UEFA Women's Euro 1993 qualification

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The qualification for the UEFA Women's Euro 1993 was held between September 21, 1991 & November 14, 1992. The winner of the quarter-finals qualified.

The 1993 UEFA Women's Championship, also referred to as Women's Euro 1993 was a football tournament that happened between 1991 and 1993. The final games was held in Italy. The UEFA Women's Championship is a regular tournament involving European national teams from countries affiliated to UEFA, the European governing body, who have qualified for the competition. The competition aims to determine which national women's team is the best in Europe.


First round

Group 1

Flag of Norway.svg  Norway 43102407
Flag of Belgium.svg  Belgium 4121184
Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland 40130171
Switzerland   Flag of Switzerland.svg0–10Flag of Norway.svg  Norway
NFF Report (in Norwegian) Medalen Soccerball shade.svg 33', 55', 57', 79'
Carlsen Soccerball shade.svg 41', 58'
Hegstad Soccerball shade.svg 44', 73'
Stenberg Soccerball shade.svg 60'
Haugen Soccerball shade.svg 80'
Stadion Brügglifeld, Aarau
Attendance: 700
Referee: Grapher

Belgium  Flag of Belgium.svg0–0Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland
KBVB Report (in Dutch)
De Leunen, Geel
Referee: John Purcell (Ireland)

Switzerland   Flag of Switzerland.svg0–1Flag of Belgium.svg  Belgium
KBVB Report (in Dutch) Vanslembrouck Soccerball shade.svg 56'
Pfäffikon, Switzerland
Referee: René Bindels (Luxembourg)

Belgium  Flag of Belgium.svg0–0Flag of Norway.svg  Norway
NFF Report (in Norwegian)
KBVB Report (in Dutch)
Pierre Cornelis Stadion, Aalst
Attendance: 600
Referee: Keith Cooper (Wales)

Norway  Flag of Norway.svg6–0Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland
Carlsen Soccerball shade.svg 16'
Krokan Soccerball shade.svg 47'
Nyborg Soccerball shade.svg 50'
Svensson Soccerball shade.svg 52'
Riise Soccerball shade.svg 71'
Aarønes Soccerball shade.svg 80'
NFF Report (in Norwegian)
Rolighetsmoen, Modum
Attendance: 910
Referee: Orrason

Norway  Flag of Norway.svg8–0Flag of Belgium.svg  Belgium
Aarønes Soccerball shade.svg 9', 44'
Carlsen Soccerball shade.svg 26'
Hegstad Soccerball shade.svg 40'
Krokan Soccerball shade.svg 42'
Riise Soccerball shade.svg 47', 75'
Nyborg Soccerball shade.svg 72'
NFF Report (in Norwegian)
KBVB Report (in Dutch)
Sofiemyr Stadion, Kolbotn
Attendance: 1,400
Referee: John Nielsen (Denmark)

Group 2

Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark 43101427
Flag of France.svg  France 41127103
Flag of Finland.svg  Finland 40223122
Finland  Flag of Finland.svg1–1Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark
Kuosmanen Soccerball shade.svg 26' DBU Report (in Danish) H. Jensen Soccerball shade.svg 34'
Tampere Stadium, Tampere
Attendance: 300
Referee: Christer Fällström (Sweden)

Denmark  Flag of Denmark.svg4–1Flag of France.svg  France
J. Hansen Soccerball shade.svg 2'
H. Jensen Soccerball shade.svg 16'
Thychosen Soccerball shade.svg 46' (pen.), 51'
Report (in French)
DBU Report (in Danish)
Jézéquel Soccerball shade.svg 90'

France  Flag of France.svg0–4Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark
Report (in French)
DBU Report (in Danish)
C. Nielsen Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Mackensie Soccerball shade.svg 20'
H. Jensen Soccerball shade.svg 49'
Nissen Soccerball shade.svg 60'
Stade de Penvillers, Quimper
Referee: Eric Blareau (Belgium)

Finland  Flag of Finland.svg1–1Flag of France.svg  France
Auveri Soccerball shade.svg 17' Report (in French) Bernauer Soccerball shade.svg 46'
Veritas Stadion, Turku
Attendance: 100
Referee: Elofsson (Sweden)

Denmark  Flag of Denmark.svg5–0Flag of Finland.svg  Finland
C. Nielsen Soccerball shade.svg 6', 38'
Nissen Soccerball shade.svg 12', 76'
Mackensie Soccerball shade.svg 24' (pen.)
DBU Report (in Danish)
Hjørring Stadion, Hjørring
Attendance: 905
Referee: Nemus Djurhuus (Faroe Islands)

France  Flag of France.svg5–1Flag of Finland.svg  Finland
Fusier Soccerball shade.svg 10', 72'
Petit Soccerball shade.svg 40'
Ticarzot Soccerball shade.svg 65'
Locatelli Soccerball shade.svg 70'
Report (in French) Toikka Soccerball shade.svg 36'

Group 3

Flag of England.svg  England 4400918
Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland 4112373
Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland 4013151
England  Flag of England.svg1–0Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland

England  Flag of England.svg4–0Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland
KSÍ Report (in Icelandic)

Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg0–0Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland
KSÍ Report (in Icelandic)

Iceland  Flag of Iceland.svg2–1Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland
Gylfadóttir Soccerball shade.svg 16'
Gunnlaugsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 21'
KSÍ Report (in Icelandic)?? Soccerball shade.svg

Iceland  Flag of Iceland.svg1–2Flag of England.svg  England
Stefánsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 60' KSÍ Report (in Icelandic)?? Soccerball shade.svg
?? Soccerball shade.svg

Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg0–2Flag of England.svg  England

Group 4

Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden 43101617
Flag of Spain.svg  Spain 4112263
Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland 41031122
Spain  Flag of Spain.svg0–4Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
SvFF Report (in Swedish) Videkull Soccerball shade.svg
Sundhage Soccerball shade.svg
Andelén Soccerball shade.svg
I. Johansson Soccerball shade.svg
Estadio La Balastera, Palencia
Attendance: 500

Spain  Flag of Spain.svg0–1Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland
FAI Report O'Toole Soccerball shade.svg 51'
Ciudad Deportiva de Lucena, Lucena
Referee: Philippe Leduc (France)

Republic of Ireland  Flag of Ireland.svg0–1Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
FAI Report Bakero Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Dalymount Park, Dublin
Referee: Bragi Bergmann

Sweden  Flag of Sweden.svg1–1Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
H. Johansson Soccerball shade.svg SvFF Report (in Swedish) Prieto Soccerball shade.svg
Ryavallen, Borås
Attendance: 454

Republic of Ireland  Flag of Ireland.svg0–1Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
FAI Report
SvFF Report (in Swedish)
Andelén Soccerball shade.svg 83'
Dalymount Park, Dublin
Attendance: 700
Referee: Stephen Lodge (England)

Sweden  Flag of Sweden.svg10–0Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland
Kalte Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Andersson Soccerball shade.svg 30', 67'
Andelén Soccerball shade.svg 42', 53', 70', 73'
Videkull Soccerball shade.svg 51', 64'
Nilsson Soccerball shade.svg 80'
FAI Report
SvFF Report (in Swedish)
Ryavallen, Borås
Attendance: 606
Referee: Zygmunt Ziober

Group 5

Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 4220616
Flag of Romania.svg  Romania 4130215
Flag of Greece.svg  Greece 4013061
Greece  Flag of Greece.svg0–0Flag of Romania.svg  Romania

Greece  Flag of Greece.svg0–3Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
KNVB Report (in Dutch) Timisela Soccerball shade.svg 1'
Geeris Soccerball shade.svg 2'
Limbeek Soccerball shade.svg 46'

Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg2–0Flag of Greece.svg  Greece
Geeris Soccerball shade.svg 34' (pen.), 73' KNVB Report (in Dutch)
Sportpark Het Valkennest, Valkenswaard
Referee: Styrbjörn Oskarsson (Finland)

Romania  Flag of Romania.svg1–0Flag of Greece.svg  Greece

Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg1–1Flag of Romania.svg  Romania
van der Ploeg Soccerball shade.svg 1' KNVB Report (in Dutch)??? Soccerball shade.svg 46'

Romania  Flag of Romania.svg0–0Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
KNVB Report (in Dutch)
Stadionul Silviu Ploeșteanu, Brașov
Referee: Vesselin Bogdanov (Bulgaria)

Group 6

Flag of Germany.svg  Germany 1100302
Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg  Yugoslavia 1001030
Yugoslavia  Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg0–3Flag of Germany.svg  Germany
DFB Report (in German) Unsleber Soccerball shade.svg 22'
Hengst Soccerball shade.svg 53'
Mohr Soccerball shade.svg 73'

Germany  Flag of Germany.svgn / pFlag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg  Yugoslavia

Due to political instability and war unrest in Yugoslavia, the first leg was played in Bulgaria and the second leg was not played. [1]

Breakup of Yugoslavia process starting in mid-1991 leading to the abolishment of the state of Yugoslavia

The breakup of Yugoslavia occurred as a result of a series of political upheavals and conflicts during the early 1990s. After a period of political and economic crisis in the 1980s, constituent republics of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia split apart, but the unresolved issues caused bitter inter-ethnic Yugoslav wars. The wars primarily affected Bosnia and Herzegovina, neighboring parts of Croatia and some years later, Kosovo.

Yugoslav Wars ethnic conflicts fought from 1991 to 2001 on the territory of former Yugoslavia

The Yugoslav Wars were a series of separate but related ethnic conflicts, wars of independence and insurgencies fought in the former Yugoslavia from 1991 to 2001, which led to the breakup of the Yugoslav state. Its constituent republics declared independence, despite unresolved tensions between ethnic minorities in the new countries, fueling the wars.

Group 7

Flag of Italy.svg  Italy 43101247
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czechoslovakia 4211765
Flag of Poland.svg  Poland 40043120
Poland  Flag of Poland.svg1–2Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czechoslovakia

Italy  Flag of Italy.svg3–1Flag of Poland.svg  Poland
Morace Soccerball shade.svg 5'
Fiorini Soccerball shade.svg 55'
Marsiletti Soccerball shade.svg 60'
FIGC Report (in Italian)Mikołajczyk Soccerball shade.svg 23'

Czechoslovakia  Flag of the Czech Republic.svg0–3Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
FIGC Report (in Italian) Fiorini Soccerball shade.svg 4' (pen.)
Morace Soccerball shade.svg 33', 79'

Czechoslovakia  Flag of the Czech Republic.svg3–0Flag of Poland.svg  Poland

Italy  Flag of Italy.svg2–2Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czechoslovakia
Tlachová Soccerball shade.svg 14' (o.g.)
Marsiletti Soccerball shade.svg 54'
FIGC Report (in Italian)Bulínová Soccerball shade.svg 59' (pen.)
Chlumecká Soccerball shade.svg 75'
Stadio Armando Picchi, Jesolo
Referee: Raul Garcia de Loza (Spain)

Poland  Flag of Poland.svg1–4Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
Jendryczko Soccerball shade.svg 50' FIGC Report (in Italian) Morace Soccerball shade.svg 26', 75'
D'Astolfo Soccerball shade.svg 29'
Marsiletti Soccerball shade.svg 37'
Stadion WKS Wawel, Kraków
Referee: Zeller (Germany)

Group 8

Flag of Russia.svg  Russia 4310727
Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary 4211525
Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria 4004190
USSR Flag of the Soviet Union.svg 2–1Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary

Bulgaria  Flag of Bulgaria.svg0–1Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary

Hungary  Flag of Hungary.svg0–0Flag of Russia.svg  Russia

Hungary  Flag of Hungary.svg3–0Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria

Russia  Flag of Russia.svg3–0Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria

Bulgaria  Flag of Bulgaria.svg1–2Flag of Russia.svg  Russia

Second round

First leg

Norway  Flag of Norway.svg3–0Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
Hegstad Soccerball shade.svg 50'
Riise Soccerball shade.svg 53'
Krokan Soccerball shade.svg 61'
KNVB Report (in Dutch)
NFF Report (in Norwegian)
Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo
Attendance: 695
Referee: Nemus Djurhuus (Faroe Islands)

Russia  Flag of Russia.svg0–7Flag of Germany.svg  Germany
DFB Report (in German) Voss Soccerball shade.svg 5', 17'
Neid Soccerball shade.svg 16'
Unsleber Soccerball shade.svg 19', 79'
Grigoli Soccerball shade.svg 42'
Mohr Soccerball shade.svg 71'
Eduard Streltsov Stadium, Moscow
Attendance: 500
Referee: Daniel Roduit (Switzerland)

Sweden  Flag of Sweden.svg1–2Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark
Andelén Soccerball shade.svg 10' DBU Report (in Danish)
SvFF Report (in Swedish)
Rasmussen Soccerball shade.svg 14'
M. Jensen Soccerball shade.svg 78'
Ryavallen, Borås
Attendance: 393
Referee: Wojciech Rudy (Poland)

Italy  Flag of Italy.svg3–2Flag of England.svg  England
Morace Soccerball shade.svg 37', 43'
Fiorini Soccerball shade.svg 54'
FIGC Report (in Italian) Walker Soccerball shade.svg 73'
Spacey Soccerball shade.svg 78'

Second leg

England  Flag of England.svg0–3Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
FIGC Report (in Italian) Bampton Soccerball shade.svg 54' (o.g.)
Law Soccerball shade.svg 55' (o.g.)
Morace Soccerball shade.svg 79'

Italy won 6–2 on aggregate.

Denmark  Flag of Denmark.svg1–1Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
Rasmussen Soccerball shade.svg 33' DBU Report (in Danish)
SvFF report (in Swedish)
Videkull Soccerball shade.svg 30'
Hjørring Stadion, Hjørring
Attendance: 609
Referee: Leon Schelings (Belgium)

Denmark won 3–2 on aggregate.

Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg0–3Flag of Norway.svg  Norway
KNVB Report (in Dutch)
NFF Report (in Norwegian)
Riise Soccerball shade.svg 30'
Medalen Soccerball shade.svg 37'
Svensson Soccerball shade.svg 52'
Sportpark Tijenraan, Raalte
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: Gerd Grabher (Austria)

Norway won 6–0 on aggregate.

Germany  Flag of Germany.svg0–0Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
DFB Report (in German)
Jahnstadion, Rheine
Attendance: 2,431
Referee: Frank McDonald

Germany won 7–0 on aggregate.

Italy, Denmark, Norway and Germany qualified for the final tournament.

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