital City Freeway in its entirety and also known as Business 80, is a business loop of Interstate 80 (I-80) through Sacramento. The route is also colloquially referred to as "Cap City Freeway" and "Biz 80". The entire route is a freeway.

K-96 is a 300-mile-long (480 km) state highway in central and southern Kansas. Its western terminus is at the Colorado state line east of Towner, Colorado, where it continues as Colorado State Highway 96; its eastern terminus since 1999 is at U.S. Route 54/U.S. Route 400 in eastern Wichita.

Interstate 270 (I-270) is a 7-mile-long (11 km) highway in the northeastern part of the Denver–Aurora Metropolitan Area in the U.S. state of Colorado. It overlaps U.S. Highway 36 (US 36) for its entire length. The western terminus of I-270 is at the interchange with I-25 and US 36. It heads eastward to an interchange with I-76, where the mileposts reset because of a previous freeway extension. The freeway heads southeast and comes to meet Vasquez Boulevard, where it enters Commerce City. The road crosses Quebec Street before ending at I-70.

State Highway 470 is the southwestern portion of the Denver Metro area's beltway. Originally planned as Interstate 470 in the 1960s, the beltway project was attacked on environmental impact grounds and the interstate beltway was never built. The portion of "Interstate 470" that was built as a state highway is the present-day SH 470, which is a freeway for its entire length. The route has previously been called the Centennial Freeway.

State Highway 103 in the U.S. state of Colorado runs from Interstate 70 (I-70), U.S. Route 6 and US 40 at Idaho Springs to county roads 151 and 103 at Squaw Pass. The 13 miles (19 km) from Idaho Springs to SH 5 forms about half of the Mount Evans Scenic Byway.

Interstate 70 (I-70) is a mainline route of the Interstate Highway System in the United States connecting Utah and Maryland. The Utah section runs east–west for approximately 232 miles (373 km) across the central part of the state. Richfield is the largest Utah city served by the freeway, which does not serve or connect any urban areas in the state. The freeway was built as part of a system of highways connecting Los Angeles and the northeastern United States. I-70 was the second attempt to connect southern California to the east coast of the United States via central Utah, the first being a failed attempt to construct a transcontinental railroad. Parts of that effort were re-used in the laying out of the route of I-70.

Interstate 70 (I-70) is a transcontinental Interstate Highway in the United States, stretching from Cove Fort, Utah, to Baltimore, Maryland. In Colorado, the highway traverses an east–west route across the center of the state. In western Colorado, the highway connects the metropolitan areas of Grand Junction and Denver via a route through the Rocky Mountains. In eastern Colorado, the highway crosses the Great Plains, connecting Denver with metropolitan areas in Kansas and Missouri. Bicycles and other non-motorized vehicles, normally prohibited on Interstate Highways, are allowed on those stretches of I-70 in the Rockies where no other through route exists.

U.S. Route 80 is a U.S. highway that begins in the state of Texas in Dallas at an interchange with I-30. US 80 runs in an east-west direction for most of its length from Dallas to Louisiana. Before the advent of the Interstate Highway System, US 80 through Texas was once a vital link in a major transcontinental highway with the national western terminus being in San Diego, California rather than Dallas. Since 1991, most of US 80 in Texas has been decommissioned in favor of I-10, I-20 and I-30 between the New Mexico state line and its current western terminus.

In the U.S. state of Colorado, Interstate 25 (I-25) follows the north–south corridor through Colorado Springs and Denver. The highway enters the state from the north near Carr and exits the state near Starkville. The highway also runs through the cities of Fort Collins, Loveland, and Pueblo. The route is concurrent with U.S. Highway 87 through the entire length of the state. I-25 replaced U.S. Highway 87 and most of U.S. Highway 85 for through traffic.

U.S. Route 24 in Colorado

U.S. Route 24 (US 24) is a part of the U.S. Highway System that travels from Minturn, Colorado, to Clarkston, Michigan. In the U.S. state of Colorado US 24 extends from Interstate 70 (I-70) and US 6 in Minturn east to the Kansas state line where it continues as US 24 concurrent with I-70.

U.S. Highway 36 is a major east–west route in the U.S. state of Colorado, extending from Rocky Mountain National Park to the Kansas state line.

Colorado State Highway 58 Highway in Colorado

State Highway 58 (SH 58) is a 5.627 mi (9.056 km) state highway in Jefferson County, Colorado. It begins at an at-grade intersection with US 6 and SH 93 in Golden and ends in Wheat Ridge. It is a freeway for its entire length except for its west junction, which is a signal light. The entire route is known as the Golden Freeway.

Colorado State Highway 74 United States historic place

State Highway 74 (SH 74) is a state highway in the U.S. state of Colorado. Running 18 miles (29 km) from Interstate 70 (I-70) in El Rancho to SH 8 in Morrison, the highway roughly follows a hook-shaped path running northwest–southeast. The section of the route north of the town of Evergreen is known as Evergreen Parkway and is a segment with a four- to six-lane roadway, with the section east of Evergreen mostly two lanes. The other section is known as the Bear Creek Canyon Scenic Mountain Drive, or just Bear Creek Road, and primarily parallels Bear Creek, passing through the towns of Kittredge and Idledale. The route, which is on the outskirts of Denver, passes through several of the city's mountain parks, including Bergen, Dedisse and Red Rocks parks.

There are 13 active business routes of Interstate 70 in Colorado. I-70 spans Colorado in an east-west fashion, holding many business loops and spurs along the way varying from lengths of 0.22 mi (0.35 km) to 27.47 mi (44.21 km), with a total of 55.51 miles. Four other business routes also used to exist within the state.

Colorado State Highway 119

State Highway 119 is a 63.7-mile-long (102.5 km) state highway in north central Colorado. It extends in a southwest to northeast direction, from a junction with U.S. Route 6 in Clear Creek Canyon between Golden and Idaho Springs to a junction with Interstate 25 (I-25) east of Longmont. The southwest portion of the road is a scenic mountain drive providing dramatic vistas of the Front Range, while the northeast portion is a busy interurban thoroughfare. The city of Boulder separates these two vastly different sections of SH 119.


Route map:

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