Ukraine Is Not a Brothel

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Ukraine Is Not a Brothel
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Directed byKitty Green
Produced byJonathan auf der Heide
Kitty Green
Michael Latham
CinematographyMichael Latham
Edited byKitty Green
Music byZoe Barry
Jed Palmer
Noise & Light
Release date
Running time
78 minutes

Ukraine Is Not a Brothel is a 2013 Australian documentary film directed by Kitty Green. The film debuted at the 70th Venice International Film Festival, although it was not part of the competition. [1] The documentary concerns the FEMEN (Фемен) movement, a feminist protest group originating from Ukraine. [2]



The film is a documentary on the activities of FEMEN, a Ukrainian feminist movement known for topless protests. The filmmaker Kitty Green [3] [4] followed the activists for over a year, in Ukraine, Belarus and Turkey. [5] It documents the protests and the resulting harassments and arrests [6] over a span of fourteen months. [7] The film showcases the four activists who form the core of the film. [8]

The documentary shows Viktor Sviatsky as a driving force of the group FEMEN. He is the manipulator of all the protests and, in essence, commander of the females. [1] [6] [9] [10] [11]

The activists of FEMEN participated in the promotion of the documentary. They claimed that the situation in the film, i.e. under the leadership of Viktor Sviatsky, is actually part of the past, since he was ejected from the movement in 2012. [1] [12]


The four principal women of FEMEN (Фемен):


The film was screened out of competition at the 70th Venice International Film Festival of Venice. [1] At the festival photocall the activists appeared topless, as is usual for their protests [13]

Critical reception

Glenn Dunks [14] and Christopher Schobert of The Playlist on IndieWire [15] gave the film positive reviews.


On 9 September 2014, Ukraine is Not a Brothel won for the Best Feature Length Documentary by Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts, awarded at the 4th AACTA Awards at The Star Event Centre, Sydney, New South Wales in late January 2015 [16]

Best Feature Length Documentary [17] Jonathan auf der HeideWon
Michael LathamWon
Kitty GreenWon
Best Direction in a Documentary Nominated
Best Editing in a DocumentaryNominated
Best Cinematography in a DocumentaryMichael LathamNominated
Best Sound in a DocumentaryDoron KipenNominated
Jed PalmerNominated
Best Original Music Score in a DocumentaryNominated
Zoe BarryNominated

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The 4th Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards are a series of awards which includes the 4th AACTA Awards Luncheon, the 4th AACTA Awards ceremony and the 4th AACTA International Awards. The former two events will be held at The Star Event Centre, in Sydney, New South Wales in late January 2015. Presented by the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA), the awards will celebrate the best in Australian feature film, television, documentary and short film productions of 2014. The AACTA Awards ceremony will be televised on Network Ten for the third year running. The 4th AACTA Awards are a continuum of the Australian Film Institute Awards, established in 1958 and presented until 2010 after which it was rebranded the AACTA Awards when the Australian Film Institute (AFI) established AACTA in 2011.

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Kitty Green is an Australian film director, editor, producer, and screenwriter. Green produced, directed, wrote, and edited the 2019 film The Assistant.

Sara Winter

Sara Fernanda Giromini, known as Sara Winter, is a Brazilian activist and politician. She was the founder of the Brazilian variant of the Femen group, but after the second half of 2013 she worked in her own group, BastardXs. As of 2015, she joined the "Pro-Woman group", at the same time that she started to fight against the agendas she once defended, including the social construction of genders, feminism and the legalization of abortion, defending since then political positions linked to the right and conservatism.


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