UEFA Women's Euro 2005 qualification

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The qualification for the UEFA Women's Euro 2005 was held between March 26, 2003 & November 27, 2004. The first-placed of the group stage qualified directly. The second-placed and the two best third-placed teams played in two playoff matches for three other berths. England qualified as host.

The 2005 UEFA Women's Championship, also referred to as UEFA Women's Euro 2005, was a football tournament for women held from 5 June to 19 June 2005 in Lancashire, England and Cheshire, England. The UEFA Women's Championship is a regular tournament involving European national teams from countries affiliated to UEFA, the European governing body, who have qualified for the competition. The competition aims to determine which national women's team is the best in Europe.

The England women's national football team has been governed by the Football Association (FA) since 1993, having been previously administered by the Women's Football Association (WFA). England played its first international match in November 1972 against Scotland. Although most national football teams represent a sovereign state, as a member of the United Kingdom's Home Nations, England is permitted by FIFA statutes to maintain its own national side that competes in all major tournaments, with the exception of the Women's Olympic Football Tournament.


First Category

England qualified automatically as hosts for the final tournament.

Group 1

Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden 198611265
Flag of Italy.svg  Italy 158431159
Flag of Finland.svg  Finland 138341126
Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland 58125213
Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svg  Serbia and Montenegro 38107325
Italy  Flag of Italy.svg8–0Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svg  Serbia and Montenegro
Gazzoli Soccerball shade.svg 6'
Zorri Soccerball shade.svg 18' (pen.)
Guarino Soccerball shade.svg 28', 44'
Conti Soccerball shade.svg 29'
Panico Soccerball shade.svg 53', 55'
Tuttino Soccerball shade.svg 85'
Stadio Briamasco, Trento
Attendance: 3,000
Referee: Lale Orta (Turkey)

Sweden  Flag of Sweden.svg6–0Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland
Moström Soccerball shade.svg 29'
Svensson Soccerball shade.svg 33'
Fagerström Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Ljungberg Soccerball shade.svg 46'
Törnqvist Soccerball shade.svg 62'
Olsson Soccerball shade.svg 90'
Fredriksskans, Kalmar
Attendance: 4,787
Referee: Dagmar Damková (Czech Republic)

Sweden  Flag of Sweden.svg5–0Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
Svensson Soccerball shade.svg 18', 45'
Ljungberg Soccerball shade.svg 41', 53', 65'
Råsunda Stadium, Solna
Attendance: 8,839
Referee: Carla De Boeck (Belgium)

Switzerland   Flag of Switzerland.svg1–0Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svg  Serbia and Montenegro
Zürcher Soccerball shade.svg 44' Report
Stadion Grien, Breitenbach
Attendance: 700
Referee: Rita Ruiz Tacoronte (Spain)

Finland  Flag of Finland.svg1–1Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland
Valkonen Soccerball shade.svg 80' Report Di Fonzo Soccerball shade.svg 38'
Leppävaaran Stadion, Espoo
Attendance: 940
Referee: Ilonka Milanova Djaleva (Bulgaria)

Finland  Flag of Finland.svg1–1Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
Mustonen Soccerball shade.svg 55' Report Panico Soccerball shade.svg 19'
Hietalahti Stadium, Vaasa
Attendance: 2,340
Referee: Claudine Brohet (Belgium)

Sweden  Flag of Sweden.svg2–1Flag of Finland.svg  Finland
Andersson Soccerball shade.svg 30'
Ljungberg Soccerball shade.svg 50'
Report Valkonen Soccerball shade.svg 33'
Tunavallen, Eskilstuna
Attendance: 5,562
Referee: Florea Cristina Ionescu (Romania)

Switzerland   Flag of Switzerland.svg0–1Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
Report Panico Soccerball shade.svg 30'
Kleine Allmend, Frauenfeld
Attendance: 2,050
Referee: Bente Ovedie Skogvang (Norway)

Serbia and Montenegro  Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svg0–1Flag of Finland.svg  Finland
Report Kackur Soccerball shade.svg 40'
Subotica City Stadium, Subotica
Referee: Martina Storch-Schäfer (Germany)

Serbia and Montenegro  Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svg0–4Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
Report Moström Soccerball shade.svg 11'
Ljungberg Soccerball shade.svg 30'
Larsson Soccerball shade.svg 42'
Marklund Soccerball shade.svg 82'
Stadion Jusa Bulić, Železnik
Attendance: 400
Referee: Maria Trampusch (Austria)

Italy  Flag of Italy.svg1–1Flag of Finland.svg  Finland
Panico Soccerball shade.svg 11' Report Kackur Soccerball shade.svg 33'
Stadio Degli Ulivi, Andria
Referee: Paloma Quintero Siles (Spain)

Switzerland   Flag of Switzerland.svg0–2Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
Report Olsson Soccerball shade.svg 2'
Johansson Soccerball shade.svg 90'
Stadion FC Solothurn, Solothurn
Referee: Christine Frai (Germany)

Sweden  Flag of Sweden.svg5–1Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svg  Serbia and Montenegro
Törnqvist Soccerball shade.svg 55'
Sjöström Soccerball shade.svg 60'
Moström Soccerball shade.svg 69'
Svensson Soccerball shade.svg 81'
Mitić Soccerball shade.svg 90' (o.g.)
Report Podovac Soccerball shade.svg 34'
Värendsvallen, Växjö
Referee: Christine Bango (Austria)

Finland  Flag of Finland.svg4–0Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svg  Serbia and Montenegro
Kackur Soccerball shade.svg 7'
Kalmari Soccerball shade.svg 31'
Julin Soccerball shade.svg 45'
Rantanen Soccerball shade.svg 75'
Töölön jalkapallostadion, Helsinki
Referee: Natalia Avdonchenko (Russia)

Italy  Flag of Italy.svg0–0Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland

Italy  Flag of Italy.svg2–1Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
Gazzoli Soccerball shade.svg 59'
Panico Soccerball shade.svg 69'
Report Nordin Soccerball shade.svg 69'
Stadio Santa Colomba, Benevento
Referee: Elke Günthner (Germany)

Switzerland   Flag of Switzerland.svg0–2Flag of Finland.svg  Finland
Report Kalmari Soccerball shade.svg 59'
Kackur Soccerball shade.svg 90'

Serbia and Montenegro  Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svg1–2Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
Mladenović Soccerball shade.svg 90' Report Gabbiadini Soccerball shade.svg 12'
Placchi Soccerball shade.svg 54'
Čair Stadium, Niš
Referee: Zuzana Dohnanska (Slovakia)

Serbia and Montenegro  Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svg1–0Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland
Ranđelović Soccerball shade.svg 45' Report
Mladost Stadium, Kruševac
Referee: Florea Cristina Ionescu (Romania)

Finland  Flag of Finland.svg1–1Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
Kackur Soccerball shade.svg 70' Report Thunebro Soccerball shade.svg 24'

Sweden qualified for the final tournament.

Italy and Finland advanced for the playoff.

Group 2

Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark 228710264
Flag of Norway.svg  Norway 198611224
Flag of Spain.svg  Spain 782151010
Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 78215713
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium 38107539
Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg0–1Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
Report (in Dutch) del Río Soccerball shade.svg 79'
Oosterenkstadion, Zwolle
Referee: Eva Ödlund (Sweden)

Norway  Flag of Norway.svg6–0Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
S. Gulbrandsen Soccerball shade.svg 15'
Lehn Soccerball shade.svg 50'
Mellgren Soccerball shade.svg 61'
Klaveness Soccerball shade.svg 68'
Edner Soccerball shade.svg 90'
Ørmen Soccerball shade.svg 90+3'
Kristiansand Stadion, Kristiansand
Attendance: 1,307
Referee: Natalia Avdonchenko (Russia)

Norway  Flag of Norway.svg2–0Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
Rapp Soccerball shade.svg 26', 40' Report (in Dutch)
Idrettsparken, Mandal
Attendance: 1,042
Referee: Elke Günther (Germany)

Norway  Flag of Norway.svg1–1Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark
Pettersen Soccerball shade.svg 32' Report L. Jensen Soccerball shade.svg 68'
Sofiemyr Stadion, Kolbotn
Attendance: 1,387
Referee: Alexandra Ihringova (England)

Belgium  Flag of Belgium (civil).svg1–6Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark
de Rycke Soccerball shade.svg 53' Report Nielsen Soccerball shade.svg 20', 66', 88' (pen.)
Johansen Soccerball shade.svg 36', 60', 62'
Stade Justin Peeters, Wavre
Referee: Ilonka Milanova Djaleva (Bulgaria)

Denmark  Flag of Denmark.svg3–0Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
Johansen Soccerball shade.svg 70', 74'
Bukh Soccerball shade.svg 83'
Report (in Dutch)
Dalum Stadion, Odense
Attendance: 818
Referee: Natalia Avdonchenko (Russia)

Spain  Flag of Spain.svg0–2Flag of Norway.svg  Norway
Report Mellgren Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Fosse-Sæthre Soccerball shade.svg 83'
Ciudad del Fútbol, Las Rozas de Madrid
Attendance: 1,173
Referee: Christine Frai (Germany)

Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg3–0Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
van Veen Soccerball shade.svg 15'
de Boer Soccerball shade.svg 51'
Torny Soccerball shade.svg 64'
Report (in Dutch)

Spain  Flag of Spain.svg9–1Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
Gurrutxaga Soccerball shade.svg 8'
Del Río Soccerball shade.svg 15', 23', 50', 86', 89'
Castillo Soccerball shade.svg 35'
Vázquez Soccerball shade.svg 73', 78'
Report Verelst Soccerball shade.svg 6'
La Forana, Alginet
Referee: Sabina De Nitto (Italy)

Belgium  Flag of Belgium (civil).svg1–6Flag of Norway.svg  Norway
Maes Soccerball shade.svg 53' (pen.) Report Pedersen Soccerball shade.svg 8', 72'
Frantzen Soccerball shade.svg 35'
Hansen Soccerball shade.svg 69'
Stangeland Soccerball shade.svg 76'
S. Gulbrandsen Soccerball shade.svg 82'
De Singel, Strombeek-Bever
Attendance: 1,031
Referee: Lale Orta (Turkey)

Spain  Flag of Spain.svg0–0Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
Report (in Dutch)
Municipal La Roda, La Roda
Attendance: 1,000
Referee: Florea Cristina Ionescu (Romania)

Belgium  Flag of Belgium (civil).svg0–3Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
Report (in Dutch) Koster Soccerball shade.svg 10'
Melis Soccerball shade.svg 74'
Muller Soccerball shade.svg 84'
Den Dreef, Heverlee
Attendance: 500
Referee: Jenny Palmqvist (Sweden)

Belgium  Flag of Belgium (civil).svg2–0Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
Kristel Verelest Soccerball shade.svg 15'
van Humbeeck Soccerball shade.svg 50'
Charles Tondreau, Mons
Referee: Anri Saarivainio Hänninen (Finland)

Denmark  Flag of Denmark.svg2–0Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
Paaske Sørensen Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Eggers Nielsen Soccerball shade.svg 85'

Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg0–2Flag of Norway.svg  Norway
Report (in Dutch) Pedersen Soccerball shade.svg 56'
Lehn Soccerball shade.svg 61'
Mulderssingel, Wezep
Attendance: 2,500
Referee: Anna De Toni (Italy)

Denmark  Flag of Denmark.svg2–1Flag of Norway.svg  Norway
Paaske Sørensen Soccerball shade.svg 2'
L. Jensen Soccerball shade.svg 85'
Report Pedersen Soccerball shade.svg 39'
Odense Stadion, Odense
Attendance: 1,763
Referee: Nicole Petignat (Switzerland)

Denmark  Flag of Denmark.svg6–0Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
M. Pedersen Soccerball shade.svg 7', 12', 15', 86'
K. Pedersen Soccerball shade.svg 31'
Eggers Nielsen Soccerball shade.svg 68'
Aalborg Stadion, Aalborg
Referee: Snježana Fočić (Croatia)

Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg1–5Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark
Ran Soccerball shade.svg 33' Report (in Dutch) M. Pedersen Soccerball shade.svg 15'
L. Jensen Soccerball shade.svg 45', 49'
Kjær Jensen Soccerball shade.svg 56', 59'
Nieuw Zuid, Katwijk
Attendance: 1,119
Referee: Christine Frai (Germany)

Norway  Flag of Norway.svg2–0Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
R. Gulbrandsen Soccerball shade.svg 71'
Christensen Soccerball shade.svg 83'
Kjølnes Stadion, Porsgrunn
Attendance: 682
Referee: Natalia Avdonchenko (Russia)

Denmark qualified for the final tournament.

Norway advanced for the playoff.

Group 3

Flag of France.svg  France 218701327
Flag of Russia.svg  Russia 178521228
Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland 1384132311
Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary 48116628
Flag of Poland.svg  Poland 28026736
Poland  Flag of Poland.svg0–2Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary
Report Paraoanu Soccerball shade.svg 78'
Ruff Soccerball shade.svg 90+1'
Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: Katriina Elovirta (Finland)

Hungary  Flag of Hungary.svg0–4Flag of France.svg  France
Report Pichon Soccerball shade.svg 2', 57'
Lattaf Soccerball shade.svg 45+1', 87'
Kecskemét, Hungary
Attendance: 253
Referee: Sabrina Rinaldi (Italy)

Russia  Flag of Russia.svg6–0Flag of Poland.svg  Poland
Barbashina Soccerball shade.svg 7', 90'
Stroukova Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Letyushova Soccerball shade.svg 34'
Svetliskaya Soccerball shade.svg 46'
Sergaeva Soccerball shade.svg 73'
Moscow, Russia
Attendance: 1,200
Referee: Maria Trampusch (Austria)

Iceland  Flag of Iceland.svg4–1Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary
Hendriksdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 11'
Færseth Soccerball shade.svg 19'
Helgadóttir Soccerball shade.svg 60'
Viðarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 70'
Report Nágy Soccerball shade.svg 38'
Reykjavík, Iceland
Attendance: 2,327
Referee: Aušra Tvarijonaitė (Lithuania)

Russia  Flag of Russia.svg1–1Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland
Barbashina Soccerball shade.svg (18) Report Jóhannesdóttir Soccerball shade.svg (12)
Selyatino, Russia
Attendance: 600
Referee: Vibeke Karlsen (Norway)

France  Flag of France.svg2–0Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland
Mugneret-Béghé Soccerball shade.svg 51'
Tonazzi Soccerball shade.svg 63'
Bonneuil-sur-Marne, France
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: Christine Frai (Germany)

Hungary  Flag of Hungary.svg1–3Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
Agócs Soccerball shade.svg 72' Report Barbashina Soccerball shade.svg 10', 16'
Letyushova Soccerball shade.svg 90'
Dunaújváros, Hungary
Attendance: 600
Referee: Rita Ruiz Tacoronte (Spain)

Iceland  Flag of Iceland.svg10–0Flag of Poland.svg  Poland
Magnúsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 8'
Hendríksdottir Soccerball shade.svg 13'
Jóhannesdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 18', 51'
Grétarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Viðarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 39', 42', 59'
Helgadóttir Soccerball shade.svg 68'
Lárusdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 76'
Reykjavík, Iceland
Attendance: 983
Referee: Eva Ödlund (Sweden)

Poland  Flag of Poland.svg2–3Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland
Zelazko Soccerball shade.svg 1'
Gawronska Soccerball shade.svg 61'
Report Færseth Soccerball shade.svg 5'
Viðarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 41'
Helgadóttir Soccerball shade.svg 43'
Bydgoszcz, Poland
Attendance: 150
Referee: Snjezana Focic (Croatia)

France  Flag of France.svg7–1Flag of Poland.svg  Poland
Woock Soccerball shade.svg 10'
Tonazzi Soccerball shade.svg 14'
Diacre Soccerball shade.svg 41'
Pichon Soccerball shade.svg 55', 58', 73'
Lattaf Soccerball shade.svg 67'
Report Gibek Soccerball shade.svg 76'
Quimper, France
Attendance: 3,948
Referee: Claudine Brohet (Belgium)

France  Flag of France.svg6–0Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary
Mugneret-Béghé Soccerball shade.svg 20'
Bompastor Soccerball shade.svg 30'
Pichon Soccerball shade.svg 34', 44', 72'
Tonazzi Soccerball shade.svg 88'

Hungary  Flag of Hungary.svg2–2Flag of Poland.svg  Poland
Nágy Soccerball shade.svg 43'
Sebestyen Soccerball shade.svg 90'
Report Winczo Soccerball shade.svg 11'
Otrebska Soccerball shade.svg 85'
Dunaújváros, Hungary
Referee: Antonia Kokotou (Greece)

Poland  Flag of Poland.svg1–1Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
Zelazko Soccerball shade.svg 45' Report Letyushova Soccerball shade.svg 61'
Kwidzyn, Poland
Referee: Elke Günthner (Germany)

Russia  Flag of Russia.svg0–3Flag of France.svg  France
Report Lattaf Soccerball shade.svg 17'
Pichon Soccerball shade.svg 78', 86'

Hungary  Flag of Hungary.svg0–5Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland
Report Viðarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 12', 62'
Færseth Soccerball shade.svg 53', 60', 0'
Székesfehérvár, Hungary
Referee: Caroline De Boeck (Belgium)

Iceland  Flag of Iceland.svg0–3Flag of France.svg  France
Report Lattaf Soccerball shade.svg 4', 12'
Tonazzi Soccerball shade.svg 71'

Iceland  Flag of Iceland.svg0–2Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
Report Letyushova Soccerball shade.svg 55', 81'
Reykjavík, Iceland
Referee: Ilonka Milanova Djaleva (Bulgaria)

France  Flag of France.svg2–5Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
Tonazzi Soccerball shade.svg 7'
Lattaf Soccerball shade.svg 77'
Report Barbashina Soccerball shade.svg 2', 75', 86'
Fomina Soccerball shade.svg 42'
Letyushova Soccerball shade.svg 57'

Russia  Flag of Russia.svg4–0Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary
Letyushova Soccerball shade.svg 43', 70'
Barbashina Soccerball shade.svg 54'
Fomina Soccerball shade.svg 66'

Poland  Flag of Poland.svg1–5Flag of France.svg  France
Pozerska Soccerball shade.svg 10' Report Pichon Soccerball shade.svg 17', 51', 58'
Herbert Soccerball shade.svg 52'
Diguelman Soccerball shade.svg 54'
Opole, Poland
Referee: Anna De Toni (Italy)

France qualified for the final tournament.

Russia and Iceland advanced for the playoff.

Group 4

Flag of Germany.svg  Germany 248800502
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic 1384131515
Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland 1284041916
Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine 78215721
Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal 38107542
Germany  Flag of Germany.svg5–0Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland
Prinz Soccerball shade.svg 25', 69'
Grings Soccerball shade.svg 40', 58', 65'

Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg5–1Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine
Ralph Soccerball shade.svg 37'
Brown Soccerball shade.svg 66'
Fleeting Soccerball shade.svg 76', 87', 90'
Report Khodyreva Soccerball shade.svg 20'
Livingston, Scotland
Referee: Anri Saarivainio Hänninen (Finland)

Portugal  Flag of Portugal.svg1–8Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland
Inês Silva Soccerball shade.svg 64' Report Brown Soccerball shade.svg 8', 13'
Fleeting Soccerball shade.svg 21', 30', 32', 43', 67', 74'

Ukraine  Flag of Ukraine.svg1–1Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic
Apanaschenko Soccerball shade.svg 34' Report Pěničková Soccerball shade.svg 84'
Lutsk, Ukraine
Referee: Geja Mulder (Netherlands)

Ukraine  Flag of Ukraine.svg1–3Flag of Germany.svg  Germany
Mazurenko Soccerball shade.svg 4' Report Garefrekes Soccerball shade.svg 41'
Minnert Soccerball shade.svg 71'
Müller Soccerball shade.svg 87'
Kiev, Ukraine
Referee: Eva Ödlund (Sweden)

Germany  Flag of Germany.svg4–0Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic
Gottschlich Soccerball shade.svg 45'
Minnert Soccerball shade.svg 71'
Prinz Soccerball shade.svg 75'
Müller Soccerball shade.svg 90+3'
Passau, Germany
Referee: Anri Saarivainio Hänninen (Finland)

Czech Republic  Flag of the Czech Republic.svg2–0Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland
Šcasná Soccerball shade.svg 45'
Mouchová Soccerball shade.svg 72'
Kravare, Czech Republic
Referee: Caroline De Boeck (Belgium)

Germany  Flag of Germany.svg13–0Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal
Fuss Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Minnert Soccerball shade.svg 31'
Garefrekes Soccerball shade.svg 45'
Prinz Soccerball shade.svg 46', 58', 63', 65'
Smisek Soccerball shade.svg 51'
Odebrecht Soccerball shade.svg 64'
Pohlers Soccerball shade.svg 77', 86'
Lingor Soccerball shade.svg 81'
Hingst Soccerball shade.svg 84'

Portugal  Flag of Portugal.svg0–1Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic
Report Pěničková Soccerball shade.svg 5'
Estádio Municipal de Pombal, Pombal
Referee: Anna de Toni (Italy)

Portugal  Flag of Portugal.svg0–11Flag of Germany.svg  Germany
Report Prinz Soccerball shade.svg 10', 36', 80'
Carla Monteiro Soccerball shade.svg 14' (o.g.)
Grings Soccerball shade.svg 22', 61', 68', 70', 72'
Lingor Soccerball shade.svg 41' (pen.)
Pohlers Soccerball shade.svg 89'

Portugal  Flag of Portugal.svg1–2Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine
Tânia Pinto Soccerball shade.svg 12' Report Frishko Soccerball shade.svg 47'
Pekur Soccerball shade.svg 90+2'
Estádio do Bonfim, Setúbal
Referee: Gordana Kuzmanović (Serbia)

Ukraine  Flag of Ukraine.svg1–0Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland
Djatel Soccerball shade.svg 89' Report
Simferopol, Ukraine
Referee: Hilal Tuba Tosun (Turkey)

Germany  Flag of Germany.svg6–0Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine
Prinz Soccerball shade.svg 2', 71'
Bachor Soccerball shade.svg 31'
Minnert Soccerball shade.svg 40'
Smisek Soccerball shade.svg 45'
Wimbersky Soccerball shade.svg 89'
Oldenburg, Germany
Referee: Rita Ruiz Tacoronte (Spain)

Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg1–3Flag of Germany.svg  Germany
Fleeting Soccerball shade.svg 58' Report Garefrekes Soccerball shade.svg 29'
Prinz Soccerball shade.svg 75'
Müller Soccerball shade.svg 79'
Livingston, Scotland
Referee: Ilonka Milanova Djaleva (Bulgaria)

Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg2–1Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal
Grant Soccerball shade.svg 43'
Hamill Soccerball shade.svg 57'
Report Sónia Soccerball shade.svg 87'
Almondvale Stadium, Livingston
Referee: Eva Ödlund (Sweden)

Czech Republic  Flag of the Czech Republic.svg4–1Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine
Ščasná Soccerball shade.svg 5', 63'
Došková Soccerball shade.svg 80'
Pěničková Soccerball shade.svg 90'
Report Verezubova Soccerball shade.svg 90'
Roudnice nad Labem, Czech Republic
Referee: Snjezana Focic (Croatia)

Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg3–2Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic
Malone Soccerball shade.svg 11'
Fleeting Soccerball shade.svg 82'
Jones Soccerball shade.svg 89'
Report Mocová Soccerball shade.svg 58', 71'

Czech Republic  Flag of the Czech Republic.svg0–5Flag of Germany.svg  Germany
Report Garefrekes Soccerball shade.svg 33'
Prinz Soccerball shade.svg 52'
Thompson Soccerball shade.svg 63'
Carlson Soccerball shade.svg 80'
Bertholdová Soccerball shade.svg 82' (o.g.)

Germany qualified for the final tournament.

Czech Republic advanced for the playoff.

Second Category

Group 5

Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland 188530355
Flag of Romania.svg  Romania 188530295
Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia 1384131722
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg  Bosnia and Herzegovina 78215419
Flag of Malta.svg  Malta 08008135
Bosnia and Herzegovina  Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg0–1Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia
Report Baban Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Breza, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Referee: Martina Storch-Schäfer (Germany)

Republic of Ireland  Flag of Ireland.svg6–0Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg  Bosnia and Herzegovina
O'Toole Soccerball shade.svg 19' (pen.), 45', 49' (pen.), 52'
O'Brien Soccerball shade.svg 58'
Curtis Soccerball shade.svg 90'
Richmond Park, Dublin
Referee: Iwona Malek-wybraniec (Poland)

Croatia  Flag of Croatia.svg0–0Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland
ŠRC Velika Gorica, Velika Gorica
Referee: Antonia Kokotou (Greece)

Republic of Ireland  Flag of Ireland.svg2–2Flag of Romania.svg  Romania
O'Connor Soccerball shade.svg 45+4'
Grant Soccerball shade.svg 90+5'
Report Pufulete Soccerball shade.svg 12', 76'
Tolka Park, Dublin
Referee: Tatjana Pavlovic (Serbia)

Romania  Flag of Romania.svg3–0Flag of Malta.svg  Malta
Anton Soccerball shade.svg 55'
Spanu Soccerball shade.svg 70'
Talnar Soccerball shade.svg 90'
Bucharest, Romania
Referee: Rachel Cohen (Israel)

Bosnia and Herzegovina  Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg1–0Flag of Malta.svg  Malta
Hurem Soccerball shade.svg 72' Report
Hrasnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Referee: Hilal Tuba Tosun (Turkey)

Croatia  Flag of Croatia.svg3–0Flag of Malta.svg  Malta
Kusar Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Šundov Soccerball shade.svg 68'
Kozić Soccerball shade.svg 75'
Vrbovec, Croatia
Referee: Irina Pavlova (Russia)

Romania  Flag of Romania.svg2–0Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spanu Soccerball shade.svg 45'
Pufulete Soccerball shade.svg 78'
Câmpina, Romania
Referee: Sarah Girard (France)

Croatia  Flag of Croatia.svg2–3Flag of Romania.svg  Romania
Koljenik Soccerball shade.svg 36'
Kusar Soccerball shade.svg 75'
Report Spanu Soccerball shade.svg 29'
Leu Soccerball shade.svg 63'
Pufulete Soccerball shade.svg 89'
Belišce, Croatia
Referee: Sabrina Rinaldi (Italy)

Malta  Flag of Malta.svg0–9Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland
Report O'Toole Soccerball shade.svg 12', 24', 29'
Curtis Soccerball shade.svg 35', 43'
Hislop Soccerball shade.svg 62', 89'
Grant Soccerball shade.svg 78'
Tracy Soccerball shade.svg 84'
Ta' Qali National Stadium, Ta' Qali
Referee: Sabina De Nitto (Italy)

Malta  Flag of Malta.svg1–4Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia
Caruana Soccerball shade.svg 90+2' Report Jakšić Soccerball shade.svg 17', 34', 70', 72'
Referee: Noëlle Robin (France)

Republic of Ireland  Flag of Ireland.svg8–1Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia
O'Toole Soccerball shade.svg 3'
Deasley Soccerball shade.svg 20', 88'
Hughes Soccerball shade.svg 40'
Curtis Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Horvat Soccerball shade.svg 59' (o.g.)
Hislop Soccerball shade.svg 79', 80'
Report Kozic Soccerball shade.svg 51'

Romania  Flag of Romania.svg1–1Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland
Olar Soccerball shade.svg 45+1' Report Boyle Soccerball shade.svg 3'
Stadionul Mogoșoaia, Bucharest
Referee: Geja Mulder (Netherlands)

Malta  Flag of Malta.svg0–8Flag of Romania.svg  Romania
Report Pufulete Soccerball shade.svg 5', 40', 41'
Spânu Soccerball shade.svg 6'
Leu Soccerball shade.svg 13', 27'
Anton Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Burtică Soccerball shade.svg 70'
Referee: Berta Tavares (Portugal)

Bosnia and Herzegovina  Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg1–4Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland
Pehić Soccerball shade.svg 58' Report O'Toole Soccerball shade.svg 30'
Hislop Soccerball shade.svg 44', 53'
Curtis Soccerball shade.svg 67'
Stadion Hakija Mrso, Vogošća
Referee: Rachel Cohen (Israel)

Croatia  Flag of Croatia.svg6–0Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Referee: Zuzana Dohnanska (Slovakia)

Republic of Ireland  Flag of Ireland.svg5–0Flag of Malta.svg  Malta
O'Toole Soccerball shade.svg 12', 51' (pen.), 78'
O'Connor Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Grant Soccerball shade.svg 83'
Dalymount Park, Dublin
Referee: Lena Arwedahl (Sweden)

Malta  Flag of Malta.svg0–2Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg  Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina  Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg0–0Flag of Romania.svg  Romania
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Referee: Natalia Dorosheva (Kazakhstan)

Romania  Flag of Romania.svg10–0Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia
Striblea Soccerball shade.svg 16', 28'
Anton Soccerball shade.svg 45' (pen.)
Ciorba Soccerball shade.svg 54'
Pufulete Soccerball shade.svg 69', 73', 76', 77'
Leu Soccerball shade.svg 88'
Spânu Soccerball shade.svg 89'
Referee: Paloma Quintero Siles (Spain)

Group 6

Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg  Belarus 166510213
Flag of Israel.svg  Israel 116321206
Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia 46114626
Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan 26024416
Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales 0000000
Belarus  Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg5–0Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia
Tatarinova Soccerball shade.svg 3'
Aniskovtseva Soccerball shade.svg 16', 21'
Kuznetsova Soccerball shade.svg 65'
Luchonak Soccerball shade.svg 90'

Estonia  Flag of Estonia.svg1–4Flag of Israel.svg  Israel
Pajo Soccerball shade.svg 34' Report Kochen Soccerball shade.svg 10'
Dayan Soccerball shade.svg 18'
Jan Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Shenar Soccerball shade.svg 53'

Estonia  Flag of Estonia.svg3–2Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan
Morkovkina Soccerball shade.svg 13', 43'
Pajo Soccerball shade.svg 52'
Report Yalova Soccerball shade.svg 4'
Teterina Soccerball shade.svg 57'

Kazakhstan  Flag of Kazakhstan.svg0–0Flag of Israel.svg  Israel

Belarus  Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg1–1Flag of Israel.svg  Israel
Lis Soccerball shade.svg 89' Report Liran Soccerball shade.svg 78'

Israel  Flag of Israel.svg12–1Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia
Israel Soccerball shade.svg 6'
Didich Soccerball shade.svg 12'
Ohana Soccerball shade.svg 29', 65', 76'
Jan Soccerball shade.svg 46', 62', 68', 71', 84'
Dayan Soccerball shade.svg 49', 66'
Report Vaher Soccerball shade.svg 69'

Kazakhstan  Flag of Kazakhstan.svg0–2Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg  Belarus

Israel  Flag of Israel.svg3–1Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan
Fahima Soccerball shade.svg 23'
Jan Soccerball shade.svg 44' (pen.)
Dayan Soccerball shade.svg 56'
Report Yalova Soccerball shade.svg 38'

Belarus  Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg8–1Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan
Kuzniatsova Soccerball shade.svg 5', 47'
Aniskovtseva Soccerball shade.svg 39', 54', 90+4'
Davydovich Soccerball shade.svg 52'
Lis Soccerball shade.svg 63'
Vovikava Soccerball shade.svg 89'
Report Yalova Soccerball shade.svg 62'

Estonia  Flag of Estonia.svg1–3Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg  Belarus
Morkovkina Soccerball shade.svg 72' Report Lis Soccerball shade.svg 17', 33'
Tatarinova Soccerball shade.svg 26'

Kazakhstan  Flag of Kazakhstan.svg0–0Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia

Israel  Flag of Israel.svg0–2Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg  Belarus
Report Kuzniatsova Soccerball shade.svg 42', 90+2'

Wales withdrew.

Group 7

Flag of Austria.svg  Austria 156501314
Flag of Greece.svg  Greece 136411236
Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia 762132011
Flag of Armenia.svg  Armenia 06006053
Austria  Flag of Austria.svg11–0Flag of Armenia.svg  Armenia
Schaffranek Soccerball shade.svg 7', 55', 74'
Stallinger Soccerball shade.svg 18', 78'
Fuhrmann Soccerball shade.svg 38'
Gstöttner Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Hanschitz Soccerball shade.svg 48'
Spieler Soccerball shade.svg 51', 84'
Fischer Soccerball shade.svg 83'

Armenia  Flag of Armenia.svg0–11Flag of Austria.svg  Austria
Hanschitz Soccerball shade.svg 3'
Hufnahl Soccerball shade.svg 8', 19'
Stallinger Soccerball shade.svg 29', 40', 70', 74'
Hochstöger Soccerball shade.svg 49'
Spieler Soccerball shade.svg 52'
Gstöttner Soccerball shade.svg 63', 66'

Slovakia  Flag of Slovakia.svg5–0Flag of Armenia.svg  Armenia
Lukácsová Soccerball shade.svg 16'
Gajdosová Soccerball shade.svg 19'
Felingová Soccerball shade.svg 21', 45'
Petrusová Soccerball shade.svg 85'

Armenia  Flag of Armenia.svg0–10Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia
Felingová Soccerball shade.svg 20'
Izová Soccerball shade.svg 28', 38', 90'
Gharibyan Soccerball shade.svg 36' (o.g.)
Giraseková Soccerball shade.svg 51', 57'
Budosová Soccerball shade.svg 55'
Petrusová Soccerball shade.svg 75'
Hanzelová Soccerball shade.svg 80'

Greece  Flag of Greece.svg7–0Flag of Armenia.svg  Armenia
Panteliadou Soccerball shade.svg 11', 19'
Katsaiti Soccerball shade.svg 38', 53', 57'
Soupiadou Soccerball shade.svg 48'
Lazarou Soccerball shade.svg 67'

Armenia  Flag of Armenia.svg0–9Flag of Greece.svg  Greece
Arvanitaki Soccerball shade.svg 5', 75'
Panteliadou Soccerball shade.svg 8', 10', 13', 15'
Soupiadou Soccerball shade.svg 48'
Katsaiti Soccerball shade.svg 53', 80'

Greece  Flag of Greece.svg3–1Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia
Michailidou Soccerball shade.svg 10'
Lagoumtzki Soccerball shade.svg 15'
Kalyvas Soccerball shade.svg 24'
Felingová Soccerball shade.svg 75'

Greece  Flag of Greece.svg0–2Flag of Austria.svg  Austria
Aigner Soccerball shade.svg 7'
Spieler Soccerball shade.svg 43'

Austria  Flag of Austria.svg1–2Flag of Greece.svg  Greece
Fischer Soccerball shade.svg 89' Chatzigiannidou Soccerball shade.svg 38'
Michailidou Soccerball shade.svg 56'

Slovakia  Flag of Slovakia.svg2–2Flag of Greece.svg  Greece
Králiková Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Izova Soccerball shade.svg 84'
Chatzigiannidou Soccerball shade.svg 6'
Kalyvas Soccerball shade.svg 40'

Austria  Flag of Austria.svg3–0Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia
Stallinger Soccerball shade.svg 26' (pen.)
Hufnagl Soccerball shade.svg 48'
Gstöttner Soccerball shade.svg 78'

Slovakia  Flag of Slovakia.svg2–3Flag of Austria.svg  Austria
Hanzelova Soccerball shade.svg 24'
Bojdová Soccerball shade.svg 50'
Aigner Soccerball shade.svg 69', 84'
Stallinger Soccerball shade.svg 89'


Team 1 Agg. Team 21st leg2nd leg
Finland  Flag of Finland.svg4–1Flag of Russia.svg  Russia 1–03–1
Iceland  Flag of Iceland.svg3–9Flag of Norway.svg  Norway 2–71–2
Italy  Flag of Italy.svg5–1Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic 2–13–0

First leg

Finland  Flag of Finland.svg1–0Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
Kalmari Soccerball shade.svg 66' Report
Referee: Floarea Ionescu (Romania)

Iceland  Flag of Iceland.svg2–7Flag of Norway.svg  Norway
Jónsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 72'
Vidarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 80'
Report S. Gulbrandsen Soccerball shade.svg 4', 26', 68'
Mellgren Soccerball shade.svg 22'
R. Gulbrandsen Soccerball shade.svg 39', 55'
Hendriksdottir Soccerball shade.svg 90+2' (o.g.)
Referee: Claudine Brohet (Belgium)

Italy  Flag of Italy.svg2–1Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic
Zorri Soccerball shade.svg 8'
Tuttino Soccerball shade.svg 30'
Report Ščasná Soccerball shade.svg 46'

Second leg

Russia  Flag of Russia.svg1–3Flag of Finland.svg  Finland
Barbashina Soccerball shade.svg 62' Report Mäkinen Soccerball shade.svg 23'
Salmén Soccerball shade.svg 41', 56'

Finland won 4–1 on aggregate.

Norway  Flag of Norway.svg2–1Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland
Mellgren Soccerball shade.svg 22', 79' Report Kristinsdottir Soccerball shade.svg 68'
Referee: Christine Frai (Germany)

Norway won 9–3 on aggregate.

Czech Republic  Flag of the Czech Republic.svg0–3Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
Report Pasqui Soccerball shade.svg 6'
Panico Soccerball shade.svg 79'
Camporese Soccerball shade.svg 90+1'
Referee: Eva Ödlund (Sweden)

Italy won 5–1 on aggregate.

Finland, Norway and Italy qualified for the final tournament.

Top goalscorers

RankNameGoalsMinutes played
1 Flag of Germany.svg Birgit Prinz 14630'
2 Flag of France.svg Marinette Pichon 13630'
3 Flag of Ireland.svg Olivia O'Toole 12561'
4 Flag of Scotland.svg Julie Fleeting 11720'
Flag of Romania.svg Daniela Simona Pufulete 11720'
6 Flag of Russia.svg Natalia Barbashina 10900'
7 Flag of Germany.svg Inka Grings 8226'
Flag of Austria.svg Gertrud Stallinger 8540'
Flag of Iceland.svg Margrét Lára Vidarsdóttir 8640'
Flag of Russia.svg Olga Letyushova 8799'

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The 1997 UEFA Women's Championship, also referred to as Women's Euro 1997 was a football tournament held in 1997 in Norway and Sweden. The UEFA Women's Championship is a regular tournament involving European national teams from countries affiliated to UEFA, the European governing body, who have qualified for the competition. The competition aims to determine which national women's team is the best in Europe.

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The UEFA Women's Cup 2006–07 was the sixth edition of the UEFA Women's Cup football club tournament. 43 teams from 42 football associations took part, starting with the first qualifying round played on 8 and 18 August 2006. The tournament ended with Arsenal L.F.C. of England emerging out as the winners in the final after a 1–0 aggregate win over Umeå IK of Sweden; this was the first time a British club had claimed the trophy.

The second UEFA Women's Cup took place during the 2002–03 season. It was won by Swedish Damallsvenskan side Umeå in a two-legged final against Fortuna Hjørring of Denmark.

The third UEFA Women's Cup took place during the 2003–04 season. It was convincingly won by reigning champions Umeå IK of Sweden in a two-legged final against 1. FFC Frankfurt of Germany. Both sides were aiming for their second win in the tournament.

The UEFA Women's Cup 2004–05 was the fourth edition of the UEFA Women's Cup football club tournament. It was won by Germany's FFC Turbine Potsdam against Djurgården/Älvsjö of Sweden in the final for their first title in the competition. It was the second time a German side won the competition.

The UEFA Women's Cup 2005–06 was the fifth edition of the UEFA Women's Cup football club tournament. It was won by 1. FFC Frankfurt in an all-German final against defending champions FFC Turbine Potsdam for their second title in the competition.

2007–08 UEFA Womens Cup

The UEFA Women's Cup 2007–08 was the seventh edition of the UEFA Women's Cup football club tournament. 45 teams from 44 football associations took part this season. The tournament ended with Frankfurt of Germany emerging out as the winners in the final after a 4–3 aggregate win over Umeå of Sweden.

The UEFA Women's Cup 2008–09 is the eighth edition of the UEFA Women's Cup football club tournament, the most important trophy in European club football. The first qualifying round started on 4 September 2008 and the final over two legs was held on 16 and 22 May 2009. Duisburg defeated Zvezda Perm 7–1 on aggregate to claim their first UEFA Cup title.

The 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup qualification UEFA Group 7 was a UEFA qualifying group for the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup. The group comprised Italy, Finland, Portugal, Slovenia and Armenia.

The UEFA Women's Euro 2013 qualifying – Group 1 was contested by six teams competing for one spot for the final tournament.

The UEFA Women's U-19 Championship 2003 Final Tournament was held in Germany between 25 July – 3 August 2003. Players born after 1 January 1984 were eligible to participate in this competition.

The 2012–13 UEFA Women's Champions League was the 12th edition of the European women's championship for football clubs. The final was held at Stamford Bridge, London, England on 23 May 2013.

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