Ullern Avis Akersposten

Last updated
FormatOnline newspaper
Editor-in-chief Fredrik Eckhoff
Language Norwegian (bokmål)
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Website www.akersposten.no
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Ullern Avis / Akersposten, now named Akersposten.no, is a local newspaper serving Western Oslo, Norway. Ullern Avis / Akersposten was launched in 1977 as a merger between local newspapers Akersposten, first published in 1905, and Ullern Avis, first published in 1933. From the early 1980s to 1992 the Norwegian national daily Dagbladet owned the newspaper and several other owners followed over the next decades. In 2002 the newspaper was sold again, and the name changed to Akersposten. In 2006, then part of Edda Media, Akersposten became a free, weekly local newspaper distributed to the neighborhoods Ullern, Vinderen and Røa. In December 2014 the then owner Mediehuset dittOslo AS (owned by Amedia) decided to close the newspaper. [1] In early 2016 three former employees relaunched the newspaper as an online newspaper only under the name Akersposten.no.

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