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US Federal Contractor Registration Inc.
Privately held company
IndustryGovernment Contracting
FoundedJuly 20, 2010
FounderEric Knellinger
United States
Areas served
Key people
ProductsSAM Registration Service, Proposal Writing, Bid Training, Simplified Acquisition Program, The Advanced Procurement Portal, GSA Registration Service
Number of employees

US Federal Contractor Registration is a privately-owned third-party government registration firm based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Founded in 2010 by current President/CEO Eric Knellinger, the firm's main service is assisting federal contractors take care of the registrations they need to work with the federal government. At the time of the company's founding, the registration needed was the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and Online Representations and Certifications (ORCA). Then, in 2012, following the policy changes made by the federal government, the company's primary service has changed to assisting with registration in the System for Award Management (SAM).

The company's other services include assistance for other federal contracting related registrations and certifications. This includes set-aside certifications for WOSB, SDVOSB, HUBZone, and the 8(a) Program.

US Federal Contractor Registration has been mentioned by the Washington Post, FOX News and the Washington Business Journal.

US Federal Contractor Registration is a Dun & Bradstreet Platinum Accredited Business.

US Federal Contractor Registration has offices in Orlando, St. Petersburg & Washington D.C.

US Federal Contractor Registration Main office is located at 9400 4th St N Suite 111 St. Petersburg FL 33702

US Federal Contractor Registration Main phone number is 1-877-252-2700 Extension 1 for New Clients and 2 for Customer Service

Main website is

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